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“George helped me with the art of mindfulness. To be neither distracted nor focussed, rigid nor flexible, passive nor aggressive. I just learned to be”.  

Wondering who said this? It was 5-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant talking about his mindful meditation coach George Mumford

Kobe Bryant


George represents the perfect example of the nature of psychology, building a career and making a positive impact on athletes in a field that he loves. He played basketball himself at university, a passion which was cut short after a serious injury; causing a state of depression that led to drug addiction. For George, sports psychology acted as a rewarding gateway back into a sport he loved.  

Now, we know that not everyone is a keen sports fan, but George’s story is relevant to anyone interested in a career in psychology. Our BSc (Hons) Psychology degree gives students a broad overview of human behaviours, leaving their options open to a wide range of careers.  

What is Psychology? 

Before we can identify the benefits of a psychology degree, we need to understand what psychology is. As a broad definition, it’s referred to as studying the mind and behaviour. However, as it is such a versatile industry, much emphasis is placed on the work that individual psychologists do when specialising in specific areas.  

While working in multiple settings including schools, universities, hospitals, private clinics, government offices, and big businesses, psychological work can focus on one of two areas: applied psychology or research psychology. Research psychologists investigate the different aspects of human thought and behaviour. Applied psychologists use their knowledge of human behaviour to attempt to solve real-world problems. These can be applied to the following psychology specialisms:
- Clinical Psychology 
- Counselling Psychology 
- Experimental Psychology  
- Forensic Psychologists  
- Social Psychology 
- Sports Psychology 

How can you benefit from a psychology degree?  

Look at human behaviour and you’ll notice that people react to situations in different ways. What one person might take in their stride might be something that someone else feels particularly nervous about. Do you ever wonder exactly how and why the human brain causes people to behave in certain ways? A psychology degree gives you the mindful understanding to learn more about yourself and others; helping you gain a deeper insight into people and the way they think, so that you can go on to create a positive impact on their lives.  

From a psychological perspective, it can also be beneficial for employees’ health and well-being to love what they do; waking up feeling excited to go to work. Latest records show that 93% of psychologists report enjoying their work, making the psychology field a fun, rewarding, and challenging industry to enter.
The Power of Sports Psychology
Do you love sports and want to help improve the mindset of your favourite athletes? Look at George Mumford. Not only did he make a vital impact on NBA champion Kobe Bryant during his sporting career, but he also helped fellow champion Michael Jordan (more on that later)! 

The popularity of sport today has caused it to have a major psychological impact on high-profile professionals. UEFA Euro 2020 provides a clear example. The entire English nation came together to support the national team in the final against Italy, where hopes came crashing down after Bukayo Saka missed the final penalty. Something which resulted in a huge array of abuse online, which could have a significant psychological impact.  

With a psychology degree, you can learn the skills to make that all-important positive impact on people’s careers.  Michael Jordan

Still wondering how George Mumford helped Michael Jordan become the G.O.A.T? The answer is surprisingly simple, he helped bring his love for basketball back by teaching him the power of eliminating distractions; helping him learn how to take the game-winning shots by embracing distractions, rather than pushing them away. 

This is the power of psychology. We all want to take the perfect shot in life. But it’s about learning how to notice and let go of all the distractions so we can live better and make dreams achievable. 

Studying a psychology degree at Bolton is a great choice!  
At Bolton University, not only is our course recognised for Student Satisfaction and Innovation; voted 1st for Student Satisfaction*, it also opens the doors to a wide range of career options. Take a look at some available careers with a psychology degree: 

- Clinical associate in applied psychology  
- Counsellor  
- Forensic or criminal psychologist  
- Human resources consultant  
- Neurologist  
- Police officer 
- Psychological wellbeing practitioner 

As a psychology student, you will study in a supportive learning environment, where we teach you the knowledge to develop both your personal and professional development. The recent investment we have received means that our students gain access to excellent laboratories, enhancing their research skills in social, biological, and cognitive elements of psychology. By the time they graduate, our students have a degree that is accredited by the British Psychological Society, giving them a competitive edge in their future career.  Psychology at Bolton

Additionally, if your passion lies in sports psychology, Bolton could also offer you a stepping stone to further graduate study. By offering a BSc (Hons) Psychology degree that gives you the knowledge of the industry as a whole, you then have the chance to refine your expertise with a postgraduate degree in MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology. Another reason why our students love life at Bolton, we give you the academic foundation to be able to pursue a career in whichever avenue you wish to take.  

Apply through Clearing! 

If Bolton sounds like the right place to start your journey towards an insightful career, don’t wait to apply! Clearing is open until the 19 September. If you wish to speak to a member of our Clearing team, give us a call on 01204 903030; we are happy to answer any of your questions. 

#UniAsItShouldBe – Creating a positive and inclusive environment for everyone! 

*Complete University Guide – 2022 – Greater Manchester 


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