Centre for Clinical and Biomedical Sciences

Welcome to the Centre for Clinical and Biomedical Sciences

Welcome to the Centre for Clinical and Biomedical Sciences

Are you looking to advance your skills and knowledge in clinical practice? The dynamic courses offered within this area will allow you to upskill, advance and are flexible to the busy working lives of healthcare practitioners. The University of Bolton’s Centre for Clinical and Biomedical Sciences courses are based in our £31 million state-of-the-art Bolton One facility. Key facilities in Bolton One are our Clinical Simulation Suites, where you will learn to apply your knowledge to real-life situations using our simulated environment and patients. You will develop your confidence, practical skillset and test your abilities within a safe setting, before applying these in clinical practice. 

Resuscitation room in a Clinical Simulation Suite (CSS) in Bolton One

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Model in CSS at our £31 million state-of-the-art Bolton One facility.

Clinical and Biomedical Sciences

The University of Bolton is ranked number one in the North West for student satisfaction by The Complete University Guide 2020 for the second year in a row. We put our students first, to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your university experience, and post-graduation, enjoy a rewarding career. As well as a range of master's programmes, we also have a suite of undergraduate and postgraduate stand-alone modules for those students who wish to study in a more flexible, bitesize way. Whichever course you choose to enrol on, you can be certain that you are on a unique and exciting route to clinical care. As an experienced graduate within both simulated and real-life environments, you will considerably enhance your career prospects. At the University of Bolton, we are proud of the fact that we know our students by your name and not your student number.


Laura Hodgson

BSc (Hons) Medical Biology | 2024

"Choosing the University of Bolton has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made"


Albert Wright

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy | 2024

"Bolton University is easily accessible, it’s a smaller campus and has such a friendlier feel. I visited bigger universities where it felt like you'd get lost"


Nikkita Everett

BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science | 2024

"The small cohort has made us all close which helps with any support we need. We have all bonded quickly and want to get the same result at the end"


Emma Young

BSc (Hons) Medical Biology | 2024

"The quality of teaching is fantastic and the tutors all have great knowledge. The main thing I like about this course is that there are so many different career options"


Cara Loates

BSc (Hons) Sport Rehabilitation | 2024

"Sport has played a massive role in my life and I can't imagine working in a career that isn't sport related. That's why I chose to study Sport Rehabilitation at the University of Bolton and became a professional sports rehabilitator whilst training and competing in the Team GB Biathlon in the World University Winter Games"


Alice Bradshaw

BSc (Hons) Medical Biology | 2024

"I came to visit friends to see what Bolton and Greater Manchester is like and just fell in love with the place. The lecturers genuinely care about you!"


Shaun Tierney

MSc Advanced Practice | 2019

"The knowledge gained on the MSc has improved my patient care, and provided the opportunity to influence practice wider through speaking internationally in America."


Amalia Gervasutti

MSc Physician Associate | 2019

"I like that there is a lot of academic support which helps to facilitate my learning. There is also excellent guidance with practical skills. The self-directed learning aspects are well balanced with the lecture-delivered content. The content that is delivered in lectures is done by leading professionals in the medical industry. Further, because of the close relationship of the Trust with the University of Bolton, there has been real progress in establishing the role in practice.

I would recommend it because it’s a developing role, with increasing demand. I also believe that it would be very rewarding making a difference not only to individual patients but to our health care system."


Charlotte Cain

MSc Physician Associate | 2019

"I chose a career as a PA following my Natural Sciences undergraduate degree, as I wanted to transfer my biological knowledge into a more clinical career. I have always been interested in healthcare and working with people.

I applied to the University of Bolton, as it has a good reputation for health courses and works closely with Bolton Hospital, which is highly regarded. I enjoy being taught by lecturers from different backgrounds, which provides me with a wealth of knowledge. I have become more independent, due to the high level of self-directed learning and the course has increased my confidence, due to learning many new skills. I would recommend the course because we have small class sizes and are well supported. Also, the course had provided me with the opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge in preparation for practice."


Nuno Costa

MSc Physician Associate | 2019

"I had a feeling that University of Bolton was the right place to study and I wasn't wrong! Did I chose Bolton or Bolton chose me? What I like about the course at Bolton is the small class, lots of support from the tutors and being part of a group that will have a strong impact in the community. After all we are the pioneers.

It has changed my learning significantly because every time I go for placements at the hospital I feel that what I'm learning in class really makes sense. I feel I am able to make a difference in someone's life in the future, this doesn't have any price."


Lee Greenwood

MSc in Advanced Practice | 2019

"I have chosen the University of Bolton to study at MSc in Advanced Practice for a number of reasons. On researching the course, I found that the university has been voted the number 1 in the Greater Manchester area and currently holds the title of university of the year in the area.

Furthermore, I was recommended by a fellow colleague who had completed the MSc in Advanced practice to attend Bolton. Positive traits such as supportive, friendly, accessible, going the extra mile, ease of web based learning and cost effective were the main drivers for me to want to attend."




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