Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) Staff

What is the HEAR and what does it include?

All of our Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students receive a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) at the end of their studies.

This report is a comprehensive record of all their university achievements, including some of the extra-curricular activities that they may have undertaken during their time at the University of Bolton.

The HEAR is a digitally signed document, and replaces the traditional academic transcript and Diploma Supplement.   As well as showing academic results, the HEAR also provides information about their programme of study and grading scheme, along with any additional achievements that have been verified by the University such as extra-curricular activities, prizes, employability awards, and student union accredited roles.

All entries to the HEAR are verified by the University of Bolton, so that anyone viewing it (such as future employers) can be assured of the accuracy and authenticity of the information.


How can staff engage with the HEAR?

Staff can engage with the HEAR by using it to:

  • Support students in reviewing their progress and planning for their personal development - The HEAR should be used as a continual reference point by both students and staff (e.g. personal tutors and Careers employability advisers), to support progress review and personal and professional development planning.

  • Give students recognition for their extra-curricular engagement – staff can nominate activities for verification on the HEAR.  For further details about the process please email hear@bolton.ac.uk

Promoting the HEAR

Students need to be made aware of what the HEAR is, and how to use it, in order for it to benefit them.

Staff can help by:

  • Including standard text in UG student handbooks

  • Displaying HEAR marketing materials on notice boards, in classrooms and on Moodle sites

  • Presenting HEAR information in student inductions and personal tutor sessions

  • Including HEAR logos on relevant documents



National HEAR Website

The HEAR is now widely used across the UK with over 90 providers of higher education now issuing them. The Higher Education Academy provides the national support for the implementation and maintenance of the HEAR. If you want to find out more about the HEAR please visit:  www.hear.ac.uk 

If staff have any queries about the HEAR at the University of Bolton then email: hear@bolton.ac.uk


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