Coronavirus Update


Following the announcement from the Prime Minister on Monday 21 February 2022 about the Government’s ‘Living with Covid’ strategy, I can confirm the latest update to our arrangements, which will take place with immediate effect.

Any remaining legal restrictions around self-isolation if you test positive for Covid-19 have come to an end. There is now no legal requirement to self-isolate but if you test positive or exhibit symptoms, you are advised to work or study from home if possible.

For detailed guidance on the situation from 24 February 2022, please visit:

 Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support - GOV.UK

It is important to remember that despite the removal of legal restrictions, Covid-19 is still with us.

We still strongly encourage everyone to:

* Get both vaccinations
* Get a booster vaccine if offered to you
* Practise rigorous hand hygiene
* Be respectful of others and social distance where appropriate

The University has a detailed contingency plan should there be any change to the national and/or local situation. This means we can swiftly revert to any local Covid-secure measures that may need to be adopted following Government guidance/direction.

The safety and wellbeing of all staff and students continues to be our number one priority; please note the following:

* Face coverings – are no longer essential or mandatory, but people are, of course, free to choose to wear them when in close proximity to others. Face masks continue to be made freely available by the University. To address any potential anxiety individuals may have about returning to campus, a supply of clinical grade face coverings are also available, which may afford some protection to the wearer if used properly; but obviously no measure is assured. We would ask you to respect the choices of others about face coverings and treat everyone with the respect they deserve.

* Lateral flow testing kits – as per Government guidance, test kits will no longer be issued on campus.

* Testing centre at Bolton One – as per Government guidance, the asymptomatic testing centre on campus is no longer in operation.

* Temperature scanner heat detectors - remain in place at all entrances, ensuring that all staff, students and visitors arriving on campus still pass through the preliminary temperature checks on arrival and will need to scan their ID cards at building entrances.

* Open access to the library (with no restrictions other than full capacity) - remains freely available.

* Student ambassadors – will (subject to availability) remain in place at campus entrances until 1 April 2022.

* Group working - in all settings will be available.

* The campus Café and Bistro - remains with their normal arrangements and offerings.

* In line with common practice now observed across England in non-university workplace settings, no social distancing/capacity requirements (other than those determined by the capacity of the facility) are in place for:

- Lifts
- Toilets
- Kitchens
- Vehicles used for university business
- Minibuses
- Offices
- Meetings

* The format of official University meetings (Face-to-face/Hybrid/Zoom) – will be dependent on the needs of the group and the convenor of the meeting.

* External visitors - are permitted on campus, but requested to follow the practices observed by all students and staff set out in this communication.

* UK travel – may be conducted as pre-pandemic.

* International travel – must be Business essential only and agreed by the University Registrar (this excludes holidays, however staff are reminded to be mindful of international quarantine regulations which could impact on work and can change rapidly). However please note that all travel to Russia and Eastern Europe or nations bordering Russia for University business is now ceased until the current political situation stabilises.


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Help Centre

We have the answers to your questions, find all the advice and support in one place.

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