Celebrations of achievement and excellence for Chancellor Installation

A spectacular ceremony has marked the installation of The Rt Hon Lord Justice Ryder as Chancellor of the University of Bolton.

Starting from the Octagon Theatre, the University processed through Le Mans Crescent and into the Town Hall Square before assembling in the Albert Halls yesterday afternoon (1 July 2014). The procession was led by 19 honorands and more than 100 graduands receiving First Class Honours degrees.

In the ceremony, The Rt Hon Lord Justice Ryder was presented as Chancellor of the University by the Chair of Governors, The Rt Hon Revd Lord Bishop Nigel McCulloch KCVO.

The Chancellor then addressed the congregation. He said: ‘Bolton is my town – I was born here and went to school here. It is a town well known for its friendliness, for its authenticity, for its strong sense of self. Those values are demonstrated by its people and reflected in its Institutions, which include its University.

‘The University of Bolton has made its mark over time and sees the way forward as working in partnership – whether that be with international universities at the forefront of access to education, the local council in the development of facilities, or with businesses whose insight and professional skill and experience can only benefit our teaching and, most importantly, our students.

‘The University is an integral part of our town and of the business and academic communities of the North West. Our centres of excellence help to provide a highly skilled workforce on which our local communities can depend. I am certain that the University of Bolton will continue to play a central role in Bolton’s future and in the development of professional, business and academic excellence.

‘I relish the opportunity to play my part in the University’s future. In a town which prides itself on its friendliness and sense of community, it will come as no surprise that I know our first Chancellor very well. The Baroness Morris of Bolton has excelled in her role as Chancellor and the University is thrilled with her achievements and proud of its association with her. We owe her a great deal and she deserves our heartfelt gratitude.

‘She has set the bar very high.  During my appointment as Chancellor I will do my upmost to achieve excellence and encourage partnership and opportunity in our teaching.  If we all work together, we will succeed together.’

After the Oath of Office was taken honorary awards were conferred on 19 recipients, representing excellence in disciplines and professions from Engineering to the Performing Arts. The 19 represented each decade in the University’s 190 year history.

Around 100 students graduated at this ceremony, each one a First Class Honours student. The Vice Chancellor, Professor George Holmes, paid tribute to their academic excellence as he conferred their awards, commending the hard work and determination needed to achieve the highest award possible for an undergraduate. Graduating students received a standing ovation.