What can you do with an Adult Nursing degree?


What can you do with an Adult Nursing degree?

Do you have a strong passion to help others or like working in a fast-paced, challenging environment? Maybe you have an interest in healthcare and want to make a difference in people's lives? If you answered yes to any of these, an adult nursing degree may be ideal for you.  

With the increased need for healthcare workers, possibilities for advanced-degreed nurses are limitless. With an adult nursing degree, you can pursue a range of career pathways from clinical jobs like nurse practitioners to leadership positions like nurse managers. In this blog, we will look at some of the exciting options open to you as a licensed adult nurse. So, buckle up to learn everything there is to know about this fast yet exciting profession.  

What is Adult Nursing?  

Have you ever questioned what adult nursing is all about?   

Adult nursing is a specialisation that focuses on caring for adults over 18. This includes caring for patients in places such as medical offices, hospitals and community centres.  

As an adult nurse, you will play a critical role in supporting your patients' health and well-being. Your task will involve assessing patients' health requirements and developing care plans as well as dispensing medication. You’ll also provide emotional support to patients and their families and much more.  

After graduation, you can take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). This will get you the nursing licence necessary to work as an adult nurse in the United Kingdom.  

One of the unique features of an adult nursing degree is the range of opportunities for growth and progression. You can specialise in critical care nursing, oncology nursing or palliative care nursing as you develop professional experience and skills. Adult nursing is a rewarding yet challenging profession. It demands compassion and a strong commitment to providing patients with outstanding care.   

What is the role of an Adult Nurse?  

An adult nurse's job is diverse, dynamic and very fulfilling.  

An adult nurse's main job is to provide complete and holistic care to adult patients. They assess patients' health problems and do physical examinations. They also coordinate with other healthcare experts to create personalised treatment plans.  

Medication administration is an important part of an adult nurse's job. They dispense drugs orally and intravenously. They also watch patients for any negative reactions or side effects.  

Adult nurses give emotional support to patients and their families besides physical treatment. They make sure they hear and meet patients' needs throughout their treatment plan.  

Another important job is to educate patients about their diseases; informing them about treatment options and self-care strategies. They push patients to take an active role in their health management and promote healthy lifestyle choices.  

Adult nurses often collaborate with doctors, therapists and other professionals as part of a team. They communicate to ensure the incorporation of all parts of a patient's treatment plan.

Exciting Adult Nursing jobs:  

Adult nursing degree graduates have many job options, each with its own set of difficulties and benefits.  Whether you want a fast-paced hospital setting or a community-based career, the UK healthcare system has something for everyone.  

ER Nurse 

Working in an emergency room is an exciting career option for those with an adult nursing degree. You'll be on the front as an emergency nurse, giving immediate care to patients (especially those suffering from acute diseases and injuries). You'll work under pressure and use your critical thinking abilities to provide amazing care.  

Research Nurse 

If you are into technology and innovation, consider becoming a research nurse. You will contribute to important medical studies and clinical trials and work alongside scientists and researchers. The studies you work on could contribute to medical breakthroughs in the future.   

Nurse Manager 

Becoming a nurse manager might be an exciting career path for people who like clinical care and leadership. In this position, you'll lead a team of nurses ensuring high-quality care and smooth operations at a single location.  

Palliative Care Nurse 

If you have a desire to help people in difficult times, palliative care nursing may be a good fit for you. As a palliative care nurse, you will give compassionate care to patients suffering from life-threatening diseases. You will be concentrating on pain management and symptom reduction. Also, you’ll offer emotional support for both patients and their families.  

Community Health Nurse 

Working in community health settings is another fascinating option for adult nurses. This may entail delivering treatment to patients in their homes. Also, you might find yourself doing health exams in schools or engaging in public health campaigns. Through education and care, community nursing has a direct influence on people and communities as you improve general health and encourage them to avoid preventable diseases.  

Consider getting an adult nursing degree if you're looking for an interesting and exciting job, one that allows you to make a real difference in people's lives. The opportunities are limitless and the influence you will have is priceless.  

Average Adult Nursing salary:  

Are you curious about the average adult nursing degree income in the United Kingdom? If you're thinking of getting an adult nursing degree, you might want to know about the financial benefits. While salaries could vary based on experience, location and specialisation; an adult nursing degree pays well.  

Adult nurses in the United Kingdom start at £24k per year as per the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). This wage reflects the beginning salary for newly qualified nurses.  

You may expect your salary to increase as you get experience and advance in your profession. Because of their special expertise and tasks, advanced nurses or consultants may earn higher wages. 

Also, note that your salary might differ based on where you work. To make up for the high cost of living, London and other urban locations tend to offer higher salaries. Yet, adult nursing salaries remain competitive and offer a decent life quality even outside big cities.  

How long is BSc Nursing?

Becoming a registered nurse is difficult yet rewarding and usually takes three to four years.  

The length of your adult nursing degree will vary based on the university you attend and any past academic credentials or experience. However, most programmes take three years of full-time study to complete.  

Throughout these years, you will study many elements of nursing such as academia and practical training, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, nursing ethics and communication skills.  

You will also take part in clinical assignments and receive hands-on experience in healthcare settings. You will apply your expertise and skills under the guidance of experienced nurses and mentors.  

Some institutions offer 18 to 24-month programs for those with a related degree or healthcare experience. This enables you to speed up your nursing education.  

Also, note that to graduate as a registered nurse, you'll need to achieve specific academic criteria and complete clinical placements during your BSc in Nursing program.  

Nursing degree entry requirements:  

If you're thinking about getting an adult nursing degree, you might be curious about the admissions criteria. Nursing is a well-respected and in-demand profession. Yet, entrance to nursing programs often requires meeting strict criteria. While specific requirements may vary among institutions, there are standard requirements to consider.  

Most nursing programs need a certain amount of UCAS points. Level 3’s need to have a health and social care-related subject and most programs require at least five GCSEs at grade C or above including English, Maths and, preferably, Science.  

Students may also need to complete aptitude tests or entrance examinations for an adult nursing degree.  

Why get an Adult Nursing degree at the University of Bolton?  

Ready to start your journey towards an adult nursing degree? Look no further than the University of Bolton.   

We provide an amazing educational experience and a remarkable reputation. Our cutting-edge facilities, instructors, notable clinical placements and customised help have created a track record of qualified and competent nurse placements.    

You'll get access to cutting-edge simulation laboratories. This will help you practise and fine-tune your abilities in an actual care situation. The knowledgeable and experienced lecturers provide a wealth of theoretical and practical experience to ensure you get the finest education possible.    

You'll get hands-on too, in recognised healthcare settings. This includes extra clinical assignments, strengthening your abilities and confidence.    

The University of Bolton commits to delivering personalised support as well. We’ll ensure you have the resources and guidance you need to succeed in your studies. So, if you're ready to begin a rewarding nursing career, the University of Bolton is the perfect place to make your dreams a reality.   


The opportunities with an adult nursing degree are limitless. You can work in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, communities and health centres. Or you could advance to positions such as nurse practitioner or nurse manager. Adult nurses are in great demand and your degree opens the door to a meaningful and successful profession.   

So, if you're interested in making a difference in people's lives, getting an adult nursing degree from Bolton University is your ticket to a career full of options. As you begin on this wonderful path of caring and healing, embrace the adventure and let your compassion and skill shine.  

So, what are you waiting for? To learn more about Bolton University's adult nursing degree, reach us at enquiries@bolton.ac.uk. Or call +44 1204 903142 to speak to a member of the team. Start your journey towards a rewarding career right away and experience #UniAsItShouldBe! 



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