Anchal Garg


A PhD degree in Computer Science & Engineering.

Around 20 years of experience in teaching Computer Science & Engineering/Information Technology/Data Science students in the United Kingdom, India, and Uzbekistan.

Senior member of IEEE and a member of ACM.

13 publications are indexed in Web of Science and 25 in Scopus. Granted a copyright and a patent. Reviewer of several reputed journals and international conferences. Resource Person for various faculty development programs on Outcome Assessment.

Actively involved in research work with national and international professors.

Worked as a Data Analyst for a MOOC course hosted by Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

Engaged in community service for E-waste management.

Accreditor with international agencies such as ABET (USA) and IET (UK).

Research Interests and Research Subject Specialisms:

Data mining, Learning Analytics, Process Mining, Big Data, Machine Learning

Teaching specialisms;

Programming, Data Science with R and Python, Big data, DevOps, Process Mining, Research Methodology

Publications and Research:

Shukla, B. & Garg, A. (23rd September 2019). An IT-Enabled Strategic Operational Excellence Model for Higher Educational Institutions. Diary No. 10537/2015-CO/A, ROC No. A-128224/2019.


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Book Chapters:

Kohli, R., Garg, A., Phutela, S., Kumar, Y., & Jain, S. (2021). An Improvised Model for Securing Cloud-Based E-Healthcare Systems. In IoT in Healthcare and Ambient Assisted Living (pp. 293-310). Springer, Singapore.

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