Health and Social Care: The Rising Demand for Workers


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Healthcare is a rewarding industry for workers in both the NHS and social care; two of the most important aspects of UK health services.  

Imagine a time when a friend or family member is in need of medical assistance. Visiting them in the hospital or a care home and seeing the tremendous care they are receiving would provide immense reassurance. Full-time equivalent healthcare workers in the UK that provide these services are becoming stretched; particularly since the coronavirus pandemic. This means one thing. Graduate health and social care jobs are in high demand.  

If you want to contribute to an industry that is a vital part of caring for those in need, a health and social care degree could be a great idea. For a relevant course that meets the demands of the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework, the University of Bolton provides a clear path forward.  

Health and Social Care in a Post-Covid World  

Covid-19 will forever be known as the virus that completely changed our way of life; and while some saw the benefits of the government’s furlough scheme, others had the task of remaining at work, their roles too important to be put on pause. Out of these, health and social care workers made up the largest proportion of key workers, accounting for 31% of these roles. According to a coronavirus infection survey, those in patient-facing roles like NHS professionals and nursing or care home workers reported a higher rate of positive test results; 1.58% as opposed to 0.27% for those in non-patient-facing roles.  

As you can expect in an industry working around direct covid patients or those at increased vulnerability for catching the virus, an Office for National Statistics (ONS) survey reported that one-third of carers mentioned giving more help during the pandemic. This is part of what is causing healthcare workers to become stretched. The increased demand has caused NHS professionals and carers to attend to patients that they have not previously seen before. In some cases, this has caused carers to report not having the time to see patients that they usually would.  

Something needs to be done to combat these staff shortages in healthcare. The 2022 health and social care levy will begin to raise millions as a way of tackling the covid backlog. By raising £39 billion over the next three years, the UK health service can return to pre-covid performance. Ultimately, there’s no better time for graduate health and social care jobs. If caring is a part of your DNA and you want to help make a positive impact on an industry that needs your help, then look at how Bolton University can kickstart your healthcare career with a BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care degree.  Adult Social Care

UK Health and Social Care and an Ageing Population 

The pandemic isn’t the only thing causing a strain on the UK health and social care system. The UK population is ageing. Within the next 25 years, the number of people over the age of 85 will double to 2.6 million. In the immediate future, this presents an increased need for health services, particularly adult social care. However, the latest research is suggesting that it isn’t the age of the population themselves that is causing the demand increase; as elderly people are showing more ability to live independent lives. Instead, it is the proportion of the older generation living with long-term medical conditions that are causing more complex issues the NHS must manage.  

Currently, there are 1.2 million full-time equivalent workers in the NHS. Which, when compared with the patient demand, is causing a shortage of over 100,000 staff members. Further increasing the need for graduate health and social care workers and providing an opportunity for students to make an immediate impact in the industry after completing their studies.  

The Extent of the Staff Shortages in Healthcare 

The staff shortage in the NHS is causing a significant issue. So how does the demand for social care workers compare? A comparable situation is occuring... 

With 1.1 million full-time equivalent workers, there are a total of 122,000 vacancies in adult social care. Altogether this equates to a vacancy rate of 8% across the entire health and social care industry; in comparison to under 3% for all jobs across the UK economy.  Health and Social Care at Bolton

Study a Health and Social Care Degree at Bolton 

Are you a naturally caring person who… 
- Understands other people’s feelings? 
- Can follow instructions and procedures? 
- Is a good listener and communicator?  
- Is reliable?  
- Treats others with respect and dignity? 

These are all qualities needed for particular careers in health and social care. If you said yes to any of those five questions, then this could be the career opportunity you have been looking for.  

At Bolton University, our BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care degree will give you the solid foundation you need by teaching you the latest practices in this challenging sector. Offering our students access to excellent facilities and an extensive range of work placements, we are proud to provide the friendly and inclusive campus they need to get ready for a career making a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable people.  

All students who begin their Bolton journey quickly become aligned with the #UniAsItShouldBe concept; the supportive learning environment we offer to help them finish their studies with the best possible degree. As a health and social care degree student, we will help you open the door to a range of employment opportunities including

- Care Work 
- Nursing  
- Occupational Therapy 
- Personal Assistant  
- Public Health  
- Social Work 

Interested in pursuing any of these careers? To view our full course details, please click here
Applying through Clearing is a smart choice! 

Clearing offers you a fantastic opportunity to submit your application for a career in an industry in vital need of new recruits. It is open until 19 September so there is still time to make your decision.  

Come and join the Bolton family on an accredited course that has been voted first for Student Satisfaction*.  

Find out how to apply by calling our Clearing team on 01204 903030. 

*Complete University Guide – UK - 2022 


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