Dr Dara Mojtahedi

Reader in Criminological and Forensic Psychology

Dara Mojtahedi is a Reader in Criminological and Forensic Psychology. Dara teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses and supervises PhD, MSc, and BSc projects.

Dara completed his PhD in 2018 (Investigating the Effects of Co-witness Influence on Blame Attribution) and holds a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, MSc in Investigative Psychology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education. Dara is an active researcher, having published research within various fields of psychology, including forensic and investigative psychology, personality and individual differences, applied sports psychology, and mental health. He has carried out and supervised research for numerous professional organisations, including the National Crime Agency, NHS, FIFA and police forces. Dara supports public engagement and is available as a media contact.

Please get in touch with Dara if you are interested in pursuing a PhD under his supervision.

Research Interests and Research Subject Specialisms:
Juror decision making
Eyewitness memory
Criminal Cognition
Morality and Crime
Dark personality traits and crime

Teaching specialisms;
Forensic and Investigative Psychology
Moral decision making
Research Methods and quantitative analysis

Publications and Research:
Lilley, C., Willmott, D. & Mojtahedi, D. (In Press). Juror Characteristics on Trial: Investigating how Psychopathic Traits, Rape Attitudes, Victimisation Experiences and Juror Demographics influence Decision-Making in an Intimate Partner Rape Trial Frontiers in Psychiatry. (ISSN 1664-0640).
Lilley, C., Willmott, D., Mojtahedi, D. & Labhardt, D. (In Press). Intimate Partner Rape: A Review of Six Core Myths Surrounding Women’s Conduct and the Consequences of Intimate Partner Rape. Social Sciences
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Mojtahedi, D., Ioannou, M. and Hammond, L. (2016). The misinformation effect: How multiple eye witnesses can make the same mistake, the Justice Gap.

• Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (08/09/2019 - Present).
• Collaborator of InteRRaCt Lab (22/10/2019 – present)
• Collaborator of The Referee and Match Official Research Network (22/05/2019- Present)

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