Below you will find the link to the Module Evaluation Questionnaire (MEQ) Results Site.

There are now two sites for the MEQ results:


New Module Evaluation Portal

This link takes you to the NEW portal where you can locate the data for Modules that began in Semester One 2017/18:

Module Evaluation Portal 2017/18 - RESULTS - NEW SYSTEM

A "How To Guide" can be found at the link below - this provides guidance about how to access and interpret the data:

MEQ Results Access How To Guide

If you would like to arrange a brief training session for individuals or groups please do not hesitate to contact Hilary Birtwistle at to make arrangements.


Previous Module Evaluation Portal

This link takes you to the OLD portal where you can locate the data for Modules that started delivery in 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17 - so if a module crossed over academic sessions it is considered a "cross year module" and the results will be located in the year in which the module began:

Module Evaluation Portal 2014/15  2015/16  2016/17  - RESULTS - OLD SYSTEM 



Tutors are always encouraged to discuss with their students how the module is performing and the development of Student Focus Groups towards the end of your module delivery period would be an excellent way to gather qualitative information about potential enhancements.

In order to provide feedback to students quickly tutors are asked to provide feedback on the MEQ results via your module moodle site within 15 working days of your students completed the questionnaires if possible.

The Standards and Enhancement Office are continuing to develop the system with colleagues across the University and your feedback and that of your students will help us to make appropriate changes so please forward any comments and suggestions to Hilary Birtwistle at

The links below provide information about the Bristol Online survey process which should only be used for modules delivered at our Off Campus partner organisations and in very exceptional circumstances for modules delivered at the University of Bolton campus when the paper based system is not suitable - in the event that on campus modules wish to use the BOS system it is essentail that you contact the Standards and Enhancement Office to arrange template set up:



BOS Best Practice Guidelines (updated Nov 2014)

Using Bristol Online Surveys (updated Nov 2014)

Online Request Pro Forma (updated Nov 2014)