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A Point Of Pride

The University of Bolton is home to the only National Centre for Motorsport Engineering (NCME) in the UK, and we couldn’t be more proud of it. This brand new £13 million facility is the next step for the evolution of motorsport engineering in the UK, building on the success of our Centre for Advanced Performance Engineering.

Our qualified teaching staff have decades of experience in motorsport and engineering industries. Their ambition is to train up the next generation of engineers and see our students develop and learn, with the end goal of them loving what they do.

Get The Skills

Our NCME courses ensure students gain all the skills to access a variety of sectors within the motorsports and engineering industries. From manufacturing to design consultancies, to aerospace and renewable energy.

The amazing facilities available at the University of Bolton give students the opportunity to develop skills in computer-aided design through to vehicle manufacture and performance testing.

Courses provide students with a practical background in industry-standard computational analysis software, wind tunnel and trackside testing.

The skills we teach are highly sought after by the peak of motorsport, Formula One. With so much growth in the motorsport and engineering industries, you’ll find plenty of opportunities open up to you when you graduate.

Get Hands-On

You won’t just be sitting in classrooms and lecture theatres in the NCME.

With professional race team partnerships, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get out and gain some real, hands-on career experience.

At the NCME you’ll be able to get under the hood of performance cars, find out what makes them tick and learn how you can improve them in this purpose-built multi-million-pound environment.

Like any university course, you’ll put in your lecture hours with advance performance and motorsport technology. But getting out on the racetrack to analyse car performance will give you a learning experience like no other.

Previous Students Say…

“I completed the entire 2018 season of the British Rallycross Championship which we won, and I have also been able to gain experience with a year supporting a Mercedes GT4 car in the British GT Championship. Both of these experiences have enabled me to develop my knowledge of how race teams operate, and helped me to see the management of performance teams first-hand. I don’t think I could have done any of this without the opportunities I have had since starting my degree in BSc (Hons) Motorsport Technology at the University of Bolton.” – Elliot Downs, BSc (Hons) Motorsport Technology


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