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Absence & Sickness

The University’s Sickness Absence Policy incorporates legal requirements, UCAS guidance, best practice within the sector and the University’s values.

Any absence must be reported to your line manager by telephone during the first hour of your normal working day. For all absences over half-a-day and up to seven days (five working days), you must complete a self-certification form.

From the 8th day of absence, a doctor’s note is required. You will need to send this to your line manager at the first available opportunity.

For further information, please see the links below or contact your HR Administrator.

Self Certification Form | Return to Work Interview | Sickness Absence Policy Procedure


Academic Calendar

Key teaching and holiday dates for 2022/23.

Academic Calendar

See also: Academic Timetables


Academic Timetables

Timetabling is responsible for the planning, coordination and publication of the University’s Academic Teaching Timetable. They are responsible for allocating all general teaching rooms, shared IT facilities and specialist space for all courses being delivered at the University. They also manage the online attendance system and occasional room bookings. For further information and guidance, please visit: Academic Timetables | University of Bolton.

See also: Academic Calendar


Accident Reporting

Always report every incident, no matter how minor, and make sure an accident report form is filled in. For further information please contact David Thurston, Health & Safety Manager, t: 01204 903577, e:

Accident Report Form


Adoption Leave

Adoption leave gives eligible employees the right to take leave when a child is newly placed for adoption. Adoption leave is available to individuals who adopt or to one member of a couple where they adopt jointly. Paid adoption leave is applicable to eligible employees.

Adoption Leave

See also: Maternity Leave; Paternity Leave



AdvanceHE is a national Professional Recognition Scheme open to all staff involved in teaching and supporting learning in HE. The University is an accredited employer and offers Fellowship opportunities via the Staff CPD scheme, fellowship can be gained through an experiential route.

For further details, please contact Sarah Chesney visit Fellowship | Advance HE (

See also: Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA); LEAP Online; ORCID for Academic Staff; Personal Development, Staff Development & Induction; PhD/Professional Doctorate Policy; Teaching Qualifications


Annual Leave

The University of Bolton holiday year runs from 1 September to 31 August. All annual leave must be agreed locally between you and your line manager prior to any leave being taken.

Annual leave for academic staff is 35 days and for professional support staff it is 26 days (five additional days are awarded on completion of five-years’ service (at the start of the next leave year)). Bank Holidays are given in addition to the identified annual leave. Annual leave for part-time staff or those commencing employment part way through the leave year is worked out on a pro-rata basis.

Although it is a matter of local determination for line managers to define when employees in their area should avoid taking leave, the University has identified specific periods where employees should avoid the booking of annual leave due to possible need to redeploy staff to assist with frontline activities.

The University encourages all employees to use their annual leave entitlement in any given year to ensure that they have a well-earned rest on a regular basis. If an employee does want to carry any leave forward to the next leave year, agreement must be sought from your line manager.

Annual Leave Entitlement | Annual Leave: 40 Week Contracts | Academic Leave Memo

See also: Christmas Shutdown; Discretionary Days; Unpaid Leave


Answer Cancer

The University is pleased to confirm that we have recently signed up to the ‘Bee Seen, Get Screened’ pledge, in partnership with ‘Answer Cancer’, the Greater Manchester Screening Engagement Programme.

We are also extremely happy to be THE first University to sign up to this pledge!

This pledge guarantees that staff will be able to attend cancer screening appointments during work hours, if unable to get an appointment at a different time.

The University will also be supporting Answer Cancer’s engagement strategy by raising the profile of health and wellbeing in the workplace and empowering everyone to look after their health.

The ‘Bee Seen – Get Screened’ campaign is raising awareness of the three NHS cancer screening programmes through training, staff sessions and much more.

Answer Cancer works across Greater Manchester discussing cancer and the importance of screening with our communities.

For more information see:

See Also: Other Leave Entitlement


Anti Bullying in the Workplace

The University of Bolton strives to ensure an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. All members of the University community have the right to a fair, welcoming and inclusive environment

Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy

See also: Equality & Diversity



A Degree Apprenticeship lets you earn a full undergraduate or master’s degree while you work. Typically, you’ll spend 80% of your time working and 20% training either on campus or doing project work to support your studies. Best of all, your study is paid for by the government or your employer, so unlike a full-time degree course, you won’t have to pay for your tuition yourself and you’ll earn a competitive salary while learning. Please click here for more information:


Armed Forces Personnel & Support for Reservists

The University recognises the vital role that the armed forces play, the valuable contribution that reservists make to the national interest and the general community. It also values the transferable skills developed by employees who are reservists, skills that can be of benefit to the University.

The University will assist reservists, as far as possible, for example, by taking into account unusual leave requirements or the need to amend working patterns.

The statement sets out how the University of Bolton supports its employees who are reservists in the British Armed Forces and ex-British Armed Forces personnel. The reserve forces include the Army Reserve, Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Marine Reserve and Royal Auxiliary Air Force Reserves.

Statement on the Employment of Armed Forces Personnel and Support for Reservists

See also: British Armed Forces

- B -

Benefits Scheme for University of Bolton Employees

University of Bolton Employee Benefits gives employees access to a great range of discounts on travel bookings, high-street vouchers, gift cards, cinema tickets, days out, leisure activities and day-to-day spending. There is something for everyone with thousands of ways to save through the scheme whether you like to shop in-store or online.

