What Does a Digital Marketer Do?


Are you a confident, outgoing, and creative individual with excellent verbal and written communication skills, and a great eye for detail? Digital marketing could be the career for you!  

In a world where 63% of businesses have increased their digital marketing budgets over the past year, this incurs the importance of having an effective strategy to help improve your online reach. It’s also a huge industry to get involved in, with an abundance of duties to tailor your specialism if you decide that digital marketing is the career for you. This blog explores the types of digital marketing, as well as the responsibilities of a digital marketer; stay tuned if you want to know what a career at the heart of a creative and dynamic industry will involve! 

University of Bolton - Digital Management and Marketing

Types of Digital Marketing  

Are you a creative or analytical thinker? Digital marketing is unique as no matter what side your brain is powered from, there’s a role that could fit your skills:  

- Social media marketing – Want to engage with up to two million active social media users? Digital marketers can take control of developing eye-catching post campaigns and engaging in a two-way conversation with followers to build meaningful relationships and potentially generate leads 

- Search engine optimisation (SEO) – Want to rank number one on Google? SEO specialists will learn how Google indexes webpages and ensures the right keywords are being used and the correct questions are being answered to reflect what most people are searching for. This is what helps increase traffic to a website and ultimately makes you rank higher on the search engine results page 

- Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) - Want to become a paid social expert? Digital marketers can help businesses boost their online reach by paying to have sponsored ads appear on social platforms  

- Mobile Marketing – At the end of 2022, mobile devices generated nearly 60% of all web traffic and 95% of active Facebook traffic comes from mobile devices. This means that these days, digital marketers must ensure that strategies are actioned with the aim of being mobile-first. Including, app-based, in-game, location-based, and SMS marketing  

- Email Marketing – A key responsibility of email marketers or customer relationship managers (CRMs) is to send customised messages to customers who register their email address via signing up for a newsletter for instance. Usually, the aim is to promote a particular product or service or make customers aware of any discounts. It can also help keep customers engaged between purchases. Email marketing can often be conducted using software such as HubSpot or Mailchimp  

Responsibilities of a Digital Marketer  

The daily duties of a digital marketer could be but not limited to: 

- Keeping up-to-date with digital trends  

- Getting involved in social media management 

- Creating and uploading engaging copy  

- Writing and sending email campaigns  

- Providing client reports and analysis to demonstrate effective return-on-investment  

- Conducting keyword research to achieve a higher SEO ranking  

- Monitoring website performance and making improvement recommendations based on best practice 

- Assisting with or running PPC campaigns  

Enjoy Great Earning Potential! 

How does a starting salary of up to £25,000 sound? Well, with experience, digital marketing salaries can reach as high as £60,000 once you get promoted to a senior management role!

University of Bolton - Digital Management and Marketing

Get Started in Digital Marketing! 

In a world where 71% of Generation Z prefer to discover products on social media and advertising spending will amount to over £187 billion in 2023, there’s no better time to start your journey in a creative, fast-moving sector... and at the University of Bolton, we have the solution to help you optimise your brand; our new BSc (Hons) Digital Management and Marketing degree! Let’s have a look at some of the course highlights... 

- Our business management and marketing courses have been voted first for course and teaching satisfaction* 

- You will get to study in our £4 million Greater Manchester Business School, located in the centre of Bolton 

- The course is inspired by the Chartered Institute of Management and the Digital Management Institute, giving you the industry knowledge and practical skills that you need to succeed in digital business management  

- Students benefit from working on live briefs, guest lectures, and specialist modules that aim to support them in gaining experience across several digital marketing techniques 

- Modules include areas such as segmentation, product and customer lifestyles, customer relationship management, planning integrated marketing campaigns and customer insight  

- Upon completion of your studies, you will have transferrable skills that are attractive to employers, such as resilience, teamwork, communication, time management, and innovation  

Want to find out more about how we can help you become an effective digital marketer? Click here to see the full BSc (Hons) Digital Management and Marketing course details.  

#UseYerLoaf... and choose #UniAsItShouldBe; a positive and supportive learning environment that puts students’ needs first! 

*The Guardian, Best University Guide – Course and Teaching Satisfaction – Northwest - 2022 


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