The exact nature of the taster session can be designed around your group’s requirements.

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This taster session is delivered at the School of Sound Recording in Manchester, a partner of the University of Bolton. It runs from 10am – 1pm and can accommodate 60 students.

Music Production

A music producer will discuss the process of music production, playing a track and isolating all the different parts. A student will be invited to record a vocal track, and the producer will show how the sound can be enhanced and changed, and combined with the other tracks.

Live Sound

Under supervision from professionals, students will use ‘Virtual Stadium’ Technology, to mix the Black Eyed Peas in concert.

Creating sound for films, games and TV

Students will learn about the process of adding sound to films, games and TV. They will have the opportunity to dub their own voice to the characters in Coronation Street, and see how horror sound effects are created in a film dubbing suite.

Mixing sound for films, games and TV

In this session students will learn from an Audio Post Production engineer as they mix all the sound for a film clip and create a surround sound effect.