To register visit: Homepage - University of Bolton ( and click to join now. You will need to enter your name and unique identifier which is your University employee number.

For further details please contact Sharon Thompson, HR Operations Manager, t: 01204 903584 e:


Bolton One

Stay fit and healthy at our £31m on-site leisure centre with fitness suite, 25m swimming pool, sports hall, climbing wall and a great range of classes. It also hosts the Sport and Physical Activity Rehabilitation Centre and athlete development centre which is open to all.

University staff enjoy free term-time swimming (in the morning, lunchtime and late evening), discounted memberships and discounted lunchtime and evening fitness classes

For further details on Sports Centre Activities and how to book, please visit: Sport & Wellness | University of Bolton

See also: Health & Wellbeing


British Armed Forces

As part of the University of Bolton’s commitment to the British Armed Forces Covenant and to ensure that ex-armed forces personnel are not disadvantaged as a result of their service, veterans of the British armed forces applying for a job at the University will be guaranteed the offer of an interview provided that:

  • They are currently serving in the British armed forces and are within 12 weeks of their discharge date
  • They were in long-term employment within the British armed forces within the last 5 years
  • They meet the essential criteria of the advertised role

Statement on the Employment of Armed Forces Personnel and Support for Reservists

See also: Armed Forces Personnel & Support for Reservists

- C -

Café Culture

The Bistro, Café Athena and Deane Deli all serve hot and cold food from breakfast until early evening. There is also an onside shop and cash machine located on the main campus. Vending machines are also located throughout the campus.

See also: Cash Machine; Catering

Car Parking

Free staff car parking is available to employees at the University. Your university staff ID card gives you access to the staff car park. Car parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Car Parking Policy | Campus Map

See also: Cyclescheme; Public Transport


Cash Machine

A cash machine is located within Café Athena, by the side of the Cash Office.



Catering requests should be sent to with the relevant catering form attached (available from Facilities). A minimum of 24 hours’ notice must be given when requesting beverages, with a minimum of 48 hours when ordering food.

See also: Café Culture



Government help with childcare costs for parents – whether you have toddlers or teens – may be available. For further details about tax free childcare, please visit


Christmas shutdown

The university closes during the week between Christmas and New Year (normally 12.00 noon on Christmas Eve until 6.00 am on 2 January). Professional Support staff are expected to save days from their annual leave entitlement to cover this period; academic staff are given the closure period on top of their annual leave entitlement

See also: Annual Leave; Discretionary Leave; Unpaid Leave


Compassionate leave

Compassionate leave of up to five days (without loss of pay) is given on the death of an immediate family member – parent/guardian, sibling, child or spouse/partner/civil partner. Paid time off will also be granted to attend the funeral of other close relatives i.e. grandparents.

Other Leave Entitlement

Other Leave Entitlement


Competent Driver Audit

The University is committed to complying with its duties under Health & Safety and other relevant legislation with regard to the safe use of vehicles at work. The University have introduced this process for the management and use of vehicles on University business to ensure driver safety, to minimise those risks and to actively encourage the safe use of vehicles. Please note, any mileage claims submitted to payroll will not be authorised without the Competent Driver Audit form being completed. Staff wishing to drive University vehicles must complete the authorised driver request form for insurance purposes.

Authorised Driver – Instructions | Authorised Driver Form | Authorised Driver Request Form (University Vehicles) | Staff Expenses (Mileage) Claim Form

See also: Salary


Consensual Relationships

The guidelines have been developed to provide employees (and students) with information on the University of Bolton’s expectations regarding conflicts of interest and relationships, the associated dangers of and the reporting requirements. The document covers consensual relationships between employees and also between employees and students.

Guidelines on Consensual Relationships



The Cycle to Work scheme is a government initiative that allows you to save money on a bicycle and/or accessories up to £1,000 and to spread the cost of the purchase. There are three types of package available – a ‘cyclescheme package’ to include both a bicycle and accessories, a ‘bicycle package’ only and an ‘accessory package’ only.

The three packages offer tax-savings of at least 25% whilst enabling you to spread the cost (usually over a 12-month period) and are available from over 2,000 retailers nationwide.

To register, and for further details, please visit The UK's Most Popular Cycle to Work Benefit - Cyclescheme.

Employees cycling to work can also take advantage of university facilities to park (or store) their bicycle, shower and change.

Bicycle Parking | Changing Facilities

See also: Car Parking; Public Transport

- D -


The University has a formal disciplinary procedure which has been agreed with the representative bodies.

Disciplinary Procedure | Disciplinary Procedure – Designated Senior Post Holder 


Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Checks

DBS checks may be required for staff undertaking certain roles at the University. Details of the type and level of check required are determined by the responsibilities undertaken. In certain circumstances, if an employee (or potential employee) already has a DBS in place the University may request to undertake an “update service” check rather than a full DBS check. For further details please visit: Disclosure and Barring Service - GOV.UK (

See also: Recruitment of ex-offenders


Discretionary Days

Academic staff benefit from up to 5 days’ discretionary leave, which is not part of their annual leave entitlement. Members of Professional Support staff may be granted reasonable discretionary days, at their line manager’s discretion, under exceptional circumstances.

Other Leave Entitlement


Doctors / Dental appointments

Staff are not expected to make appointments during working hours. If it is unavoidable, time off work with pay is normally given at the line manager’s discretion (time may have to be made up), although appointments should be as early or as late in the working day as possible and notice should be given in advance to your line manager. If follow-up treatment is required, which can only be arranged during working hours, then time off work with pay will normally be allowed.

