Following the strangeness of 2020-2021 fashion trends – with internet business gatherings and working from home – 2022 delivers some refreshing styles and designs. 

For the previous 60 years or more, the 'latest' fashion trends have been obtained from runways and fashion publications. Nowadays, social media influencers and streetwear culture showcase dictate what is fashionable to their worldwide audiences. 

To some extent, last year’s fashion styles and trends did not assist much in terms of encouraging the public. However, the apocalyptic conditions that the fashion industry experienced over the past couple of years brought light to amazing social media-driven digital trends and beautiful clothes that aimed to pull you out of quarantine, with a smile on your face. 

micro mini-skirtIn contrast to the bland aesthetics of ‘21, this year features fresher yet bolder and bigger designs, inspired in part by a desire to return to "normal" living and in part by the blooming TikTok fashion culture. If you're pursuing a fashion or textile degree, you might know what we're talking about, but for those who just want to know what to wear this season and rock it, here are the major fashion trends for the year ahead.  

crochet set


You've probably seen Miu Miu's viral micro mini skirt by now. While you may be tired of seeing the ultra-mini in fashion magazines and celebrities, we anticipate that this hemline will continue to increase throughout the summer. While you would assume this garment is only appropriate for warm weather, you can easily transition into Autumn with a pair of patterned tights and some chunky boots.


People studying for their fashion and textile degree might have researched crochets sets from the 1970s; in which case they would know that they are back with a boom.

Crochet sets are a huge fashion trend, boosted by Harry Styles and his pop-culture blockbuster "Watermelon Sugar" video. Crocheting's popularity has grown steadily since the video's release. Crochet apparel searches have increased by 85% since last July, as per the fashion search engine Lyst, notably for crocheted dresses and crochet sets.

Crochet outfits, worn by everyone from Lucy Williams to Bettina Looney and Chrissy Rutherford, have become the go-to look for beach vacations and summertime weekend getaways.

hoodies under blazers and coats


The ever-so-comfortable hoodie, but with a twist, is among the most popular outfits dominating the fashion trends of 2022. Pairing a blazer with a hoodie is no longer simply another street style trend; it is now a popular look that crosses generations.

Wearing a classic staple-piece hoodie under a jacket gives another element of style to your entire ensemble. Look for a narrow, tapering hoody in a darker, solid colour with no embroidery or decorations.

bomber jackets

Wear it with a dark, solid-coloured jacket. It's totally up to you whether to wear slacks or denim, either will fit depending on the occasion; You've jumped on this year’s fashion bandwagon.


Dresses and blouses will keep their volume until the end of the year, with oversized shirting, expanded shapes, and a continuance of the puff sleeve trend. Bomber jackets are one such statement piece that has embraced the fashion world.

cropped sweaters and cardigans

Unless you've picked a slightly cropped version, bomber jackets should always sit freely on your hips. Whatever the style, the clinging cuffs should not go past or over your wrists. The cuffs should be relatively snug, so if it drapes freely over your hand, consider a smaller size. In this 2022 fashion trend, the colours are nearly often neutral, boosting the underneath garment for an effortlessly stylish look.


Nothing characterises present fashion trends quite like the simple cropped cardigan; something our fashion design and technology degree students will know. A vintage-inspired trend started by high-end fashion designers like Alessandra Rich and LoveShackFancy that was quickly replicated by Zara, Shein, Forever 21, and other fast-fashion stores.

Regardless, if throwing together a great look feels overwhelming right now, a slim sweater with your favourite jeans is the perfect solution. There's something for everybody, with styles ranging from basic button-ups to crocheted, embellished, or patterned cardigans.

boiler suits


This hero item has appeared endless times on the runway as well as at your favourite boutiques. It's simple, stylish, and cuts the worry out of choosing a mixed outfit like jeans and a shirt — since choosing the right fashion statement is such an important decision for all of us these days.

The one-zip marvel, typically made of strong fabric or denim, was one of several game-changing advancements that emerged from the Industrial Revolution. Comfort and functionality are equally important considerations when it comes to men's overalls.

oversized puffy sleeves

This flexible all-in-one is a favourite of celebs such as Giambattista, the Hadid twins, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, and Irina Shayk.


Most fashion trends begin as just that: TRENDS. A trend, by description, is a growth or change, and as such, we expect that fashion trends will evolve and assume new shapes and even split off totally. 

