National Apprenticeship Week 2021


National Apprenticeship Week 2021

This week is National Apprenticeship Week 2021 - and so it’s the perfect time to learn about the University of Bolton’s wide range of fantastic degree apprenticeships.

There are huge benefits for an employer if their employees sign up to a degree apprenticeship.

Employees who study at University level to improve their skills can bring that new knowledge and experience back into the workplace.

They will also still earn a full-time salary while they are studying, which means they can earn as they learn.

A degree apprenticeship, whether you are currently in employment or not, gives you the chance to learn from passionate and experienced lecturers, who will support you through your studies.

At the same time, you will gain industry experience from your time in the workplace which will allow you to build skills for the future.

Many employers offer a job to graduating apprentices to keep their investment in the company.

So, you will either graduate with a job or have all the tools needed to secure employment elsewhere. The good news is that starting salaries can reach up to £25,000 per year.

Anyone can apply for an apprenticeship, regardless of qualifications or previous experience.

They are funded by the government and your employer, so there are no tuition fees and you will develop practical, relevant skills straight from industry experts and also gain an academic qualification.

Andy Smith, Head of Degree Apprenticeship Development at The University of Bolton, said: “Apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity for both the employee and employer.

“They can help to nurture and develop the skills of a new or existing employee and, from the employer’s point of view an apprentice can bring new ideas for development into the business or organization.

“They can help fill skill gaps and this is going to be particularly important in the next few years to address the shortage of digital technology skills, which are becoming more and more crucial.

“At the University of Bolton, there is a huge range of degree apprenticeships available, offering access to a wide variety of new skills. Why not get in touch to see what would be perfect for you?”

The University of Bolton offers the following degree apprenticeships:

  • Advanced Clinical Practitioner
  • Chartered Manager
  • Civil Engineer
  • Dental Technician
  • Digital and Technology Solutions Professional
  • Electrical or Electronic Technical Support Engineer
  • Embedded Electronic Systems Design and Development Engineer
  • Geospatial Mapping and Science Specialist
  • Healthcare Assistant Practitioner
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Nursing Associate (NMC 2018)
  • Operating Department Practitioner
  • Post Graduate Engineer
  • Product Design and Development Engineer
  • Registered Nurse (NMC 2018)
  • Senior Leader
  • Social Worker
  • Systems Engineer

If you would like more information about these degree apprenticeships and what they can do to benefit your business please contact us on 01204 903 940 or via email on is

UoB Apprentice case studies

Lizzie Parkes – Trainee Nursing Assistant

Lizzie (pictured) has been described by a nurse who has worked in pre-registration education for 37 years as “the most compassionate, engaged and values-based learner that I have ever supported”.

This hard work and dedication has led to Lizzie being nominated as Student of the Year in the Student Nursing Times.

Siobhan Doolan, Senior Lecturer: Programme Lead - Trainee Nursing Associate programme at the University of Bolton, said: “Lizzie engages in her learning with such enthusiasm, even during the current pandemic and is a fantastic role model. She manages to radiate sunshine.

“Experienced academic nurses (who may have seen the TNA role as controversial) changed their perspective as a result of listening to Lizzie’s professional, insightful and moving account of her journey so far.”

Ashton Harris – Trainee Nursing Assistant

Ashton was in her first year as a Trainee Nursing Associate when she showed incredible compassion whilst caring for patients who had passed away within her care in hospital. Very sadly towards the beginning of the COVID pandemic last spring, relatives were not allowed to be present when their loved ones passed away.

This caused immense sadness to Ashton, so she took fingerprints from the loved family members who had passed away and bought little keyrings to put the prints, neatly presenting them in little tulle bags for the family to have as a little keepsake.

This inspirational act of kindness and compassion to grieving relatives, identified the amazing qualities which Ashton displayed to the family at such a sad and harrowing time, made so much worse by not being able to present when a loved one passed away, Ashton has successfully completed the first taught Module, ‘Principles of Nursing Associate Practice’.

Scott Kinsella and Robbie Stanley-Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree apprentices

Scott and Robbie are employed by Boulting Ltd, a multi-disciplined engineering solutions provider based in Warrington, operating in a diverse range of industry sectors in the UK and internationally.

They are in the second year of their Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree apprenticeships at the University of Bolton and Boulting’s relationship with the University, its newest provider of degree apprentices, continues to grow.

Glyn Shawcross, Engineering and Design Director, has a keen interest in helping to shape qualifications to ensure that the knowledge students attain in the classroom can be mapped over to industry and give students the vital skills they need both technically and behaviourally to progress their careers.

Glyn has joined the Industry Advisory Board at the University, which gives Boulting a voice in the design and delivery of degree apprenticeships to support its business and ability to grow its own talent pools.

Clair Bennet, Megan Devereaux and Aamina Farooq - Apprentice Practitioners

The innovative Assistant Practitioner foundation Degree Apprenticeship curriculum design is flexible and responsive to the needs of both the student and the employer. It has recently been expanded and now has a specialist Mental Health pathway in addition to the existing Acute care, Continuing care, Social care, Therapy care and Paediatric care pathways.

Megan, aged 27, who works at HMP Forest Bank Prison, said: “I've loved the Apprentice Practitioner course so far. The tutors have all been amazing and so supportive. The work has all been so informative and interesting and I feel it’s really set me up so far to become an AP next year.

“I plan to work as an AP at the prison for a few years and then hope to continue my nursing degree at Bolton Uni.”

Aamina, 23, who works in the Dietetics team at the Royal Oldham Hospital, said: “Studying the assistant practitioner course at Bolton university has been extremely enjoyable.

“The course is interesting, and I have a learnt a great amount of knowledge which has enhanced my skills and role at work. It is a pleasure studying at the University of Bolton. The tutors are always so friendly and keen to help.”

Clair, aged 46, who works as a Technical Instructor in the Salford Community Stroke and Neuro-rehabilitation Scheme, said: “When I was offered the opportunity to do the Assistant Practitioner Apprenticeship I felt excited and proud, but the first day the reality hit. I would have to write essays again!

“I hadn’t written anything like that since I was at school, 28 years ago. It was scary and I thought there was no way I could do it. The support and encouragement from the lecturers was great and they showed us how to go about writing again. The students I have met were amazing and will remain friends for life.

“I started to put my learning into practice almost straight away without realising. My seniors in my work team noticed a difference in my practice and confidence.

“This foundation degree has given me so many opportunities for the future.”

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