Consultancy and Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange, Enterprise and Engagement activities are led by the Bolton Business Gateway Team, which is based in our Institute of Management Centre, and works right across the University Group, complimenting the activities of other departments and Faculties.

The Team provides a focal point to ensure optimal University engagement with business and external organizations, including local and regional Government, the Public and Third Sectors and Community Groups, in order to enhance employment and enterprise opportunities for our students.

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) Have A 90% Success Rate Nationally

To date, we have completed 19 KTPs, with more schemes still active.

Martyn Shaw leads our Bolton Business Gateway Team which can be contacted using the links below:

Martyn Shaw
Director Business Development

Jane Stuart-Puttnam
Enterprise and Knowledge Transfer Coordinator

Henry Swarbrick
Business Development


Knowledge Exchange

The Bolton Business gateway team is leading the University’s engagement with the Knowledge Exchange Framework and is working across the University and the University Group as this is developed and implemented.


Over the last eighteen months, our Knowledge Exchange activities have included hosting a GMCA award-winning early-stage immersive education business, Near-Life Limited, helping it to integrate opportunities with our Schools of Creative Technology, Health and Psychology.  We are also actively developing Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and other income-generating and consultancy activities.


We help to foster graduate entrepreneurs and support their development and progression as they seek to commercialise their products and ideas, working alongside existing partner agencies and support networks. We help with training and mentoring of Entrepreneurs to help start up and incubate business ideas through to successful expansion and improvement, including support for the University’s engagement with the Young Enterprise initiative, and working with the Northern branch of TIE – the world leading entrepreneurs’ network.


We support the research and development of products providing better solutions to meet commercial requirements; some recent examples are projects, which have looked at fire retardency, microprocessors, medical devises and electric vehicles.

Our Bolton Business Gateway Team Works closely with local and partners

GM Chamber of Commerce
GM Combined Authority

(including business growth hub and business angels)

Bolton Council

(including Team Bolton and the Bolton Business Connect Platform)

What Is The Knowledge Transfer Partnership?


For the past 40 years, the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) UK-wide government programme has been helping businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK Knowledge Base.

By bringing in new skills and the latest academic thinking, the KTP targets core strategic needs and identifies innovative solutions, delivering significant increased profitability and business growth. This is achieved through improvements to quality, operations and social enterprises, along with increased sales and access to new markets.

The Careers team offer a series of presentations, workshops and skills sessions to help you to develop your employability.


Who Can Take Part

A KTP is a three-way partnership between the Knowledge Base partner (academic or research), the Business, and the Associate (a suitable graduate).

The Associate will lead a strategic business project, working for the Knowledge Base partner for the duration of the scheme. This can last between 12 and 36 months, depending on the needs of the business, with up to 67% of the project costs covered by a government grant.


Project Criteria


- Innovative project with clear strategic relevance to the business
- Sound business case
- Clear transfer of knowledge that must be embedded within the business
- Stimulating and challenging for all three partners
- Demonstrates a step change in innovation
- Quantifiable impact for all three partners
- Clear additionality


Benefits For The Knowledge Base Partner


- Share knowledge and expertise about real world issues affecting business
- Produce high quality conference and journal papers
- Strong impact case studies and contribution towards the REF (Research Excellence Framework)
- Develop strategic relationships with innovative organisations
- Produce new research projects and papers for each undergraduate and postgraduate project
- Identify new research themes

Benefits For The Business

• Expertise and technical skills from at least one University of Bolton academic for half a day a week to ensure effective knowledge transfer

• Full ongoing support for the lifetime of the project

• Make use of UK funding, which covers up to 67% of the project costs, or 50% of the cost if a larger company

• Creation of new jobs following knowledge transfer and KTP programme completion

• Upskilling of existing staff


Benefits For The Associate

• Mentoring from industry experts and senior academics

• Competitive graduate salary

• Dedicated training budget and development time

• Using skills to lead the project and make a significant contribution to business growth

• Upon completion of the KTP, over 60% of Associates are offered employment within the business



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We have the answers to your questions, find all the advice and support in one place.

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