Justice is Served! Explore a Career in Criminal Law


Justice is Served! Explore a Career in Criminal Law

Did you know that lawyers earn a UK average of £64,667 per year? 

Criminal law is probably one of the first parts of the legal system that comes to mind when you think about pursuing a career in law. There’s something rewarding about helping serve justice by putting the guilty defendants behind bars and keeping those innocent out of prison. 

Criminal law has been no stranger to the headlines recently, too. For example, The Guardian announced on Tuesday 14 March that a criminal investigation has been launched about a fatal fire in a two-bedroom flat at the Tower Hamlets Council Block in East London. 

Additionally, a new misogyny law could criminalise those who send threatening or abusive messages to women and girls, referring to rape, sexual assault, or disfigurement.  

This blog explores criminal law in more detail and how an LLB Law degree can help you start your career journey towards making a positive difference in the courtroom. 

What is Criminal Law? 

Criminal law refers to the representation of those who are suspected or accused of a crime. Everyone has the right to a lawyer, so criminal law solicitors ensure your legal rights are protected and present your case in court to make sure that you receive a fair hearing. 

Criminal law sets out the rules that apply to criminal offences when: 

- The police investigate an offence they are accusing you of  

- You have been charged by the prosecutors 

- You need to appear in criminal court  

Criminal Lawyer Duties  

Now that we have gained an understanding of what criminal law is, you might be wondering what a lawyer in this sector does on a daily basis. Responsibilities can be both inside and outside of the courtroom; examples of what they do outside of the courtroom include: 

- Conducting research and analysing cases to figure out a likely case outcome. This ultimately helps them to devise the best strategy to represent their clients in court  

- Helping their clients to understand what their legal options are 

- Aiming to resolve cases in a way that is quick and in the best interest of their clients 

Alternatively, their in-court responsibilities include: 

- Representing clients at hearings and court trials  

- If a case goes to trial, the criminal lawyer will present evidence to the judge and jury 

- Preparing and drafting legal documents. For example, legal briefs and appeals  

- Taking control of plea negotiations, punishments, and settlements 

How can a Law Degree at Bolton Support your Ambitions? 

Do you think you have what it takes to lay down the law?  

By pursuing an LLB Law degree at the University of Bolton, not only would you be studying in a supportive learning environment where our experienced lecturers put you and your needs first, but you would get the chance to gain real-world industry knowledge while you’re learning.  

How do we do this? Through our Legal Advice Centre 

This is a free public advice service that allows our law students to work under the supervision of experienced legal practitioners; giving legal advice to members of the Bolton community.  

Additionally, our dedicated Moot Court provides an opportunity for students to gain an interactive learning experience, participating in mock trial negotiations that builds their skill set and confidence to become more employable in a challenging industry. Sound good? Let’s look at some more course highlights: 

- Our law courses have been voted first in the UK for Student Satisfaction* 

- We host the annual Ryder Lecture series and are home to the Centre for Contemporary Coronial Law 

- Aspire to be a barrister? The LLB Law course fully meets the academic requirements set out by the Bar Standards Board 

- Want to become a solicitor? The course also meets the entry requirements for the Solicitor’s Qualifying Examination  

- Support and resources are available whenever you need them in our dedicated Law Library 

- We have strong industry connections with local law firms and other legal providers, facilitating work-shadowing opportunities and regular visits from guest speakers  

Interested in becoming a member of the University of Bolton’s School of Law? Explore your passion for justice further by looking at our full course details.  

Find out how #UniAsItShouldBe can support you! 

For more information, please contact us at enquiries@bolton.ac.uk or call us on 01204 903807/ 


*Complete University Guide – Student Satisfaction – UK – 2023 



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