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The University of Bolton website does not capture or store personal information, but merely logs the user’s IP address which is automatically recognised by the webserver. This is used to record the number of visitors to our site.

When we provide services, we want to make them easy, useful and reliable. Where services are delivered on the internet, this sometimes involves placing small amounts of information on your device, for example, your computer or mobile phone. These include small files known as cookies. They cannot be used to identify you personally.

These pieces of information are used to improve services for you through, for example:

  • Enabling a service to recognise your device so you don’t have to give the same information several times during one task
  • Recognising that you may already have given a username and password so you don’t need to do it for every web page requested
  • Measuring how many people are using services, so they can be made easier to use and there’s enough capacity to ensure they are fast
  • Measuring the popularity of different areas of the website, to help us identify web pages that may need our attention


Our Use Of Cookies

Google Tag Manager Terms of Service:

By clicking “Yes” below or by using the Google Tag Manager service (the “Service”), you and the legal entity on whose behalf you are using the Service (if any) (together, “You”) agree to use the Service in accordance with the Google Terms of Service (located at, the Google Privacy Policy (located at, and the Google Tag Manager Use Policy (located at, each as may be modified from time to time and collectively, the “Google Tag Manager Terms of Service.”

Google Tag Manager Use Policy

Use of the Google Tag Manager (the “Service”) is subject to this Google Tag Manager Use Policy (the “GTM Use Policy”).

If You use the Service to support products or services from a 3rd party or designed by You (together, “3rd Party Tags”) or Google, You will have and abide by an appropriate privacy policy and will comply with the EU user consent policy (located at and all applicable agreements and regulations (also relating to the collection of information), including for example:

  • The Google Analytics Terms of Service located at:,
  • The agreement between You and DoubleClick that is in effect during the dates that You are participating in the Service, and
  • The Google Inc. Advertising Program Terms (or, if applicable, as negotiated).

If You Have 3rd Party Tags Delivered Through The Service:

  • Google is not responsible for 3rd Party Tags.
  • Google may screen such 3rd Party Tags to ensure compliance with this GTM Use Policy.
  • You guarantee that You have the rights to upload the 3rd Party Tags.
  • You agree not to, and not to allow third parties to use the Service or interfaces provided with the Service
  • To engage in or promote any unlawful, infringing, defamatory or otherwise harmful activity;
  • To disable, interfere with or circumvent any aspect of the Service;
    to upload any data to Google Tag Manager that personally identifies an individual (such as a name, email address or billing information), or other data which can be reasonably linked to such information by Google, or
  • To access any other Google product or service in a manner that violates their respective terms.

For Google Analytics 360 Suite Home users, Your use of the Google Analytics 360 Suite Home is governed by the Google Analytics 360 Suite Home Terms of Service available at (or such other URL as Google may provide) and as modified from time to time (the “Suite Home Terms”); subject to Section 2 of the Suite Home Terms, use of the Service will continue to be governed by the Google Tag Manager Terms of Service.

We may collect information such as how the Service is used, and how and what tags are deployed. We may use this data to improve, maintain, protect and develop the Service as described in our privacy policy, but we will not share this data with any other Google product without Your consent.

For more information about Google Analytics visit the Google Analytics website.

AdRoll Cookie

As you browse the University of Bolton, advertising cookies will be placed on your computer so that we can understand what you are interested in. Our display advertising partner, AdRoll, then enables us to present you with retargeting advertising on other sites based on your previous interaction with University of Bolton. The techniques our partners employ do not collect personal information such as your name, email address, postal address or telephone number. You can visit this page to opt out of AdRoll and their partners’ targeted advertising.

Removing and disabling cookies

If you do not wish to accept cookies on to your machine you can disable them by adjusting the settings on your web browser. However, this will affect the functionality of the websites you visit.

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

Google have developed a browser add-on that tells the Analytics script not to record any details of a visit to any website. To find out more visit the Browser Add-on page on the Google website.


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Help Centre

We have the answers to your questions, find all the advice and support in one place.

Part of the University of Bolton Group

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