On the other hand, some styles have lasting power, demonstrating to be more than transitory — and the puff-sleeve style is a prime example. The ballooning sleeve, Juliet sleeve, leg-of-mutton sleeve, and so on are all variants on the larger-than-life sleeve. On the other hand, the puff sleeve fashion breached the fashionable veneer in 2018, as '80s allusions screamed the catwalk. In 2022, the supersize sleeve will be more famous than ever. 

chunky loafers

Fendi jumpers with balloon sleeves, McQueen pleated shirtdresses with billowing sleeves, Rodarte precisely puffy gowns, and double-breasted winter jackets by JW Anderson are all prime examples of this rising fashion trend.


Too chilly for elegant shoes, too soon for boots, and not in the spirit for high heels? With these clunky loafers, 2022 fashion trends have got you covered. These shoes never cease to stand out from the crowd with an overall classic appearance.

Trainers and boots, as well as loafers, ballerina styles, and baby doll shoes, have been the most popular flat types in recent years. However, the present design trend places bulky loafers at the pinnacle of the flat style. Especially when coupled with longer-length stockings for a preppy, 'school Core' look. Check out Prada's clunky-AF loafers, which are spearheading a rising grunge style

maxi dress


The maxi dress has been one of the most versatile pieces of apparel a lady loves to wear. 

A perfect outfit for a summer's evening; put it on with sandals, and you're ready to go. 

Because of TikTok's Cottage core aesthetic movement, the maxi dress achieved its pinnacle of popularity in 2021. Cottage core is a new fashion trend that is being pushed by boho companies like Free People and retailers such as Anthropologie and is expected to increase in 2022.

Many refer to maxis as "blanket dresses" since they are excellent for lounging on the sofa, but the maxis of 2022 will be bolder and shinier. The broader and more flamboyant, the better, since clashing designs combined with wide tulle make everything appear brighter.

bralettes10.      BRALETTES EVERYWHERE

The primary distinction between a bra and a bralette is that bralettes are softer, lighter, and typically created without wire.

This comfy bra replacement was previously layered beneath loose shirts for an added design or splash of colour. However, the wire-free form will be available in 2022 in various colours, materials, and designs, so you may use it as a top.

Furthermore, bralettes may now be worn beneath blazers and cardigans without having to coordinate them with your upper layer. Pair it with a co-ord set, underneath a jacket, with denim Bermuda shorts, below a mesh top, a beach shirt, high-waisted pants, below a sheer blouse, etc.

bucket hat

11.      BUCKET HAT 

As per Lyst, searches for bucket hats have increased by 56% since last year, bringing them back on trend.

Bucket hats have lately been seen on Billie Eilish, Diplo, and the runways of Bode, Kate Spade, and Anna Sui. This hat style is suitable for concealing a headful of hair strands that have not been brushed by a hairdresser's fingers.

Perhaps, you feel like you’re having a bad hair day. The bucket hat can remove your worries and keep you looking stylish in the process.

academia style clothing


Academic-infused styles – comprising dark and light academia – had a significant boost in 2020-2021, during the COVID-19 shutdown, and will continue to be important this year.

Inspired by nostalgia for schooling and fashion on social media, this fashion trend emphasises education, knowledge, literature, and writing; hence the 'Academic' accent. The style is divided into three substyles: Dark, Light, and Grey Academia.

Each substyle has its own features; for instance, Dark Academia is inspired by traditional Greek arts, literature, and architecture but is heavily imbued with Gothic motifs and death notions. Choose thick knitwear in dark tones influenced by old, Hogwarts-worthy libraries if you want to go with the Dark Academia look.


To some extent, current fashion trends reflect the 1990s in that they replicate the forms and patterns of previous years. However, this time, there is a significant difference: traditional shapes are reinterpreted in enormous and brightly coloured fitness and streetwear forms.

The COVID-19 shutdown worked as a catalyst for highly creative online communities and internet subcultures, giving rise to previously unseen forms and combinations. As the environment evolves, keeping up with the newest fashion trends is critical. If you are interested in fashion designing and textile, there is no better time than now to enrol in such programs and start your career journey. Fashion design and technology degrees have seen a rise and will surely satisfy your fashion and textile hunger while exposing you to the ever-evolving fashion world and its techniques; let the University of Bolton support your career ambitions. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can start your journey on this creative path, click here to see the full course details. Alternatively, you can give our friendly team a call at +44 (0) 1204 900 600.

Come and enjoy #UniAsItShouldBe and let the Bolton family support you on your path to your dream fashion career.




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