Teaching Responsibilities

I teach the following module on the BA (Hons) Sport Development and Coaching course:

SDC 6001 Policy and Strategic Management in Sport
SDC 6003 Contemporary Issues in Sport
SDC 6005 Dissertation


Sport is a major form of leisure. It is essentially a cultural construct, assuming different meanings and social functions in terms of changing social norms and political priorities.  The changeable meanings and purposes of sport are crucial to an understanding of its instrumentality in terms of social function and its deployment in social policy. My research thus underpins and enhances teaching and learning in the areas of current sport policy and the social issues pertaining to sport in modern society. My primary focus on leisure rather than sport offers a social contextualization of sport which avoids the limitations of a non-holistic approach to its study.  It also widens my capacity to offer PhD supervision, with current doctoral students undertaking research in Mass Observation and Worktown, physical activity, Nordic walking and Indian classical dance.

Education and Qualifications

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education Management (Distinction)
  • PhD ‘Public libraries, leisure and the provision of fiction between 1850 and 1914’
  • M Phil. in Cultural Studies

Research Interests

Most of my research is in the history of leisure in Britain between1850 and1939.  My doctoral thesis investigated the distribution and consumption of fiction in public libraries before the First World War. I later published a number of papers on the National Home Reading Union. More recently I have published on leisure and sport in Mass Observation’s Worktown (Bolton) and am currently working on the historical theorisations of leisure as a social good in the social policy of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

In 2009 I established the Centre for Worktown Studies. This is a joint undertaking between the University of Bolton and Bolton Museum. It presents  the annual ‘Recording Leisure Lives’ history conference and has obtained AHRC funding for a PhD studentship to work with the Humphrey Spender ‘Worktown’ photographic Collection. In the REF2014 it was described as a good example of a research environment.

I have also undertaken research in the socio-cultural factors influencing participation in sport amongst British South Asian populations. I am currently working on a book chapter on current government policy on physical activity and health.


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