Other Leave Entitlement

See also: Hospital Appointments


Duo App

The University has rolled out 2-factor authentication for its most important services. In order to access your desktop computer remotely, you will need to have a locked-down computer and the DUO app to ensure that you are able to access the IT systems securely. You can access your emails via your own desktop, laptop, IPad/tablet or mobile device via webmail – this will however also required 2-factor authentication. For further details please visit: IT Support Services (

DUO – Getting Started | DUO – Application Form

See also: Flexible Working; IST Service Desk & Helpline; Working Remotely from Home

- E -

Email etiquette

Email is an expedient communication channel through which to send messages to colleagues at the University. However, email has become increasingly burdensome, time-consuming, less productive and less effective due to the very high volume of unnecessary and irrelevant emails staff receive on a daily basis. In many cases internal email is being used as the primary – and sometimes only – channel of communication; this is hindering the development of a collaborative and productive work environment that the University needs. The use of email, as the default channel, can lead to staff adopting poor practices and behaviours. Therefore, the use of email for staff-to-staff communications should be in line with the email policy.

Internal Email (Staff-to-Staff) Use Policy and General Email Guidance for Staff

See also: IT Acceptable Use Policy


Emergency Alarms

In the event of the sounding of the alarm, all persons should evacuate the building and seek the nearest emergency meeting point. Please note, the alarm system is always tested on a Monday morning at approximately 9.00 am. For further information please contact David Thurston, Health & Safety Manager, t: 01204 903577, e:

See also: Fire Evacuation


Employee Assistance Provider (EAP)

All University colleagues will have access to a new and enhanced wellbeing support and information service from Spectrum.Life. This service has replaced our previous EAP, VIVUP - but anyone currently using VIVUP sessions can continue to do so until their sessions have concluded.

The University is committed to providing a working environment and people management policies, procedures and practices which promote the wellbeing of colleagues at all levels in the institution and facilitates a positive work culture. As part of this the University recognises that any EAP should be able to offer a holistic approach to wellbeing support to all staff in line with the Employee Wellbeing Statement published last year (2022).

Spectrum.Life provides a free, confidential counselling and wellbeing support service available to all our employees - available 24/7, 365 days.

Spectrum’s Information Services provision has specific and qualified experts, including financial and tax advisers for Financial Wellbeing issues and Parenting Coaches.

Spectrum’s offering also includes an extensive wellbeing app providing holistic wellbeing support from recipes, to sleep advice, daily guided meditation to live and on demand virtual exercise classes.

How to access the service

You can access the support service in a number of ways, including online or via telephone, email and WhatsApp. To access via telephone its free on 0808 196 2016

and WhatsApp you text ‘Hi’ to 0044 7700185685

To access the online support and materials colleagues can register via the link below:

To find out more you can join the EAP monthly information session, hosted by Spectrum.Life on the second Friday of every month at 9.30am, via the following link (Password: 009370)

Information about the new service will also be published on notice boards, on LCD TV screens around campus and existing information about our EAP and other welling information will be replaced /updated due course.


Employee Development

Welcome to Employee Development for the University of Bolton. Employee Development aims to provide a wide range of learning and development opportunities to ensure that all staff reach their full potential. Our development opportunities include apprenticeships, classroom and online training, leadership and management development, as well as the UoB Mentoring Academy.


Employee Development Policy

The University is committed to an ongoing programme of staff development in order to enhance the professional and personal development, sector knowledge, skills and performance of all staff within the context of the University’s strategic objectives.

Employee Development Policy


Employee Engagement

The University is a Best Companies accredited employer. As part of its employee engagement agenda, in September 2022, we launched its first ‘b-Heard’ employee engagement survey to find out how our employees feel about working at the University, what they enjoy and what they think needs to improve.

Should you have any queries regarding the ‘b-Heard’ survey please contact in the first instance. For external information on the b-Heard survey please visit the following website;

Information on progress and associated developments regarding the ‘b-Heard’ survey can be accessed in the link below:

Institutional Level results


Employee Forum

The primary aims of the UoB Employee Forum are to ensure all employees across the institution feel that they have a voice on matters relating to their work at the university and that they understand the direction of the university through improved communication. The university will use the Forum to inform, communicate and consult on relevant matters.

This Forum will supplement but not replace other methods and channels of communication at the university. Matters that should be raised with line managers (such as individual grievances) will not be dealt with in the Forum.

The Employee Forum will be a self-standing body and is not formally part of the university governance structure and as such, it shall have no decision-making powers.

Introduction to the Employee Forum

See also: Inside UoB


Equality & Diversity

The University is committed to promoting equality and diversity in all its endeavours and aims to provide a work, learning and teaching environment free from discrimination and unfair treatment. This commitment is set out in the University’s Equality and Diversity Policy. Please also feel free to visit our E&D webpage for further details: Equality & Diversity | University of Bolton

Equal Opportunities Policy | Diversity Champions | Equality & Diversity Committee Terms of Reference

See also: Pronouns guide


External Examining at other HEI’s

If you have any external examining duties (for taught undergraduate or postgraduate programmes) at any other higher education institution/s then you have an obligation to provide the University with the required information. This will give the University an overview of such commitments and enable the provision of relevant support at institutional level and within your academic department.

