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Welcome to the National Centre for Motorsport Engineering (NCME) at the University of Bolton. Building on the success of our Centre for Advanced Performance Engineering (CAPE), our brand new £13 million NCME development is designed to house the next step in the evolution of motorsport education in the UK. Offering industry-driven and student-led academic programmes, our vision focuses on forming outstanding engineers who will shape the future of automotive development. Thanks to our high-octane partnerships in the classroom, in the workshop and on the racetrack, you have the opportunity to gain hands-on real-life career experience and access to the most contemporary equipment, cars and amenities in this purpose-built environment, as well as at off campus racetracks and workshops.

Partnering with racing teams and seasoned professional racing drivers, our Advanced Performance Engineering and Motorsport Technology degrees aim to offer you a unique learning experience – you put in your hours in the lecture theatre like anyone else but when you get out on the track it’s for real.

Automotive Design

The UK is well recognised as an international centre for automotive design in the areas of motorsport, engines and volume car manufacturing. Our two great degree courses cover computer aided design and analysis as well as overall vehicle concept design, manufacture and build, and subsequent performance engineering. This combination of theory mixed with practical experience aims to produce graduates who have recognisable skills that are highly sought after by employers in the industry.

Chassis Dynamics & Aerodynamics

Opportunities exist within the motorsport and automobile engineering sector for specialists in chassis design and aerodynamics. Our courses aspire to provide a practical background including wind tunnel testing, computational analysis using industry-standard software and practical projects in these areas. These two areas are highly sought after by the crème de la crème of motorsport – Formula One.

General Engineering

The skills our students develop on our courses are applicable to a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to design consultancies, to aerospace and renewable energy. The modules in these courses are designed to develop students’ talents in advanced materials, such as composites, as well as engine technology, computational modelling and test methodology. The flexibility of engineering gives transferable skills, enabling our graduates to apply to a wide range of industry sectors and roles.

Motorsport & Trackside Technology

We aspire to offer our students extensive practical work, including attending track tests, so they have the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to analyse data from racing cars, modify them for lap time improvement and give appropriate feedback to racing drivers. Our courses use MOTEC data logging systems as the base for on-track testing, combined with analysis such as suspension settings, damper and spring properties and tyre properties. Past graduates have gained employment in the racing areas of GP2, touring cars and sports car racing.

Engines & Performance Modelling

The need for improved fuel economy and environmental concerns in both motorsport and automotive engineering has led to a growth in opportunities for engineering graduates in engines and performance modelling. Our courses cover modern technology in engines, hybrid vehicle systems, and even electric vehicles. The complexities of modern vehicle performance prediction are also covered, as is engine and vehicle performance testing. Because of this growth in opportunities within these areas many former students have worked with companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, Millbrook Proving Ground and Cosworth Engineering.

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