Dr Alicia Danielsson

Assistant Teaching Professor in Law

Dr Alicia Danielsson is Head of Centre (Contemporary Coronial Law) and Assistant Teaching Professor in law, with particular interests and expertise in the areas of Human Rights Law, EU law, International Business and Trade Law, Jurisprudence, Legal Research Methods, International Criminal Justice and Comparative Law.

Alicia joined the university in 2017, having previously worked at Abertay University in Dundee. She is the programme leader for the postgraduate courses within the School of Law and she manages the Centre for Contemporary Coronial Law. Other responsibilities include teaching on a number of core subjects on the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Master of Laws (LLM) programmes, supervising postgraduate and undergraduate research projects, acting as an Enhanced Personal Tutor and running the School of Law's Social Media Platforms.

Her subject-specific research interests lie in the fields of comparative and EU law, with a specific focus on the area of freedom, security and justice as well as EU labour law and human rights protection. She completed her PhD in 2021. The title of her thesis is ‘Economic Activity or Public Order Limitations: The Interplay of the Regulation of Prostitution between National Law, EU Law and Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking.’

In addition to this, Alicia's research interests and research focus also include exploring law teaching methods and inclusive practices within legal education, in particular in relation to experiences of law students with specific learning difficulties (SpLDs), in order to develop more inclusive teaching practices within law education.

Selected Publication

Peer-reviewed publications:
Danielsson, A. (2017). Legal Philosophical Considerations of Prostitution: A Roadmap to Understanding Diverse Legal Approaches to Prostitution in Europe. Strathclyde Law Review, Strathclyde Law Review 3 (1), 24 – 59

Danielsson, A. (2017). Competing Ideas of Regulationism – What can be learnt from the German move to a more comprehensive regulation of prostitution. Int. J. of Adv. Res, 5(3).

Danielsson, A (2021) An Autoethnographic Study of a Research and Teaching for Transformative Education Journey in Foundation Law Teaching – Preparing Diverse Students for Law School Educational Research (IJMCER), 2(6).

Other Publications:

Danielsson, A. (2014). Die Rolle der Ehefrau: der rechtshistorische Vergleich der ehelichen Pflichten im deutschen Recht und der Scharia. [S.l.], Diplomica Verlag GmbH.
Danielsson, A. (2008). Die echte "Gretchen-Tragödie" - Eine Auseinandersetzung mit Kindsmord in der Frühen Neuzeit anhand des Beispiels der Susanna Margaretha Brand. 1st ed. München: GRIN Verlag GmbH.
Danielsson, A. (2014). The Global Gender Gap - Could gender equality be the key factor to economic wealth? Munich, GRIN Verlag GmbH.
Danielsson, A. (2014). Family Law Challenges in a Changing Society A critical evaluation of marriage, civil partnerships and the proposed changes regarding cohabitation in English and Welsh family law. Munich, GRIN Verlag GmbH.
Danielsson, A. (2015). A Critical Analysis of the Protection offered to Third Parties in Respect of Liabilities and Immunities under a Bill of Lading. Munich, GRIN Verlag.

Conference Presentations
The First China Convention&Exhibition Rule of Law Forum and the Inaugural Meeting of China Convention & Exhibition Law and Policy Committee: The Innovation of Conference & Exhibition Industry in the Post-epidemic Era; Responsibility and Pluralistic Co-governance--China Convention & Exhibition Rule of Law in Action, 29th July 2020
Presentation Title: “We are in this together: What the Covid-19 pandemic has taught the world about solidarity – A European Perspective.”
University of Bolton TIRI Showcase 2020: Far Reaching and Holistic Teaching, 14th July 2020
Presentation Title: “Levelling the Playing Field for Online Assessments for Students with SpLDs”
University of Bolton Annual TIRI Conference 2018, 4th – 5th July 2018
Presentation Title: “Inclusive Employability: Hearing the Voices of the Silent Students”
University of Bolton Annual Postgraduate Conference 2018, 23rd – 24th April 2018
Title:” Finding the hidden in plain sight: How Disney publicly flaunted human trafficking victims and nobody noticed”
Winner: Best Presentation
Abertay University, Postgraduate Research Student Conference, 9th and 10th November 2016, Presentation Title: “The Regulation of Prostitution – A European Perspective”
Strathclyde Postgraduate Law Conference 2016 “Visualising the Law,” 27th and 28th October 2016, Presentation Title: “Between Supranationalisation and Competing Concepts of Public Interest and Public Morality: Prostitution Between Article 26 and Article 72 TFEU”.
Strathclyde Postgraduate Law Conference 2015, 5th and 6th November 2015, Presentation Title: “Legal Philosophical consideration of Prostitution: a roadmap to understanding diverse legal approaches to prostitution in Europe”

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