For further details, please visit:

Any other paid external work undertaken by academic or support staff needs to be approved by your line manager and you should complete an Exclusivity of Service form

Exclusivity of Service Form


Eyecare Vouchers

The University offers free eye-screening for all staff who use display-screen equipment in the workplace through Specsavers opticians. eVouchers can be requested via your HR Administrator or via

See also: Health & Wellbeing


- F -

Fee Waiver

A range of staff development courses are available across the wider UoB Group, particularly to those expected to achieve relevant qualifications as part of their appointment and these can be accessed by completing either an external staff development form or staff fee-waiver form.

Fee Waiver Scheme Policy |  Fee Waiver Scheme Application

Firearms, Imitation Firearms and Offensive Weapons on Campus

The University of Bolton has a duty of care to ensure a safe and welcoming campus for staff, students and visitors and as such it has imposed strict controls on the ownership, possession, and potential use of firearms, imitation firearms and/or offensive weapons on University premises.

Policy on Firearms, Imitation Firearms & Offensive Weapons on Campus


Fire Evacuation

The Fire Evacuation Procedure is available from David Thurston, Health & Safety Manager, t: 01204 903577, e:

See also: Emergency Alarms


First Aid / Defib Responders

Should first aid be required you should either contact the Security Emergency number on extension: 666 or via Main Reception extension: 0

A list of current first aiders / Defib responders is available from: L:\Public\FirstAid

See also: Mental Health First Aid


Flexible Working

You will find that the University is supportive and flexible in helping your juggle jobs and everyday living, although we do not have a formal flexi-time scheme (there is a formal flexible working scheme in place for IST; other departments have informal schemes in place).

Employees who have a minimum of 26 weeks’ continuous service with the university have the right to request flexible working and have their request considered by their line manager.

Guidelines  |  Application Form (MS Word Version)Flexitime Scheme (IST)

See also: Working Remotely from Home


- G -


The University has an updated formal grievance procedure which has been agreed with the representative bodies.

For any grievances which are raised from 1st December 2023 the new procedure should be used:

Grievance Procedure 1 December 2023 onwards

For any grievances which are raised prior to 1st December the previous procedure will apply:

Grievance Procedure pre 1 December 2023


- H -

Health & Wellbeing

In addition to Bolton One, we also offer: free eye tests for staff using computers; a free 24-hour, confidential staff helpline for counselling, advice and support; discounted assessments from the Sport & Physical Activity Rehabilitation Centre.

See also: Bolton One; Employee Assistance Provider; Eye-care Vouchers; Healthcare Scheme; Sport &Physical Activity Rehabilitation Centre (SPARC); UK Healthcare


Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

All Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught students receive a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) at the end of their studies. If you’re an academic member of staff or student facing professional support member of staff and require further information about HEAR, please visit:  Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) | University Of Bolton .

See also: LEAP; Moodle; Personal Development, Staff Development & Induction; STEP Online


Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA)

Every year, we send some of the information we hold about you to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). HESA is a trusted source of data and analysis who collect information on Higher Education Providers (HEP) in the UK on behalf of its Statutory customers. As a Higher Education Provider, we have a statutory requirement to report staff data.

Your HESA staff record does not contain your name, job title or contact details. The information we provide is taken from your person and contract record which is returned under anonymized Staff HESA ID.

If you leave your employment and move to another HEP we are required to pass your HESA Staff ID number to your new employer to enable research into employment in the higher education sector.

Further details about HESA can be found on the following links:

About HESA: About HESA | HESA ,What does HESA do? Who we are and what we do | HESA , Data Protection at HESA: Data protection | HESA ,Staff Collection Notice: Collection notices | HESA ,Higher Education: HE Staff Data | HESA


Hospital Appointments

Staff will receive time off work with pay to attend. If an employee receives treatment that necessitates further time off work, this will then be treated as sickness absence. Any time off required for a hospital appointment should be given in advance to your line manager.

Other Leave Entitlement

See also: Doctors / Dental Appointment

- I -


All new staff within the University must complete mandatory training.


Industrial Action 

The University recognizes that there may be exceptional circumstances when employees choose to participate in industrial action. It has a formal policy for industrial action and a form for employees to use to declare their participation in any strike/action short of a strike. The policy provides relevant information in relation to how the university will respond to any form of industrial action and what is expected of employees.

Industrial Action Policy


Inside UoB

Inside UoB is an all-staff bulletin that is emailed to members of staff (usually on a Friday afternoon) with the aim of updating employees on news and events from around the University.

For the latest news and archives from previous months, please visit: Inside.UoB (

See also: Employee Forum


IST Service Desk & Helpline

The IST Service Desk provides ICT support for University staff (on-site or off-campus), researchers, students and external customers. The IST Helpdesk is located in the Peter Marsh Library and the helpline can be contact on t: 01204 903444 or e:

In order to gain access to the computer network, you need to have a user ID and password. This should be set-up on your first day as part of your induction. Please bear in mind that it may take 24-48 for the account to be fully operational.

For Online Teaching & Learning Resources Support, Software and general IT support you can visit their help pages: IT Support Services (

See also: DUO App, Library Membership; Staff ID Card


IT Acceptable Use Policy

The IT Acceptable Use Policy summarises the key responsibilities and required behaviour of all users of the University of Bolton computer and information systems.

