Facilities Team

If you would like any information regarding the Facilities department, please contact our admin team on +44 (0)1204 903 923

Maintenance & Repairs

The following repair and maintenance services are
provided by the Maintenance team:



Electrical repairs

Painting and decorating

Priority is given to Health & Safety jobs.

All urgent and routine repair requests can be reported to the Maintenance & Repair Helpdesk by calling ext: 3927 or 3923 between the hours of 08:45-17:00 Monday –Friday.


When you make your call you will be asked to provide specific information about the repair. Alternatively, you can log your request directly on Facilities Report Form - Power Apps

Please include: Site, Building, room number and a brief description of the repair.

Please do not attempt to contact any member of the Maintenance Team direct as updates can be tracked via the Helpdesk. Once job is logged you will receive a unique number by e-mail confirming your request and confirming job completion.

Unfortunately, the Maintenance Team do not repair furniture, kettles, microwaves and fridges. These remain the responsibility of the asset owner.

Caretaking jobs include light fitting, dealing with deliveries from and to post room and other minor tasks. The above procedure will also apply.

Print And Post Room

Please contact the post room on ext: 3035/3015 for any postal/delivery queries.

Opening times: 08:45-17:00

The post room deals with all incoming, outgoing and internal mail, delivered to, and sent by the university and is situated behind Z block on Eagle campus.

Please note that the Post room staff will refuse all personal deliveries of packets and parcels to the university.

The Reception areas are unable to take deliveries from couriers who need to deliver a parcel to a member of staff, all deliveries are via the post room.

The university will not be held responsible for any items that have gone missing in transit.


We aim to provide an efficient service which helps to maintain a clean working environment for staff, students and visitors.

The majority of buildings are cleaned between 06:00 – 09:00 and 16:30 – 20:30 Monday – Friday. We also have a daytime cleaning service in some buildings.

To report any faults or cleaning issues please contact our Helpdesk between 08:45 – 17:00 Monday – Friday.

Bicycle Lockers

Bike lockers are allocated on a first come first served basis and used by both staff and students. Own padlock is required and bike left at owner’s risk. Please contact facilities@bolton.ac.uk to apply.

Satellite Photocopiers

Contact IT on ext. 3444 for any XMA repair requests. Recycle boxes are located on Eagle loading bay to recycle your used XMA toners.

If additional print credit is required or to set up a new staff member with printing allowance please email k.addis@bolton.ac.uk with Head of Department’s approval and amount to be added.


For any Security related issues please ring ext: 3700. Any lost property is held with security. Guards patrol the campus 24/7 to ensure a safe and secure environment for staff, students and visitors. Staff and students are required to wear ID passes at all times while on campus.


Keys can be obtained by emailing kh10@bolton.ac.uk with the below info:

Key/ room number, quantity, contact name, budget code.

The order will be placed and an emailed sent when the key arrives which then needs to be signed out from Facilities Office (Z1-06) by member of staff. Students cannot sign out keys. Please see Key Policy here.

Please arrange to sign a key out with Facilities if a room requires unlocking for a meeting or ad hoc class. Please note-Caretakers do not unlock rooms.

Weekend access requests need to be made in advance by emailing kh10@bolton.ac.uk


Please email any Hospitality requests to hospitality@bolton.ac.uk

The form below needs to be fully completed including budget code.

Catering locations: Eagle Bistro, Café Athena in the Mall and Deane Deli in M-Block are on site facilities.

Business Cards

Business cards can be ordered in batches of 200 by completed the form below and emailing to kh10@bolton.ac.uk along with budget code. They take approx. 7-10 days to arrive, please find the form here.

Minibus Service

Schedules-see links below:-

Minibus Timetable


Download the app for your smartphone from:

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Help Centre

We have the answers to your questions, find all the advice and support in one place.

Part of the University of Bolton Group

Bolton college
Alliance learning
Anderton centre2
QQA Scheme Participant