What Can You Do With an Engineering Degree?


What Can You Do With an Engineering Degree?

Are you ready to begin a thrilling journey of innovation and endless possibilities? With an engineering degree in hand, you hold the key to unlocking a world of remarkable opportunities.  

Imagine being the mastermind behind the design of awe-inspiring skyscrapers that pierce the clouds. Or the visionary responsible for developing cutting-edge technologies that reshape entire industries. Engineering degrees are the gateway to a future where creativity meets problem-solving and where imagination becomes reality.   

So, if you're ready to challenge the status quo, to walk on a path where no problem is too big and no idea is too audacious, then an engineering degree is your ticket to an extraordinary future. Join the ranks of the inventors, the dreamers and the pioneers who shape the world we live in. Let's dive into today's blog and explore the captivating world of engineering degrees and the boundless opportunities that await you.   

What Can You Do With an Engineering Degree?  

A world of innovation awaits those with an engineering degree. From skyscrapers reaching the heavens to cutting-edge technologies revolutionising industries, engineers are the architects of tomorrow.   

But what lies beyond the realm of obtaining an engineering degree? What can you do with this coveted qualification? Well, the answer is simple: almost anything you set your mind to! As we said, engineers are the architects of tomorrow. They have the skills and knowledge to tackle the world's most pressing challenges. From developing sustainable energy solutions to designing advanced medical devices, engineers play a crucial role in shaping our society.   

The field of engineering degrees is as vast and diverse as the horizons it explores. Whether you have a passion for aerospace, civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical or any other branch, your engineering degree will open doors to many exciting career paths. You could find yourself working on ground-breaking research projects or collaborating with brilliant minds to push the boundaries of technology. Or, you might dive into the world of entrepreneurship with the help of your engineering degree. You could bring your own innovative ideas to life and transform industries along the way.   

An engineering degree is not only about crunching numbers and solving equations. It's about creativity, teamwork and adaptability. It's about thinking outside the box and applying scientific principles to real-world problems. And it's about making a tangible impact on society and leaving a legacy.   

What is the Highest-Paying Engineering Job?   

Dreaming of a career that combines passion with lucrative rewards? Look no further than the world of engineering degrees. With its various specialities, engineering degrees offer a wealth of opportunities to soar to new heights. But which engineering degree claims the throne as the highest paying? Let's uncover the secret.   

When it comes to engineering degrees that command top billing, one field stands tall above the rest. That field is a petroleum engineering degree. With its roots deep in the energy sector, petroleum engineers are the masters of harnessing the Earth's vast underground treasures. They are the architects of extracting and refining oil and gas. They wield their expertise to maximise efficiency and profitability. But be cautious; this prestigious title is not for the faint of heart. It requires a unique mix of technical brilliance, problem-solving skills and a commitment to innovation.   

In the world of petroleum engineering degrees, the rewards are as magnificent as the challenges. Picture yourself working on sprawling offshore platforms to unlock untapped reserves beneath the ocean. Imagine the thrill of designing cutting-edge drilling techniques that push the boundaries of what was once deemed impossible. This high-paying job isn't about financial gains only. It's about unparalleled opportunities to shape an industry and leave an indelible mark on the world.  

But don't fret if a petroleum engineering degree doesn't ignite your passion. The world of engineering degrees is vast and other fields also offer huge rewards. Disciplines such as aerospace, chemical and electrical engineering degrees boast high earning potential and thrilling career prospects too. Each path presents its unique blend of challenges and triumphs. This allows you to find the perfect balance between your interests and financial goals.   

What Are the Top Five Engineering Careers?   

Are you ready to discover the crème de la crème of engineering degree careers? Buckle up as we unveil the top five paths that lead to extraordinary opportunities and thrilling challenges.  

Civil Engineering degree:   

Prepare to become a modern-day architect of the world. Civil engineering degrees take centre stage, combining ingenuity with the art of construction. From designing awe-inspiring skyscrapers and bridges to building sustainable infrastructure solutions, civil engineers shape our physical world  

Software Engineering degree:   

Enter the digital realm and unleash the power of code. Software engineering degrees are the engine that drives the technological revolution. Imagine creating ground-breaking applications. Think about designing intuitive user interfaces and revolutionising industries through innovative software solutions. The possibilities are limitless in this fast-paced and ever-evolving field.

