Government Funding: Full-Time Students 2023/24

Support For Full-Time Undergraduate, PGCE And Cert Ed Students For 2023/24

If this is your first undergraduate HE qualification, PGCE or Cert Ed course you may be eligible to apply for financial assistance from the government to help you fund your studies

Applications are made online, visit to apply. If you experience any difficulty in completing the online application, you will need to contact Student Finance England on +44 (0)300 1000 607. Please note that all information is correct at the time of publishing, some changes may occur before or during the academic year.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for your course are listed on the fees and funding section of individual course details on the university website.

Tuition Fee Loan

Full-time students have the option of taking out a Tuition Fee Loan to cover the cost of their fees. Fees will then be paid from the Student Loan Company direct to the university. Repayments of the Tuition Fee Loan are made to the Student Loan Company. You are not asked to start repaying your Tuition Fee loan until you have finished your course and are earning over £25,000 p.a.

Student Maintenance Loan

A student maintenance loan of up to £9,978 may be available for full time students studying at University of Bolton who are not living with their parents. The maximum loan amount for students who are living at home with their parents is £8,400.

For students in receipt of the maximum special support element of maintenance, the loan may be increased. Maintenance loans for students aged 60 or over may be available up to a maximum of £4,221.

Loan rates are reduced when students are in their final year of study. Maintenance loans are partially subject to household income assessment.

Information for independent students under the age of 25 – please see the website shown below:

Funding Information For Students Commencing In The 2023/24 Academic Year

Equivalent Level Qualifications

Please note if you already have a Higher Education (HE) qualification from an institution in the UK or elsewhere in the world, you will not be eligible for further student support under the ELQ regulations for a second equivalent or lower level HE qualification. This rule applies whether the previous qualification was:

  • Studied in the UK or elsewhere in the world
  • Self-funded or publicly funded
  • Studied on a full-time, full-time distance learning, compressed or part-time basis
  • Studied in a different subject to the course you are considering
  • Studied in the past however long ago
  • Funding is available in general for the length of the course plus, if necessary, one additional year
  • Any period of study within an academic year is classed as one whole year’s studying
  • If you exceed one additional year, funding will be restricted at the beginning of the further study period
  • Restricted funding is usually maintenance loan only plus supplementary grants if applicable, but no tuition fee loan meaning the student would need to self-fund the tuition costs

Previous Study At Higher Education Level

There are certain courses exempt from the previous study rules and therefore could still be entitled to Student Finance. For more information, please contact Student Finance England.

Childcare Grant

For full -time students with dependent children in registered and approved childcare, a payment of up to 85% of the actual childcare costs is available. This award is dependent on household income, maximum payment £188.90 per week for one child, £323.85 per week for two or more children.

Parents’ Learning Allowance

For full-time students who have dependent children. This award is dependent on household income, maximum award £1,915.

Adult Dependants’ Grant

For full-time students with adult dependents, this award is dependent on household income, maximum award £3,354.

Disabled Student’s Allowance

The Disabled Students Allowance helps with costs you incur when attending your course, as a direct result of your Disability. You should contact the Disability Service for more information on the application procedure: 01204 903478.

Beware of Scam emails

Student Finance England has circulated a warning to all students who receive funding from the Student Loans Company. Scammers are targeting students around the scheduled payment dates, September, January and April, when you may receive a lot of communications from either Student Finance England or the Student Loans Company.

Scammers are contacting students by email to try to obtain their bank details. If they succeed they are then able to withdraw Student Loans Company funding from your bank account. Student Finance England has advised that they will never ask a student to confirm their bank details by email. If you receive an email which seems to have genuinely come from Student Finance England or the Student Loans Company and is asking you to confirm your bank details by email do not respond and report it to: To help to prevent scammers getting hold of your details remove your email address if it’s online or hide it on social networking sites. If you have already responded to an email and given your bank details change your bank account password immediately and contact the security email address shown above.

Please note this will not affect you if you do not receive funding for living costs from the Student Loans Company have published guidance on spotting and avoiding scams, see




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We have the answers to your questions, find all the advice and support in one place.

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