IT Acceptable Use Policy

See also: Email Etiquette

- J -

Jury Service 

In the event that an employee is called for jury service or to attend court, you should advise your line manager at the earliest opportunity. The employee should provide their line manager with a copy of the court summons and any other relevant documentation.

The employee will continue to be paid whilst on jury service at their normal rate of pay subject to the deduction of any monies received from the court in respect of loss of earnings.

The employee will receive a Certificate of Loss of Earnings or Benefit (Form 5223), which the employee should send to Finance for completion and then submit to the court to receive reimbursement, up to a limit for loss of earnings. The employee will be paid as normal until their reimbursement has been processed, whereupon the employee is obliged to present HR and/or payroll with a receipt for the reimbursement. Payroll will then make the appropriate deductions from the employee’s pay.

Where the line manager considers that the employee’s absence on jury service could cause substantial harm to the business, they will be asked to make an application for excusal or deferral, as appropriate. The line manager, working with their HR Business Partner should provide the employee with a letter to support this application.

Other Leave Entitlement | Jury Service Information

- K -


If you are a new member of staff and require a key for your office, please ask your manager to contact the Facilities Helpdesk on t: 01204 903923, note, to report any maintenance or repairs that need to be carried out, please contact facilities:

For access to meeting/interview rooms etc., please contact the caretakers on t: 01204 903123 (Deane), t: 01204 903529 (Eagle).

- L -

LEAP (Learning Excellence Achievement Pathway) Online

LEAP Online is designed to support your academic and personal development. Each section contains information, videos and activities. You can earn digital badges by completing the assessments. For further details, please visit: LEAP Online Home (

See also: HEAR; Moodle; Personal Development, Staff Development & Induction; STEP Online


Library membership

Staff have full access to the Peter Marsh Library including iMacs, touchscreen PC’s or laptops in our self-service Tech Zone (subject to availability). There is free wireless network access on campus and around town via campus roam, details can be found via the IST Service Helpdesk

The library aims to provide an academic information resource, supporting the teaching, learning and research needs of the user community, in such a way as to achieve the highest professional standards in a cost-effective and user-friendly manner.

Your staff ID card will be issued by the library and will give you full access to library and printing services, as well as access to doorways and the car park.

For support and information on what the library has to offer, you can visit their help pages: Home - Home - University of Bolton Library at The University of Bolton

See also: DUO App; IST Service Desk & Helpline; Staff ID Card



The University is just ten-minutes’ walk from Bolton town centre and the famous Bolton Market, three supermarkets and a retail park. We are also just 10 minutes’ walk from the rail/bus interchange with direct routes to Manchester and Manchester Airport and local bus services.

As well as the main campus, we have the Institute of Management, adjacent to the Rail and Bus Interchange and the Queens Specialist Building based in Farnworth.

A free minibus service is available for staff and students to get to/from the three sites (as well as the Halls of Residence).

Minibus Timetable | Campus Locations


- M -

Maternity Leave

Information and guidance can be found below. For further help and support regarding maternity leave, please contact your HR Administrator.

Maternity Leave Guidance | Maternity Leave – Guide for Managers | Pregnancy Risk AssessmentPregnancy Risk Assessment (PDF) Pregnancy Risk AssessmentPregnancy Risk Assessment (Word)


Mandatory Training and Additional Refresher Training

Menopause in the Workplace

Menopause is a natural phase in life and for many women can be positively managed through lifestyle adjustments. However, the University recognises that for some menopause is not always an easy transition. Some employees may need additional support to help improve their experience at work.

The University is committed to supporting employees who are affected in any way by menopause and to support and inform Heads of School / Service so that employees reporting issues are treated fairly and given appropriate support.

Menopause in the Workplace Guidance

See also: Adoption Leave, Paternity Leave


Mental Health First Aid

A number of University staff a Mental Health First Aid trained. Should mental health first aid be required you should either contact the Security Emergency number on extension: 666 or via Main Reception extension: 0

A list of current mental health first aiders is available from: L:\Public\FirstAid.

Mental Health First Aid England

See also: First Aid/Defib Responders



Moodle is the University’s e-learning portal which is easy-to-use, flexible and allows the University to provide compliance and competency training, continuing professional development and onboarding programmes (see details of training packages below). Moodle also allows academic staff to upload course notes, paperwork etc., and receive assignments etc., from students. For further details, please visit: University of Bolton eLearning Portal

See also: HEAR; LEAP; Personal Development, Staff Development & Induction; STEP Online


MyHR is a secure web-based application which allows employees to access, review and update personal information that is held within the University’s HR and Payroll system (iTrent). Using MyHR you can update details such as your address, telephone number, car details etc., as well as access and print your pay slips, P60, sickness record etc. To sign in, please visit   ESS - Login (

MyHR User Guide

See also: Salary

- O -

ORCID for Academic Staff

ORCID (Open Research and Contributor ID), is a unique number which enables academic staff to create a digital research profile and upload links to their research publications. Please check that HR hold this number as this is used for statutory data submissions linked to HESA and Research Excellence Framework (REF). This can be checked or added via myHR. For further details, please visit: ORCID

See also: AdvanceHE; Higher Education Statistics Agency; PhD/Professional Doctorate Policy; Teaching Qualifications

Overtime / Time In Lieu

Overtime is not payable to staff on Grades 6 and above. For staff on Grade 5 or below, hours in excess of 36.25 is paid at time-and-a-half (or double-time on a Sunday). Time in Lieu may be agreed as an alternative to payment for overtime hours worked. All overtime/time off in lieu needs to be agreed locally with your line manager. Please note that overtime payments may impact on your pension. Please contact Martin Evans, Pensions Officer, t: 01204 903575, e:

Academic Staff Monthly Claim for Additional Payments  | Professional Staff Monthly Claim for Additional Payments | Other Leave Entitlement | Overtime Policy

- P -

Paternity Leave

New fathers are entitled to two-weeks’ off work after the birth of a child. The first week is paid on the basis of the employee’s weekly salary; the second week is paid on the basis of Statutory Paternity Pay. If you are having the full two-weeks off, they must be continuous.

