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MA (Specialist Title) via Creative Practice
Mode of study
12 months

University of Bolton

MA (Specialist Title) via Creative Practice
Mode of study
24 months

University of Bolton

Welcome to Theatre

The University of Bolton has been ranked number one in student satisfaction in the North West by The Complete University Guide 2020 for the second year in a row. Your practical sessions and lectures will be held in our dedicated studio and performance spaces in the multimillion-pound Queen’s Specialist Building in Farnworth, as well as in Manchester. You will have access to excellent facilities including:

  • Sprung Harlequin studio and theatre dance floors

  • Portable mirrors and dance training

  • An integrated digital theatre lighting system

  • Built-in media desk and roll-down screen

11.Street Theatre Cleaners
Bolton School of Art Unlocked2

Welcome to “Unlocked”

Our virtual show designed to promote and celebrate the creative work that has been produced by students from across the School of the Arts throughout this memorable academic year. Within the confines of lockdown, students have been exceptionally busy and have used their talents and determination to overcome the restrictions of recent months. “Unlocked” captures the huge energy and commitment of our students to creatively reach beyond the barriers behind which they have been living to achieve their goals.


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05 Aug 21

Fulfil your dream of working in the arts world and reach your potential at the University of Bolton, where students come first, and where you’ll have a positive and friendly learning environment to support you through your studies. The...


Cara Novotny

Theatre | 2018

"The course has given me a number of experiences within the University and at the Octagon Theatre – I have loved the opportunities to learn in the professional theatre environment, from observing rehearsals to being a part of the rehearsal process. I have had placements across my three years and the roles have developed, with new, different and increased responsibilities, from supporting the Octagon’s NT Connections group to working as an assistant director on David Thacker’s main house production.

At the end of my second year of the programme I was invited to become an Octagon supported artist and have showcased work in the Reveal Festivals in 2017 and 2018. I have also gained paid opportunities in facilitation and directing. I have gained knowledge and confidence in the career path I want to follow, and developed professional skills in theatrical and non-theatrical settings. The course has made me realise that I can be a theatre maker and now have the confidence to do it."


Katrina Fletcher

Theatre | 2018

"During my placements I have been given responsibility of researching and developing creative relationships with schools, delivering workshops as part of an outreach project, and arranged an educational trip to a theatre. I have been supported throughout my placements by my tutors, who have been incredibly encouraging. My placements in third year have greatly enhanced my experience but most importantly they have given me the chance to apply the knowledge I’ve gained in my degree, into my workplace environment. Consequently my skills as an artist and as a member of a working team have been developed and extended."


Elizabeth Newman

Artistic Director, Octagon Theatre |

"I am the university’s number one fan – the love and care shown towards the students is extraordinary, and the quality of teaching is amazing."



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