University of Bolton's Exclusive GAME Initiative


University of Bolton's Exclusive GAME Initiative

Are you ready to leap into the future with confidence and a toolkit filled with skills that will make employers take notice? Welcome to the University of Bolton's GAME. Our Graduate Attributes Matrix for Employability is designed with you, the future game-changer, in mind.

What's GAME all about?

Imagine walking into your dream job interview, armed with all your academic knowledge, but also a persona that the employer simply cannot pass up on. That's what GAME is here to do – to turn you into a powerhouse of skills and attributes that are the gold standard in the job market. It's your secret weapon to stand out in a crowd of graduates.

After all, approximately 900,000 students will obtain their undergraduate certificates in 2024, with 390,000 earning their Masters’ degrees. If that wasn’t enough, there will be 11 million extra graduates by 2035, so it’s more important than ever to do everything possible to distinguish yourself from the competition.

GAME attributes to supercharge your future

1. Be the captain of your ship 


Dive deep into who you are, your strengths, your quirks, and how you can channel them to be unstoppable in your career.

2. Bounce back like a boss


Life throws curveballs, but with resilience, you'll learn to catch them and throw them right back.

3. Solve it like Sherlock


Develop the mindset to look at challenges and say, 'Challenge accepted.'

4. Master the art of influence

Effective communicator

Whether it's a tweet, a speech, or a report, learn to craft messages that resonate and inspire.

5. Citizen of the world

Global citizen

Embrace the vibrant tapestry of cultures and perspectives that make our world, ready to make a global impact.

6. Unleash your inner innovator


Ignite your creativity and turn 'what if' into 'what is.'

7. Change chameleon


In a world that's constantly evolving, be the one who stands out for effortlessly riding the waves of change.

8. Teamwork makes the dream work


Discover the power of unity in diversity, building bridges, and achieving shared dreams.

9. Confidence is your superpower


Walk into any room, and let them see the spark of belief in your eyes, the kind that says, 'I've got this.'

10. Never stop growing

Lifelong learner

Embrace the journey of learning because the best version of you is the one that's constantly evolving.

Your GAME plan - Making it real

At the University of Bolton, GAME isn't just theory; it's your everyday. From the classroom to the lab to the local community, every experience is a building block helping your future. We're here to help you chart your path, celebrate your unique journey, and showcase your GAME attributes in ways that will make your resume not just read but remembered.

More than a list of characteristics

The GAME initiative is more than just a set of attributes; it's a comprehensive approach to your professional development. By keeping a record of your progress across 10 essential skills and attributes, GAME provides a structured way to reflect on your experiences and learning. 

Whether through work placements, academic achievements, or involvement in extracurricular activities, GAME helps you build a strong foundation for your career. It ensures that you leave the Bolton family not just with a degree but with a portfolio of skills and experiences that truly set you apart.

Why Bolton?

Because here, we're not just about education; we're about transformation. We're about setting you up for a life where you don't just follow paths but blaze trails. The University of Bolton is proud to be among the select UK universities that offer something as groundbreaking as GAME because we believe in investing in our students, reinforced by our student-first approach – the leaders, innovators, and pioneers of tomorrow.

Take the leap

Are you ready to be more than just a graduate? Join us, and let's set the stage for a future where you're not just in the game but winning it. Contact us for more information at or call 01204 903903.

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