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Please find below a list of frequently asked questions regarding Chaplaincy advice.
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Eagle Tower
University Way

Tel: (+44) 1204 903 415
Email: ku.ca1585659401.notl1585659401ob@ni1585659401alpah1585659401c1585659401

How do I contact a Chaplain?

Our Chaplains and Pastoral Assistants come into the university at different times and you can find these listed at If these times are not convenient, you can text, email or ring to arrange to meet at another time. The contact details of the Chaplains can be found at Our Chaplains and Pastoral Assistants come from different faiths and traditions and, apart from the Co-ordinating Chaplain, they are volunteers.

How do I find out about Chaplaincy events?

There are many ways of finding out about Chaplaincy events:

Is there a Prayer Room in the University?

There are two rooms within the Chaplaincy which we call the Prayer Room and Quiet Room. Individuals can use these rooms at any time when the University is fully open, apart from the Quiet Room when a group has booked to use it. The Prayer Room is designed specifically to help Muslim staff and students fulfil their religious duties although is open to all. There are religious washing facilities nearby. You can find further details of the facilities at

Where is the Chaplaincy?

You can find the Chaplaincy at the end of Chancellor’s Mall on the ground floor of Eagle Tower. There are two rooms which we call the Prayer Room and Quiet Room as well as a Resource Area and the Chaplaincy Office where you may see a Chaplain or Pastoral Assistant. There are also religious washing facilities nearby. You can find further details of the facilities at

Can I book the Quiet Room for a meeting?

The Quiet Room may be booked for any religious or similar purpose. Call in at the Chaplaincy or email for a booking form, or you can download the form from the chaplaincy webpages at the Chaplaincy homepage.

Any booking will need to be authorised by the co-ordinating Chaplain before it can be confirmed.

How do I find a place to worship locally?

Pick up a leaflet from the Chaplaincy entitled Worship Places, Spiritual Resources and Humanist Groups which gives a list of Christian, Muslim and Hindu worship places. It also includes a list of shops to buy religious books and artefacts, meditation and humanist groups, and worship places not represented in Bolton. You can download the leaflet from Our Co-ordinating Chaplain or Chaplaincy administrator will be happy to help you find a specific place of worship or group. Contact: ku.ca1585659401.notl1585659401ob@ni1585659401alpah1585659401c1585659401 or ku.ca1585659401.notl1585659401ob@ni1585659401mdAyc1585659401nialp1585659401ahC1585659401

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