The University of Bolton is conscious that studying in the UK is one of the most significant financial investments you will make in your lifetime. Therefore we strive to offer you the best value for your money by providing some of the lowest course fees and living costs of any university in the UK.

The tuition fees for postgraduate research programmes (PhD/MPhil) can also be found at our Research and Graduate School website.

If you are unsure what the cost of your prospective course may be please email ku.ca1585658110.notl1585658110ob@la1585658110noita1585658110nretn1585658110i1585658110

International Students

International Excellence Scholarship

International Excellence Scholarships 2020/21

The University of Bolton is always striving to build upon the strong international community already established on campus.

To assist future international students joining us from overseas, we are proud to announce a number of new International Excellence Scholarships available to students joining bachelors, taught masters and research masters study (academic year 2020-21).

The maximum level scholarship extends to £5000 for the duration of 3 year bachelors study and £3000 for 1 year/18 months masters/PhD study. As a signal of our commitment to a globally inclusive campus, all international students will be eligible to be considered for the Bronze scholarship.

The level of the International Excellence Scholarships is broken down into three bands (Gold, Silver and Bronze) based on the academic ability of the applicant. This will provide the brightest and best students with the opportunity to reach their academic potential.

Academically excellent (gold band) students will pay nearly the same amount as a home student!

3 Year Undergraduate 4 year Undergraduate 1 Year UG Top-up 1 Year /18 month Masters PhD
Gold £5,000

1st Year = £3,000

2nd Year = £1,000*

3rd Year = £1,000*


  £3,000 £3,000 £3,000

1st Year = £3,000

Silver £3,000

1st Year = £2,000

2nd Year = £500*

3rd Year = £500*


  £2,000 £2,000 £2,000

1st Year = £2,000

Bronze £1,000

1st Year = £1,000

£1,000 (Year 0 only) £1,000 £1,000 £1,000

1st Year = £1,000

Tuition Fee Per Year £12,450 £12,450 £12,450 £12,450 – £13,950 £12,450* (Approx)

*The scholarship entitlement for year 2 and year 3 will be subject to passing all modules in the preceding year

Band Criteria:

Gold – Students with a top quartile (25%) mark in their entry qualification.

Silver – Students with a top half (50%) mark in their entry qualification

Bronze – Most international students will be eligible*.

* Final assessment of scholarship eligibility will be made by the international office and are made at the discretion of the University. The relevant amount of scholarship will be deducted at the point of payment i.e. you will pay the tuition fee minus the scholarship amount. Government sponsored students will not be eligible for this scholarship.

These scholarships shall extend to courses starting in September 2020 and January 2021. There is no separate application form requirement. International students will be automatically assessed for these scholarships at the point of application. The deadline for being considered for these scholarships will follow the same admissions deadlines.

If you wish to know the criteria for a country specific qualification, then please get in touch with the International Team via email: ku.ca1585658110.notl1585658110ob@la1585658110noita1585658110nretn1585658110i1585658110

Alumni Loyalty Discount

International students are eligible to qualify for the Alumni Scholarship Discount if they have previously studied at the University of Bolton. This entitles the award-holder for a £1000 fee waiver if they meet our criteria. The award is confirmed for the 2020/21 academic year. The full details of eligibility can be found here.

The University of Bolton has some of the most affordable fees for international students in the UK and the cost of living in the surrounding area is lower than living in the centre of Manchester and much more affordable than living in the London area.

EU Students

Sports Bursary

EU students may be considered for a University of Bolton Sports Bursary 2020/21 full details and terms of which are available here. This is award of up to £3000 over three years of an undergraduate degree and suitable candidates will need to show evidence of competing in sport at International, National, County, and/or Professional Club Level.

Any questions can be directed to the International Team via email: ku.ca1585658110.notl1585658110ob@la1585658110noita1585658110nretn1585658110i1585658110

Living Costs

Before starting to study at university, it’s important to think about the costs you are likely to face and how to manage your money. Remember, you’ll receive your maintenance support in termly instalments and you will need to budget for on-going costs such as:

Accommodation, insurance, fuel costs and TV licence, food and drink, travel costs, sports, leisure and social activities, mobile phone and internet.

Full information on our accommodation and associate costs can be found in the accommodation page.

Below is an example of the average cost of living for one academic year, for a full-time student living in the university’s Halls of Residence. Please note if you are living in private accommodation you will need to calculate your total accommodation and transport costs. Figures given are estimates only.

Estimated living costs  2017/18 38 weeks
Accommodation in the University’s Halls of Residence (17/18 & 18/19 figures) £3,040.00
Food (based on average weekly spend of £30) £1,140
Transport (including home visits) £500
Course related costs £300
Clothing and footwear £400
Mobile phone (based on £30 per month for 10 months) £300
General living expenses including sport/leisure/socialising £1,000
TV licence (actually £145.50) £146
Total annual expenditure (predicted) £6,826.00


If you have any questions about applying to the University of Bolton please email: .ku.1585658110ca.no1585658110tlob@1585658110lanoi1585658110tanre1585658110tni1585658110

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