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Faculty of Health & Wellbeing

“Can I just say how brilliant the University have been throughout this whole pandemic. Crazy supportive throughout and always putting students first. Worried about a lot of things at the moment but my education isn't one of them. Thank you! #UniAsItShouldBe”

Alison Louise | Health and Social Care | 2020

School of Creative Technologies

“They really are a good University, our daughter is there and have to say they always put students welfare at the forefront. It's been quite a turbulent year with the fire and then this but they've always stepped up haven't they... good luck in September.”

Shaun Lee | Film FX | 2020

Bolton School of Arts

“I love my class and my teachers; my work has flourished and evolved thanks to the feedback I’ve received along the way and the interesting briefs we’ve been given.”

Jessica Bernadette Hornby | BA (Hons) Animation & Illustration |

Faculty of Health & Wellbeing

“The University of Bolton was a suitable place for me to study as it has a variety of different facilities that met my individual needs. The people at the university are kind and friendly, which I liked. The course I am studying opens a variety of pathways, as I was not certain on my career choice. The best thing about Bolton is they are supportive and understanding and the ability to go on work placements.”

Siaka Kowar | Early Years and Childhood Studies | 2019

Institute of Management Greater Manchester

“My main reason for choosing the University of Bolton was because of its small class sizes. This enables interactive lessons and quality education through one-to-one support. The facilities at the Institute of Management are also state-of-the-art, which makes studying here inspiring and informative.”

Joseph Benson | MSc International Management | 2017





Is print media dying?

18 May 20

The world of digital has been expanding and taking over many aspects of society for a while. Broadcast, outdoor and online media has all managed to cope with this adjustment. Large billboards for out of home media have become interactive...

17. Fashion Textile Computer Suite jpg optimised

How sustainable is eco-fashion?

18 May 20

Eco-fashion is a word used to describe clothing and other products that are produced using methods that do not cause harm to the environment. Using recycled materials for manufacturing clothes or materials that have been organically gr...


Doris Self: The world’s oldest video Game Champion

18 May 20

When we think of video games, we imagine a bunch of teenagers playing their console from the moment they get home from school before they're inevitably called down for dinner. Yet, the world of gaming stretches far beyond the younger gen...

1. Graphic Studio optimised

Typefaces hold more power than you think

18 May 20

The words we choose and how we put them out into the world can have an enormous impact, and the typography used to express this text is no exception on its target audiences. Typography holds a tremendous amount of power due to the way au...

From the University of Bolton Live Events School,  backstage graduation

The career options in Live Events

18 May 20

The live events industry is vast, with so much going on, from international festivals to local conferences, there is so much to get involved with. For every person that stands on a stage, there is a vast team behind them supporting the p...

A student using a CNC machine in a mechanical engineering laboratory

What career paths are there for Mechanical Engineers

18 May 20

Engineering is a broad professional landscape, Mechanical Engineering is just one of those, and within it, there are multiple areas of interest for every graduate. Throughout your studies, you will learn, through various modules, the dif...


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