Leadership and Management

This short experiential course is designed to teach and enhance individuals’ skills in management and leadership, providing you with practical knowledge and techniques to become effective leaders. You will cover various topics such as decision-making, communication, team building and problem solving. The course is designed for individuals who wish to improve their abilities to advance in their study and career choices.


Entry requirements

The University of Bolton Summer School is open to students, HE professionals and members of the public. In order to apply to the Programme, applicants must be over 18 years of age or above by the time the Programme starts.

For the University of Bolton Summer School a reasonable level of English language skill in speaking and writing is expected. However English Language classes are part of the summer school programme. If you have any questions around payment, laptop requirements and more you can consult our FAQ’s page.

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Accommodation information

At no cost, you will reside at our Orlando Village Halls of Residence for the duration of your University of Bolton Summer School Programme. The halls are purpose built and split into eight blocks of flats. Each room has a single bed, desk, wardrobe and wash basin, high quality furnishings and high-speed WiFi. You will have access to a shared WC, kitchen, common room with TV and a pool table, and there is also a launderette on site.

Orlando Village is within a gated area, with CCTV Surveillance and 24/7 Security and is a short walk to the university, close to supermarkets, restaurants and the town centre. Our student accommodation is the perfect place to get to know your new friends on the Programme.

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Social activities

During your time with us you will have the opportunity to:

  • Enjoy a welcome meal with the new friends you will make on the Programme
  • A stay and sight-seeing excursion to England’s Capital, the City of London
  • Visit England’s stunning Lake District
  • Meet with Bolton’s Mayoral Office for a guided tour of the majestic Mayors Parlour at Bolton Town Hall
  • Spend time with one of our Student Ambassadors, who will give you inside knowledge of the University and Bolton
  • Have free time to explore Bolton, Manchester and other nearby locales
  • Participate in social and cultural activities within the university community
  • Enjoy a University of Bolton Summer School Graduation Dinner with your new friends (and don’t forget to bring your formal wear for this finale event)

A unique immersion into British Culture

British culture refers to the customs, traditions, and way of life in the United Kingdom. It is a rich and diverse culture that has evolved over centuries. Here are some key aspects of British culture that may be helpful:


The UK has a long history of academic excellence and is home to some of the world’s top universities. Education is highly valued and British universities attract students from around the globe.

Tea culture

Tea is an integral part of British culture. The British love to drink tea, especially in the afternoon. Afternoon tea, (which includes tea, sandwiches, cakes and scones) is a popular tradition.


Sports play a significant role in British culture. Football is the most popular sport, followed by rugby, cricket and tennis. British people are passionate about their local football teams.

Monarchy and royalty

The British monarchy is an important symbol of British culture. The Royal Family, led by HRH King Charles III is respected and admired by many. Royal events, such as births and weddings are celebrated across the country.

Music and literature

The UK has a rich musical heritage, with famous bands and artists like The Beatles, Queen and Adele. British literature is also highly regarded, with world-renowned authors like William Shakespeare, Jane Austin and J.K. Rowling.

Politeness and etiquette

British people are known for being polite and courteous. They place importance on good manners, saying “please” and “thank you” and respecting personal space.

It is important to note that these are general aspects of British culture and may vary from person to person. Embracing and understanding the culture will help internationals integrate into British society and make the most of their experience.

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British society is multicultural and diverse, with people from various ethnic backgrounds and religions. This diversity is celebrated and contributes to the vibrant cultural scene in the UK.


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Help Centre

We have the answers to your questions, find all the advice and support in one place.

Part of the University of Bolton Group

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