Lawyer vs. Solicitor… What is the difference?


Former US President Donald Trump has once again been in the centre of the legal news with his new lawsuit over the FBI search of his Florida residence. The confiscation of hundreds of confidential records has caused Trump to claim the violation of his constitutional rights.  

Alternatively, you might be aware of the ongoing legal pursuit between Elon Musk and Twitter. A whistle-blower complaint that Twitter misled federal regulators could have just given Musk the new ammunition he needs in his bid to get out of a deal worth $44 million.  

Law is a glamorous and exciting industry, and there are great job prospects with a law degree. At the University of Bolton, whether you are looking to becoming a solicitor or a lawyer, the School of Law can support your future career prospects. 

Let’s have a look at some key differences between becoming a solicitor and a lawyer. 

Law Court


Becoming a lawyer in the modern legal world  

Today, whether it’s having a passion for social justice or wanting to defend those who can’t protect themselves, many students like the idea of helping others, and the possibilities a career in law provides. It’s an industry that is often misconceived, with people tending to picture lawyers as what they’ve seen on TV; high-octane courtroom action and combative meetings. Even though this can be a vital aspect of the industry, becoming a lawyer is much more than that. Modern-day lawyers are involved in all kinds of major life events, such as:  

- Buying homes  
- Counselling  
- Employment  
- Family Law 
- Immigration Law  
- Personal Injury 
- Writing wills  

Becoming a lawyer involves making a positive impact on natural aspects of either an individual’s life, a group or an organisation, helping them solve challenging problems and manage necessary legal issues. If you think you can use your powers of persuasion to solve people’s problems, then a law degree could be a great choice; you could be a lawyer in the making! 

What are the benefits of becoming a solicitor?  

If you want to make a real difference to those who need help at the earliest stage of a potential case, becoming a solicitor could be a great way of pursuing your legal ambitions. A Solicitor is someone with a certificate to practice law that is not a barrister or judge, they are responsible for providing expert legal advice tailored to individual clients. 

A key challenge on this career path is engaging in healthy debate, so qualifying as a solicitor gives you the opportunity to express your conversational talents. Becoming a solicitor doesn’t just involve giving legal advice at the early stages of cases, you can also work as a solicitor advocate. Similarly to barristers, a solicitor advocate gives you the opportunity to represent clients in court, meaning that as a solicitor, you benefit from the best of both worlds: getting that in-court advocacy experience that every aspiring lawyer dreams of, without having the time-consuming instability of the bar examination.  

What would you think of gaining a law degree and entering a job with a minimum starting salary of £42,000? The median graduate starting salary for law businesses stands at £42,250. Once you’ve completed your LLB (Hons) Law degree, you will become eligible to complete our 18-month LLM with Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) course. Giving you the key legal principles that underpin practice as a solicitor once you pass the SQE. Law Library

Studying for a Law Degree at Bolton  

Want to benefit from legal work experience, collaborating with experienced practitioners to give free legal advice to the general public? You can do so by studying in our very own legal advice centre. 

Law is a practical and competitive field. To stand out from the crowd, acquiring a law degree from a university that enables you to gain the practical-based experience you need would be beneficial. Within the Bolton School of Law, we are proud to provide a socially inclusive centre of education, giving students access to our very own state-of-the-art Moot court. This enables our students to get involved in meaningful debates, giving them the experience to support their career ambitions. Law at Bolton

Also, the multiple different types of law mean that the nature of a law degree isn’t just practical. Our dedicated law library is accessible to our students, giving them the resources they need to fulfil their academic requirements. At Bolton, our supportive learning environment means that you will never be left feeling isolated; that’s where you will benefit from our small class sizes.  

By studying at Bolton, you know that you’re studying a course that students love as they have voted our courses 1st for Student Satisfaction!* 

If you wish to learn more about our law courses in more detail, click here.  

Clearing is here to support your legal ambitions! 

Apply through Clearing to start your law journey at Bolton! Open until 19 September, so there is still plenty of time left if you still haven’t made your decision.  

Head to our Clearing page to make your application or give us a call on 01204 903030 and we will be happy to tell you what #UniAsItShouldBe means for our law students.  

*Complete University Guide – 2022 - Northwest 


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