Why Study MSc Accountancy and Financial Management?


Why Study MSc Accountancy and Financial Management? Why Study MSc Accountancy and Financial Management?

If you’re a third-year student in accountancy or business management, staying on in education can be a fantastic way to increase job prospects and boost earning potential.

Employers in business and finance often look for candidates with second degrees, and it’s become increasingly difficult for undergraduates to get a job when they leave university. Studying a master’s can help you upskill, get noticed, and fast-track your career.

The University of Bolton’s MSc Accountancy and Financial Management course is designed for the business, accountancy and finance sectors. There’s nowhere better than studying at Bolton, as we’ve ranked in the Top 2 in the UK for Student Satisfaction in Accountancy and Finance* for the fourth year running!

Here are some of the ways this master’s degree can help you access more opportunities:

Develop broader management knowledge

The MSc Accountancy and Financial Management course is aligned to the ACCA Strategic Professional Level programme, and it is designed to develop your skills for a number of business, accounting and financial management roles.

One of the core areas of study includes broader management knowledge, helping students learn transferable skills that can benefit them in any career path, or support them in further study.

Just some of the areas you could work in include corporate finance, credit and investment analysis, financial consultancy, law, loss adjusting, purchasing, retail, statistics and market research, stocks and shares, tax and pensions, training and education, and transport and logistics.

Suitable for private or public sector jobs

Due to the development of broader management skills, this course is a great stepping stone for students looking to work in both private and public sector industries. A master’s degree is looked upon favourably by employers, and can help graduates access higher responsibility roles.

Some of the skills covered in this course include financial reporting and financial management, plus wider management issues such as corporate and social responsibility, business ethics, risk and business strategy, financial performance, and auditing. And these skills are sought after by employers of every kind.

Improve your research skills

In addition to learning a diverse range of skills for a business environment, this master’s degree also provides an opportunity to hone your research technique.

You’ll be encouraged to explore different research methods, research tools and analytical practices during the course. And your dissertation, which will be a substantial piece of research in your chosen topic, will be great training for the workplace.

Understanding research is essential for enhancing critical thinking and investigative skills, both of which are essential for jobs in business management and finance.

Focus on a global environment

Our course also allows students to develop their skills for a global competitive environment under the guidance of lecturers who have years of experience. This is how we ensure the course stays relevant for industry.

Just some of the topics you’ll get to cover include performance management, ethics, social responsibility, and strategic management accounting, and these apply to any business setting.

Enrol in optional modules

Additionally, master’s degree students will get the chance to select optional modules to ensure the course is aligned to their own personal and professional development needs. This means our course is open to undergraduates from a business management background, not just accountancy.

If you have at least an upper second class (2.1) honours degree (or equivalent) in business management, you can take on optional modules to improve your knowledge. By doing this, you’ll be able to build your skills and enhance employment prospects.

Why stay at the University of Bolton?

As a student here, you will have already established some roots. Not only will you have friends and connections on and off campus, but you’ll have had time to explore the local area and get to know Bolton and Greater Manchester.

But that’s not all. Applying for the same university could improve your chances of getting accepted. This is because tutors and lecturers know you, and have seen first-hand how much potential you have and what you could bring to the course. 

On top of that, you’ll also be familiar with the academic environment, which removes the stresses and worries of beginning your educational journey in a new place.

As well as being one of the best universities in the UK for studying accountancy and finance, the University of Bolton is also a fantastic place to grow your professional network. For students making the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate study, we’ll be here to support you and help you navigate important steps such as work experience, career networking and job searches. You’ll also have access to leading employers, regular industry events and high profile business lectures. All of this will prepare you for the workplace and shape your skills for your chosen career path. 

If you’re a third year student thinking about doing master’s degree, MSc Accountancy and Financial Management at the University of Bolton could be for you.

To find out more about applying in 2022 or 2023, see our course page for details.

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