Paternity Leave Guidance | SC3 Form


Pay Award

There is an annual pay award (cost of living) review each August.



Employees are automatically enrolled into a pension scheme (the scheme depends on your current role and/or your previous provider). Full details for new starters are included as part of your appointment paperwork.

Teachers Pension Scheme | Local Government Scheme | USS Scheme


Performance Review

The University has a Performance Review Policy that applied to academic and professional support staff. Reviews should be undertaken by your line manager on an annual basis. Details of the policy and relevant paperwork can be viewed at Performance Review - HR and Staff (

Performance Review Policy | Academic Performance Review Guidance | Academic Performance Review Form | Professional Support Performance Review Guidance | Professional Support Performance Review Form | Professional Support (Grades 1-3) Performance Review Guidance | Professional Support (Grade 1 – 3) Performance Review Self-Assessment


Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

In situations where an employee has struggled (for whatever reason) to perform their duties satisfactorily, the University has a Performance Improvement Plan, which has been agreed by the representative bodies. The aim is to support an employee to resolve their issue and get them performing to their best abilities.

Performance Improvement Plan


Personal Development, Staff Development and Induction

We offer a comprehensive induction to welcome you to the University of Bolton and this should be followed up by an initial PDP, which is intended to focus on the support and training that will be provided during the probationary period and the anticipated level of development into the role that is expected will be achieved at the end of that period.

A range of staff development courses are available, particularly to those expected to achieve relevant qualifications as part of their appointment and these can be accessed by completing either an external staff development form or staff fee-waiver form. Access to the Mentoring Academy and paid study leave may be available.

Details of the Staff Teaching Enhancement Programme (STEP) can be found by visiting: Staff Development - STEP Online (

Fee Waiver Scheme Policy | Fee Waiver Scheme Application | Probationary Period | Probationary Review Form

See also: AdvanceHE; HEAR, LEAP Online; Moodle; PhD/Professional Doctorate Policy; Performance Review; Probationary Period/Review; PhD/Professional Doctorate Policy; Teaching Qualifications


PhD / Professional Doctorate Policy

Academic employees at the University are expected to hold a PhD/Professional Doctorate. The policy below sets out the requirements and support available in cases where an employee has not yet completed his/her PhD/Professional Doctorate.

PhD/Professional Doctorate Policy


Print & Post Facilities

The Print & Post Service is located to the side of the Services & Administration Centre. All post should be in the post room by 2.00 pm. Any large-scale mail shots should be there by 12.00 noon. Please contact the Print & Post room on t: 01204 903528, e:

Photocopying and printing is available from any machine in the University, accessed by your staff ID card.


Probationary Period / Review

All appointment are subject to satisfactory completion of a probationary period. The length of the probationary period is dependant on the grade and status of the role (e.g. professional support roles are generally six-months, academic roles are normally twelve-months). The University reserves the right to extend a probationary period if deemed appropriate.

Probationary Policy | Probationary Review Form

See also: AdvanceHE; PhD/Professional Doctorate Policy; Performance Review; Personal Development, Professional Development & Induction; Probationary Period/Review; Teaching Qualifications



Pronouns are the words we use to refer to people’s gender in conversation - for example, ‘he’ or ‘she’. But not everyone identifies with the binary definitions of gender (male and female) so they may prefer gender-neutral pronouns such as 'they/them' or 'ze/zir'. Everyone within our University community deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and so understanding their pronouns is a simple gesture which has a big impact.

Pronouns Guide

See also: Equality & Diversity


Public Transport

As a university employee you can benefit from savings on train travel.

The University has also partnered with Northern Rail to offer employees the opportunity to purchase annual season tickets for rail travel. The University will purchase the ticket on your behalf and you then pay the money back through monthly deductions from your salary. To apply, please visit: Season Ticket Application – University of Bolton

Terms and Conditions

See also: Car Parking; Cycle-Scheme


- R -



The University has introduced an online e-recruitment system provided by Stonefish eRecruitment, a leading supplier to the HE sector. The system brings numerous benefits to members of staff involved with the recruitment process such as:

  • Online staff request forms/staffing process automated for recruiting managers
  • Real-time shortlisting for managers (on any device)
  • Automated communication between HR and applicants/candidates/recruiting managers
  • Support new starters joining the University through an automated on-boarding process

Members of staff involved in the recruitment process can log in to the recruitment portal via the vacancies page on the ‘Staff’ area of the University website or can click on the following link which takes you to the log in page
To log in, simply click on the ‘University Account’ login button and enter your usual user ID and network password. Please note, log in will be authenticated using the Duo Mobile app.

If you have any questions or would like to receive a link to an online training programme, contact in the first instance.

