Faculty of Health & Wellbeing

“Can I just say how brilliant the University have been throughout this whole pandemic. Crazy supportive throughout and always putting students first. Worried about a lot of things at the moment but my education isn't one of them. Thank you! #UniAsItShouldBe”

Alison Louise | Health and Social Care | 2020

School of Creative Technologies

“They really are a good University, our daughter is there and have to say they always put students welfare at the forefront. It's been quite a turbulent year with the fire and then this but they've always stepped up haven't they... good luck in September.”

Shaun Lee | Film FX | 2020

Bolton School of Arts

“I love my class and my teachers; my work has flourished and evolved thanks to the feedback I’ve received along the way and the interesting briefs we’ve been given.”

Jessica Bernadette Hornby | BA (Hons) Animation & Illustration |

Faculty of Health & Wellbeing

“The University of Bolton was a suitable place for me to study as it has a variety of different facilities that met my individual needs. The people at the university are kind and friendly, which I liked. The course I am studying opens a variety of pathways, as I was not certain on my career choice. The best thing about Bolton is they are supportive and understanding and the ability to go on work placements.”

Siaka Kowar | Early Years and Childhood Studies | 2019

Institute of Management Greater Manchester

“My main reason for choosing the University of Bolton was because of its small class sizes. This enables interactive lessons and quality education through one-to-one support. The facilities at the Institute of Management are also state-of-the-art, which makes studying here inspiring and informative.”

Joseph Benson | MSc International Management | 2017





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3 Reasons to Upskill with a Civil Engineering Master's

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5 Reasons to Upskill and Become a Positive Psychology Coach

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Upskilling with a Master's in Financial Management: Career Options

23 Nov 20


The MSc Accountancy and Financial Management course at the University of Bolton aims to support the career development of finance professionals who are interested in progression. Our highly qualified and experienced team is dedi...


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