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The employment market has never been more competitive, and we want to help you gain the knowledge and skills that will make you stand out in the crowd.

The University of Bolton’s Career Development Master’s degree programmes have been devised specifically to develop skills and knowledge essential for professional employment. A primary aim of the programmes is to enhance your CV, increasing your employability opportunities. Once you have completed one of our career development programmes, you will be well prepared to seek employment or promotion or become self-employed using the enterprise and innovation skills you have learnt.

These courses can be studied full or part-time.

We welcome applications from working professionals who do not have an Undergraduate degree but are able to offer 5 years’ professional working experience.

The key ingredient found in many successful business leaders is ‘confidence without arrogance’. Successful people know how to use their skills and knowledge for maximum impact. Our career development courses centre on giving you the confidence to promote yourself effectively. We will teach you to draw on the most appropriate elements of your expertise, so you can present your ideas professionally, at the right time and to the relevant audience.

Research shows that students from a widening participation background, or who belong to the first generation of graduates in their family, often struggle to succeed in their desired career or to progress at the same speed as others. Psychology and self-confidence play a big part in inhibiting such graduates. Similarly, talented people who do not have a degree but who do have significant work experience face the same dilemma. Our Career Development Master’s degree courses aim to level the playing field by helping graduates to become truly work-ready and those who do not have a first-degree but who do have significant work experience to be recognised for both their skills and expertise. These courses focus on developing your confidence, know-how and employability skillset by taking a structured planning and goal-oriented approach. We expertly combine Postgraduate-level subject specific education, training in research and critical thinking, and transferable skills development.

Throughout the programmes, we use tried and tested, research-informed training methods to support your development of key employability skills. These will range from Postgraduate-level skills in research, critique, problem-solving, professional presentation and synthesis to interpersonal and business-relevant skills such as innovative thinking, team working and project management, the effective use of technology, public speaking and professionalism. Modules offer a wider business perspective, including tax self-assessment, invoicing, intellectual property and risk assessments, as well as knowing how to start a business, and to take advantage of opportunities for enterprise development.


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What sets the Career Development Master’s degrees apart

Career Focused

Using the latest tools and teaching techniques, we will help you present your knowledge, skills and ideas to industry leaders, fast-tracking your career. You will learn project management, self-motivation, how to manage and coach others and how to excel as a key team member.

Build your network

Not only will you get to hear from ‘industry big-hitters’, you’ll also be provided with plenty of opportunities to meet leading practitioners and develop your professional network. You’ll join students from all different backgrounds with the same ambition and drive to succeed in their chosen careers.

Real-world learning

Start your career, safe in the knowledge that you’ve already applied your skills and knowledge to real-world scenarios and gained that highly sought-after experience. You’ll design innovative solutions to problems from live projects, case studies and industry-set challenges, carefully guided by our employer partners and academics along the way.



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Admissions Process 

Whether you are a UK, EU or International applicant, you can apply for the GAME Changer Master’s degrees courses directly to the University.

If you are applying directly, then navigate to the relevant course via our course search or via this web page and select the ‘How to Apply’ tab. Remember to select the correct course and if you are applying for the full-time or part-time version.

You will need to prepare a personal statement and provide some references, unless you are an existing University of Bolton student. Please just make a note in the relevant sections to state you are (or will be) a University of Bolton graduate.

Please remember to read all the important information contained on our main admissions pages regarding our admissions policy, your contract with us.

Please check the entry requirements for the relevant course carefully. Typically, you will have a 2:2 in a relevant or related Undergraduate degree. These are provided as a guide only, we welcome applications from students that feel they have the talent and potential to succeed on one of these courses and can demonstrate, through work experience or other learning.

You will receive an acknowledgement email to confirm that we have received your application. Your application will then be considered by our Admissions, or Academic team.

We may contact you to discuss your application further or to talk to you about next steps. Either way, this will be an informal conversation to find out a bit more about you, your background, and ambition.

Once we have made a decision on your suitability for the course, we will either make you a conditional offer (if you still have a qualification to finish) or an unconditional offer (if you have already satisfied any course conditions).

You will need to accept your offer by returning an acceptance form. Please note that bursaries for these programmes are awarded based on returning your acceptance within the specified time period.

Once you have accepted your offer, enrolment information will be sent to you shortly before the start of the course.

Click here to view/download Admissions Process infographic.

Who should I contact for help with my application or if I have an admissions query?

If you have any questions about your application, or simply want an update on progress, please give one of the admissions team a call on +44 (0)1204 903 394, or email

For specific queries regarding the GAME Changer Masters degrees courses you can email and one of the team will get back to you.

Get in touch

Chat to us! Academic Staff are available Wednesdays 2-4pm, and Support Staff are available throughout the week.

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