Recruitment and Selection Policy


Recruitment of Ex-Offenders

The University is committed to equality of opportunity for all job applicants and aims to select people for employment on the basis of their individual skills, abilities, experience and knowledge, and where appropriate, qualifications and training.

As a good employer, the University recognises its social responsibility and its position within the local community and appreciates the important role that continuity of employment can play in the rehabilitation process of ex-offenders when matched with appropriate posts.

The University will therefore consider any ex-offenders for employment on their individual merits. The University’s approach towards employing ex-offenders differs, however, depending on whether the job is or is not exempt from the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy

See also: Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS); Equality & Diversity


Restructuring Framework

It is the policy of the University by careful forward planning to ensure, as far as possible, security of employment for its staff. It is also recognised that there may be changes in funding arrangements, customer needs, competitive conditions, organisational requirements, educational methods and technological developments which may affect staffing needs.

The University has a framework to deal sensitively and effectively in situations when dealing with the redundancy and redeployment of staff.

Restructuring Framework (updated 2024) |  Redundancy Framework (2011)


Religious Worship

Our multi-faith Chaplaincy supports the spritiual life of the whole University community, celebrating festivals and notable dates. We have a multi-faith prayer room and prayer preparation facilities. For further details, please visit: Welcome to the Chaplaincy | University of Bolton


Relocation Policy

The University aims to recruit the most talented individuals in key posts in order to support its aim of being a platinum, teaching-intensive, research-informed higher education institution. The Relocation Policy is intended to support this aim by providing assistance to senior employees who have to relocate to take up a position.

Relocation Policy



A statement on the Vice Chancellor’s Pay: University Leadership | University of Bolton


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Safeguarding is about protecting children and adults from the risk of harm. It includes preventing thouse who are deemed unsuitable to work with them from doing so and being alert to, and acting upon, situations where there may be harm. The University has a zero tolerance approach to any forms of potentially harmful behaviour

Safeguarding leaflet | Safeguarding Policy and Procedure

See also: Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS); Equality & Diversity, Personal Development, Staff Development & Induction; Recruitment of ex-offenders


Safe Travel

The vast majority of international working trips are safe. However, they can be made safer by observing a few simple precautions that are laid out in the information below. In the unlikely event you do have health problems, are injured or the victim of a crime whilst you are abroad, you need to know what to do to alleviate and minimise the effects.

Prior to first travelling abroad for work, all employees are required to attend a Safe Travel Induction.

Safe Travel Induction Slides  | Safe International Working – Guidance | Intent to Travel Form | Overseas Travel Risk Assessment Form | University of Bolton Travel Cover Summary | Health & Safety – Section 17 – Managing the H&S Risks of Working Overseas



Salaries are paid on the fourth Wednesday of the month (Academic staff) or the 18th of the month (Professional Support staff). If the 18th falls on a weekend, payment will be made on the Friday. Academic payroll is normally brought forward in December to ensure salaries are paid before the Christmas shutdown.

Variable-hour Tutors and Temporary supply staff need to submit claim forms for payment of their salary (payment is made a month in arrears)

If you are putting in a claim for payment, overtime or any other expenses, or if you are a new employee who needs to provide us with your bank details/P46, please ensure that the paperwork is with HR by the relevant cut off date to ensure payment is made in a timely manner. Failure to meet the relevant deadlines will result in any payment be delayed and held over to the following month.

Substantive staff increment up the pay spine of a grade on the 1 August each year (where applicable) until the maximum of the grade is reached. Staff must have been in post as of 1 February in order to benefit from an increment the following August.

Please note senior appointments at Grade 10 (to include those at the Professorial level) or above are on a fixed salary and not subject to any automatic incrementation.

Salary Scales | Payroll Deadlines | Bank Nomination Form | Variable Hours Tutor – Claim for Fees (F9) | Temporary Supply – Monthly Payment Form | Academic Staff Monthly Claim for Additional Payments | Professional Staff Monthly Claim for Additional Payments | HMRC Form | Staff Expenses (Claim Form)

See also: Pay Award; Overtime/Time Off In Lieu



An around-the-clock security service is in operation at the University. The Security Control Room (based in the Services & Administration Centre) can be contacted on t: 01204 903700 (for emergencies, please ring ext: 666).



Smoking on campus is allowed, provided it is outdoors and away from doors and windows. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and around their entrances and any open windows.

Smoking Policy


Social Media

The policy applies to all staff – including sessional, student, casual and temporary staff – and is intended to cover all social media activities which directly or indirectly identifies or discusses the university and/or its staff and students.

This policy applies to all professional and personal social media communications made at any time, whether privately or publicly and from anywhere including off campus on personal devices or on campus using university devices and/or networks.

Social Media Policy


Sport & Physical Activity Rehabilitation Centre (SPARC)

The Sport & Physical Activity Rehabilitation Centre is a physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation clinic that is open to everyone. The Centre aims to assess and treat musculoskeletal injuries using current and evidenced treatment techniques. The aim is to help patients manage their conditions, return to full activities and prevent re-occurance.

SPARC Pricing

See also: Health & Wellbeing


Staffing Committee Requests

It is expected that going forward schools and services will determine their workforce requirements through effective workforce planning (to include any changes to the number of posts, grades, FTE etc.) on an annual basis as part of the University Local Planning Process.

However, the university recognises that it will need an efficient process to consider ad-hoc requests to respond to resignations or changes in business needs that were not foreseen as part of the local plan.

