Breathing life into loneliness

Posted on Friday 21st October 2016

Loneliness expert and University of Bolton Psychology lecturer Dr Rebecca Nowland is working with a new project aiming to make the world a kinder place. is a website featuring activities where people can get involved, doing acts of kindness for someone else, from gifting a plant to picking up litter. Rebecca is specifically involved in the Breathe Life project which gives people the opportunity to ask elders questions.

Said Rebecca: ‘The founder of the project hopes that linking older people to others in this way may reduce loneliness and increase self-worth in the elders. I am involved in the project to evaluate the usefulness of the project and the impact on the elders and those who pose questions.

‘So far, when I have spoken to them, they are really enjoying it. I look forward to exploring the benefits further when we get to the end of the trial.’

The project launched earlier in October and is operating as a trial a trial for a month. 

 Last year Rebecca was involved in The Big Lunch, an annual get-together designed to help neighbourhoods and communities meet up and form new bonds.

While we may seem more connected than ever before, with the rise of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, people are actually spending less time interacting with each other face-to-face.