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According to the World Economic Forum, the global workforce is undergoing a huge technological shift that many are referring to as the ‘fourth industrial revolution’. In fact, it is estimated that almost a third of the most important skill sets in 2025 will be comprised of technology. Of course, the acceleration in technology owes a lot to the unprecedented situation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, with many UK businesses adapting to remote working methods. However, what wasn’t predicted at the time was the realisation that employees could work from home, so even today, we are seeing hybrid working implemented across the country. In fact, for some companies, it can be seen as a good cost-saving technique, as the need for paying for office space has decreased.

Ultimately, this is how technology has been revolutionised, as more remote working caused the need for businesses to implement centralised computing systems to ensure that their team communications stayed aligned. Therefore, considering this and the fact that technology and the development of artificial intelligence (AI) are evolving at a rapid pace, this means that there is a growing demand for graduates with a degree in computer science. At the University of Bolton, we will give you the opportunity to study in our Centre for Applied Computer Science, offering you the chance to enter this dynamic world of digital technology with an accredited computing degree.

The Booming Demand for Computing Degrees  

It’s no secret that the world is taking the technology industry by storm as computer science degrees are currently among the most in-demand courses in the UK. As of 2021, it was also one of the top 10 highest-paying UK degrees, with an average starting salary of £27,000. This is because the majority of medium to large-sized businesses have a need for computer science graduates no matter what industry they are in.

Computing Degrees

Take a look at the top 10 companies for computer science jobs in the UK

- Google  
- Deliveroo 
- Revolut 
- Benevolent AI  
- Wise  
- Darktrace 
- Blockchain  
- Apple  
- Salesforce  
- Microsoft  

Computing Degrees at Bolton

By studying one of our computing degree courses, you will gain the vital industry-related skills you need to pursue a successful career in a fast-paced and lucrative environment. Industries could include computer programming and cloud infrastructure. Within our supportive learning environment, our BSc (Hons) Computing degree courses have been developed by industry professionals to help you gain resourceful insights and abilities to design, develop, build, and maintain complex computer systems in modern digital industries. Our graduates enter the workplace as valuable additions to any business.

Perhaps, you’d rather go down the software engineering route? In this case, our BEng (Hons) Software Engineering course could be a great course to study at Bolton, we would love to help you learn the skills to enter one of the world’s most in-demand professions. While developing skills including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and programming, we will give you the opportunity to work on projects from analysis through to design, development, testing, and maintenance. It also comes with good earning potential, as graduates, within a few years, can enjoy an average salary of £35,769.

Sound like the right career choice for you? Our students love life at Bolton, and we are proud they have voted Bolton first for Student Satisfaction for the past five years*.

Come and enjoy #UniAsItShouldBe and benefit from our small, supportive, and friendly campus.

Computer Coding
Clearing 2022: Computing  

Do you want to guarantee a place at university? Check out our computer science Clearing courses and see if we match your needs and interests. We understand that the in-demand nature of the technology sector makes it incredibly competitive to get into, so we are proud to support your career ambitions. Through Clearing 2022 at Bolton University, you can generate your instant offer directly and see what your options are to help you start your career journey. 

Give us a call on 01204 903030 if you need any support! 

We are Happy to Help! 

Do you still have questions about university? Register for one of our available Study Advice Sessions. Whether you need course advice, career advice, student finance support, disability services, or general student services support, we have representatives available to help you. These sessions also take place on-campus so you can kill two birds with one stone by finding out everything you need to know about university while also getting a first-hand feel for our vibrant and friendly campus for yourself.

- Friday 19 August – 11am to 4pm  
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Need help booking your place? Send us an email at or give us a call at 01204 903807.  

*Complete University Guide – 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 – Northwest 


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