The Staffing Committee will consider such ad-hoc requests and will oversee the intelligent shaping of the university to ensure that the workforce in our schools and services is of the right size, has the right skills, is structured effectively, is affordable, is organised and resources are fully and appropriately utilised.


Staff ID Card

Your will normally be issued with your staff ID card on your first day as part of your induction. The staff ID card gives you access to library services, photocopier machines around the campus, access to the car park and external entrances. Staff and students are expected to wear a lanyard with your staff ID card when on campus. For further information, please visit: IST: IT Support Services (, Library Services: Home - Home - University of Bolton Library at The University of Bolton, or contact the IT Service Desk: t: 01204 903444 or e:

See also: DUO App; IST Service Desk & Helpline; Library Membership


STEP Online

STEP is the University’s programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for academic staff. Form more information, please visit: Staff Development - STEP Online (

See also: Employee Assistance Provider


Stress Management

The Stress Management Policy is intended to act as a framework to ensure that the relationship between colleagues at the University of Bolton operates effectively for the benefit of all. It is intended to give a basic understanding of work-related stress, how to tackle it and our respective responsibilities. The policy aims to make clear the actions required when faced with evidence of work related stress.

The policy also aims to make clear the actions required when faced with evidence of work-related stress.

Stress Management Policy

See also: Employee Assistance Provider; Health & Wellbeing


Student Referral Discount Scheme

The University of Bolton offers employees a benefit to those who actively recommend and refer family members to be new students on a university-taught degree programme. Under this scheme, the student will receive a fee reduction of 20 per cent per year.

Student Referral Discount Scheme Policy


- T -

Talent Succession Planning

The University of Bolton Talent & Succession Planning Process supplements – and is a natural progression – to our Performance Review process. It has been developed and implemented as a simple yet structured and fair process to enable the identification and development of future managers as well as individuals to fill other business-critical positions.

Talent Succession Planning Guide

See also: Performance Review; Personal Development, Staff Development & Induction


Teaching Qualifications

As a condition of employment for academic staff, you are required to have a relevant teaching qualification and achieve fellowship status of AdvanceHE. For those employees who have joined the university without a teaching qualification, you will be expected to embark upon a “training to teach” programme.

Training to Teach Programme | Qualification Pathways

See also: AdvanceHE; Performance Review; Personal Development, Professional Development & Induction; PhD/Professional Doctorate Policy


Trade Unions

The University recognizes – for the purpose of collective bargaining – that the following Trade Unions as having bargaining rights in respect of all employees of the University: UCU (academic staff, plus professional support staff graded 6 to 10), UNISON (professional support staff graded 1 (LW) to 5).

For further information or to arrange to join either Union, please contact the relevant Trade Union: UCU - Home with the email address

(local representative: Martin McAreavey);  UNISON - the public service union with the email address (local representative: Ryan Quick).

- U -

UK Healthcare

Everyday medical expenses seem to forever be on the rise. With Healthcare Cash Plans, contributions made via payroll can help you with a whole range of everyday medical expenses. For further information or to apply to join the scheme, please visit: UK Healthcare Cash Plan Providers

UK Healthcare Information | UK Healthcare Application

See also: Health & Wellbeing


UK Visa & Immigration (UKVI)

If you have joined the University as an overseas national (excluding Irish nationals), there are a number of responsibilities that the University as your employer, your line manager and you have in regards to keeping the UKVI up-to-date with your current situation.

On an annual basis, the University will write out to all staff members working at the University via a work permit for you to confirm that your circumstances remain the same as when you were granted a visa. The University will also email you to let you know when your current visa has three months left before expiry so that you can submit an application for Further Leave to Remain in the UK. Failure to submit an application may result in your role being suspended.

For further information on how to obtain further leave to remain, settled/permanent residency status and how to get a share code to prove your eligibility to work in the UK, please visit: UK Visas and Immigration - GOV.UK (

UKVI Reporting Responsibilities


Unpaid Leave

In unexpected circumstances, where staff have exhausted their annual leave entitlement, staff are able to request unpaid leave. It is at the line manager’s discretion whether to recommend that approval for unpaid leave is granted. Please note that taking unpaid leave may impact on your pension. Please contact Martin Evans, Pensions Officer, t: 01204 903575, e: further advice.

See also: Annual Leave; Discretionary Leave; Pensions


UoB Mentoring Academy

There is a long tradition of mentoring at University of Bolton, and the aim of the Mentoring Academy is to strengthen the University’s mentoring provision which is available for all, in the UoB community.

The Academy is open to all new and existing employees (whether in an academic or a professional support role) and consists of a network of trained mentors who meet regularly to discuss generic themes. It can also support colleagues to deliver excellence for standards and quality identified by both the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

In this section you will find the guidelines, application forms and relevant toolkit documentation for the Mentor/ Mentee relationship.


- W -

Working Remotely From Home

The University is committed to being an inclusive supportive employer and providing staff with the opportunity to work more flexibly where possible, including working remotely from home.

Working Remotely from Home | H&S Checklist


Workload Allocation

The Academic Workload planning process is intended to provide a structure and a set of clear guidelines, which will enable an equitable, transparent and consistent approach to the allocation, and management of academic staff workloads within Faculties, Schools, Centres and Academic Areas across the University. In developing the process, sector norms have been used to inform this guidance document and the parameters herein.

Workload Allocation Planning Framework | Guidance – Workload Allocation Planning


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