Biomedical Engineering degree:   

Combine the wonders of medicine with the precision of engineers. Biomedical engineering degrees take you to a realm where science and technology blend to enhance human health. You will be designing life-saving medical devices and developing advanced imaging systems. Biomedical engineers play a vital role in improving the quality of life and pushing the boundaries of healthcare for everyone 

Aerospace Engineering degree:   

Reach for the stars and defy the limits of gravity. An Aerospace Engineering degree is a field of dreams where innovation and exploration meet. Imagine designing spacecraft that travel into the unknown. Think about developing cutting-edge propulsion systems and pushing the boundaries of human flight. Join the elite ranks of engineers who turn science fiction into reality 

Environmental Engineering degree:   

Embrace the call to protect our planet and engineer a sustainable future. Environmental Engineering degrees help preserve the Earth's resources. They also help in mitigating the impact of human activity. They teach you to design sustainable infrastructure to put in place clean energy solutions. Environmental engineers lead the charge in creating a greener and more sustainable world 

Should I Do an Engineering Degree?  

Are you considering an engineering degree but feeling uncertain? Let's weigh the reasons why it could be the right choice.  

Engineering degrees offer a blend of creativity, practicality and abundant career prospects. You'll have the power to shape the future and solve complex challenges in high-demand industries. It's a path where imagination thrives and your impact on the world can be profound.   

Of course, the path is not without its challenges. It requires dedication, perseverance and a passion for continuous learning. The coursework can be rigorous, demanding countless hours of study and problem-solving. But the rewards far outweigh the obstacles. Also, the skills and knowledge you gain will serve you well throughout your career. An engineering degree equips you with a strong foundation in technical expertise. It also develops your critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills. These all are valuable assets in today's dynamic professional landscape.   

So, should you do an engineering degree? Yes, if you're drawn to a world of innovation. Yes, if you crave intellectual stimulation. Yes, if you have a passion for solving problems and making an impact.   

Is Engineering Good Money?   

Curious about the financial rewards of engineering degrees? Here's the answer: Yes, engineering degrees offer good money. With sought-after skills, engineers command competitive salaries and enjoy financial stability. 

It's a field that combines passion with prosperity, rewarding you for doing what you love. From a civil to a software engineering degree, the possibilities are vast and each discipline brings its own rewards.   

Advancement opportunities and professional growth further enhance earning potential. But, success with an engineering degree requires dedication, continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends. In essence, engineering degrees can lead to financial success through high-demand skills, intellectual stimulation and the chance to make a difference. Prepare for a remarkable journey where passion and prosperity flow side by side.   

Do Accountants Make More Than Engineers?   

When comparing accounting and engineering degrees earnings, it's essential to consider various factors. Accountants, with their financial expertise, can get competitive salaries in both corporate and public sectors. Whereas, Engineers use their problem-solving skills to create innovative solutions, leading to high earning potential. But wages can vary based on experience, specialisation, location and industry in both fields.   

In the end, the question of who earns more depends on individual circumstances and career paths. Both professions offer excellent financial prospects. So, your final decision depends on your personal interests and long-term goals.  

Whether you're drawn to numbers or engineering degree marvels, financial success is achievable in both fields. The key is to pursue a career that aligns with your passions, as it is through dedication and passion that the greatest rewards are often found.   

Do Engineers Make Six Figures in the UK?   


Do engineers have the potential to make six figures in the UK? Prepare to uncover the truth behind the earning potential in this captivating field.   

With their valued skills and expertise, engineers can indeed reach the coveted six-figure mark in their careers. The engineering degree industry is diverse. It offers opportunities in sectors such as civil, software, aerospace engineering and more. These specialised roles often have competitive salaries that can soar into six figures.   

But, it's important to note that earning six figures as an engineer may depend on many factors. These include experience, qualifications, seniority and the specific industry you work for. Additionally, engineers who take on leadership roles or specialise in high-demand fields can see their earning potential increase. So, while not every engineer may earn six figures, the potential is for sure there.   

If you have a passion for problem-solving, innovation and making a difference, an engineering degree can offer a fulfilling career with the opportunity to reach impressive financial milestones. The path to six figures is within reach for engineers in the UK. This helps to fuel their ambition and drives them towards extraordinary success.   


In conclusion, an engineering degree opens doors to a world of endless possibilities. From designing cutting-edge technologies to shaping the infrastructure of tomorrow, the opportunities are vast. With creativity, problem-solving skills and a passion for making a difference, you can forge a remarkable career with engineering degrees earned right here in the UK.   

If you're ready to embark on this exciting journey, consider Bolton University. Our renowned engineering degrees provide a solid foundation and hands-on experience to launch your career. Join a vibrant community of innovators, collaborate with industry experts and unlock your full potential. Don't wait any longer. Take the first step towards a future filled with innovation, impact and personal fulfilment. 

If you are looking to apply to the University of Bolton via clearing, follow this page linked here to find out all the information you need to know on how to successfully be prepared. If you are unsure of what direction to head in, you will also find our quiz that helps to identify your strengths and what areas you are likely to excel in! 

To learn more about Bolton University's courses, contact us at enquiries@bolton.ac.uk or call +44 1204 903142 to speak to a member of the team. Start your journey towards a rewarding career right away and experience #UniAsItShouldBe! 




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