Dr Lucy Caton

Lead for the Centre of AI in Education

Lucy is Lead for the Centre of AI in Education and a Senior lecturer working on EdD and Masters programmes within the School of Education.

Lucy enjoys supporting diverse groups of international and domestic students from multicultural backgrounds who bring to their learning rich practice-based experiences.

Before working at the University of Bolton, Lucy worked as Student Experience Manager and Lecturer at The Open University. Lucy was awarded Tutor of the Year 2022, nominated by students within the Faculty of Education, Childhood, Youth and Sport. The award demonstrates Lucy's commitment, passion and drive to enhance the student experience.

Through her affiliated work with The Open University, Lucy continues developing her knowledge and understanding of innovative online pedagogies, strengthening her work with students and staff at the University of Bolton.

Lucy completed her PhD (2015-2018) at the Education, Social Research Institute (ESRI) at Manchester Metropolitan University. Lucy's study looked at child participatory, visual research (using GoPro cameras) set in a North West primary school (link to thesis below).

During this period, she also taught on the Childhood, Youth and Education Studies degree programme, finally undertaking the role of acting programme lead for the full-time Master in Education degree.

Lucy has previously lectured in Education Studies at Blackburn University Centre and taught within the Media and Business Departments at Blackburn College prior to her HE role.

Lucy started her teaching career in 2005 after completing her PGCE in Post Compulsory Education.

Qualifications / Training
My qualifications and training include, PhD in Childhood and Education, Masters in Education (online learning), BA Hons, 2.1 Media and Communication Studies, PGGE in Post Compulsory Education, QTLS (Qualified Teaching and Learning Status), FHEA (Fellow of Higher Education Association), Aurora 2022 – Developing women in HE leadership roles,

Words of wisdom
Reading is key to success in HE, such as course materials, journal articles books and wider governmental policy documentation. A student who is well read always shines through. Embrace group work and the ups and downs that you might experience on your student journey.

How will you be taught?
Lucy will teach through a variety of different approaches; this will include traditional 'lecturing', alongside a host of creative and innovative seminar tasks, including: digital quizzes; short videos; interactive group work, visual materials and image deconstruction. Lucy is an approachable member of staff and open to feedback within her lessons, Lucy aims to create a cohesive and vibrant environments within all her sessions, both face-to-face and online.

Research Interests
AI in Education, Assessment, Student Experience, Feedback and employability skills
Visual research with wearables
Child and Youth Participatory Research
Children’s voice/ agency within participatory research
Collaborative school partnerships to enhance teaching provision
Impact of space, place and built environments, on teaching and learning
Inclusive methods for online collaborations, (Inclusive practices and teacher development)
Post-human theories and methodologies


Trafí-Prats, L. and Caton, L., 2020. Towards an ethico-aesthetic of parenting: Sensing ritornellos of play with GoPro data. Genealogy, 4(2), p.34. https://www.mdpi.com/2313-5778/4/2/34

Caton, L. and Hackett, A., 2019. Head mounted, chest mounted, tripod or roaming?: The methodological potentials of a GoPro camera and ontological possibilities for doing visual research with child participants differently. In The Routledge international handbook of learning with technology in early childhood (pp. 362-376). Routledge. https://doi.org/10.4324/9781315143040

Caton, L.C., 2019. Video data sensing: Working post qualitatively in classroom based video inquiry. Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy, 4(1), pp.23-45.

Caton, L. (2019). Gillian Rose, Visual methodologies: An introduction to researching with visual materials. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, 0(0). https://doi.org/10.1177/1468798419896175

PhD Thesis
Caton, L., 2019. Becoming researcher: navigating a post-qualitative inquiry involving child participants and wearable action cameras (Doctoral dissertation, Manchester Metropolitan University). https://e-space.mmu.ac.uk/622447/


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