Enrolment and Admissions

Conditions of Enrolment 2017-18

Course Fees Policy 2017-18

Enrolment Cancellation Form 2017-18

Student Admissions Policy 2017-18

Complaints and Appeals Process for Applicants 2017-18


Academic Regulations and Procedures

Assessment Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes 2017-18

Assessment Regulations for Postgraduate Taught Programmes 2017-18

Academic Misconduct Regulations and Procedures 2017-18

Appeals Regulations and Procedures 2017-18

Code of Practice for Work Based and Placement Learning 2017-18

Regulations and Procedures for the Conferment of University Awards 2017-18

Examination Procedures 2017-18

Fitness to Practise Procedure 2017-18

Mitigating Circumstances Regulations and Procedures 2017-18

Modification to a Taught Programme Published Guidelines 2017-18

Programme Closure and Suspension Policy and Procedure 2017-18

Programme Specification Database

Regulations for the Organisation and Conduct of Assessment Board 2017-18

Regulation Honorary Awards 2017-18

Regulations and Policy for the Recognition of Prior Learning 2017-18

Regulations and Procedures for the Award of Aegrotat and Posthumous Qualifications 2017-18

Student Attendance Policy 2017-18 - Student Edition

Academic Regulations, Policy and Procedures - Additional Guidance and Forms

Academic Appeal Form - Taught Programmes 2017-18

Academic Misconduct Hearing Report Template 2017-18

Academic Misconduct Module Leader Report Form 2017-18

Recognition of Prior Certificated Learning Claim Form 2017-18

Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning Claim Form 2017-18

Work-Based Placement Learning Assessment Form 2017-18


Academic Regulations, Policy and Procedures
which apply specifically to Postgraduate Research Students

Academic Appeal Form - Research Degree 2017-18

Code of Practice for Research Students and Supervisors 2017-18

Code of Policy and Procedures for Investigation and Resolving Allegations of Misconduct in Research 2017-18

Postgraduate Research Degree Regulations 2017-18


Student Services

Halls of Residence Conduct Statement 2017-18 and Student Accommodation Contract - Example

Policy and Guidance Notes on the Use of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

Policy on use of illegal drugs and misuse of legal drugs by students-2017-18

Policy for the Management of Meningitis 2017-18

Procedure for the support of Under 18's 2017-18

Procedure for Testing for Specific Learning Difficulties 2017-18

Supported Study Policy 2017-18

Students' Dignity at Study Policy and Procedure (Bullying and Harrassment) 2017-18

Student Mental Health Policy 2017-18


Student Services Charges 2017-18

Tier 4 Student Attendance Census 2017-18

Chaplaincy Policies Procedures and Guidance 2017-18

Use of the Chaplaincy 2017-18

Student Services - Additional Guidance and Forms 

Consent Release Form 2017-18

Disclosure of a disability-additional requirement 2017-18

Interim Support Agreement 2017-18

Marking Guidelines for Students with SLD 2017-18

Mental Health Wellbeing Intervention Plan for Students 2017-18

NMH Charter and Precepts May 2014 - External Document

Non-Medical Helper Policy - Partnership Provision 2017-18

Non-Medical Helper Policy - Student Guidance 2017-18


Library and IT

Information Security Policy 2017-18

Internet Security Policy 2017-18

Regulations for the use of Computer Facilities 2017-18

Student Acceptable Use Policy 2017-18


Library Code of Conduct 2017-18

Library Service Guides - Children In Library 2017-18

Policy on Disruptive Behaviour within the Library 2017-18


General Policies and Procedures

Car Parking Policy 2017-18

Code of Practice Relating to Freedom of Speech and Meetings on University Premises 2017-18

Code of Practice Relating to Freedom of Speech and all Planned, Affiliated, Funded or Branded Events Taking Place Off Campus 2017-18


Data Protection Policy 2017-18

In May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace the current Data Protection Act 1998.  
General Data Protection Regulations Statement


Health and Safety Policy

ID Card Procedure 2017-18

Intellectual Property Rights Policy 2017-18

Prevent Policy 2017-18

Processing Your Personal Data 2017-18

Safeguarding Policy and Procedure 2017-18

Student Complaints Procedure 2017-18

Student Non Academic Conduct and Disciplinary Policy and Procedure 2017-18

Student Social Media Guidance 2017-18


General Policies and Procedures - Additional Guidance and Forms

Subject Access Request Form 2017-18


Collaborative Partner Specific Policies and Conditions

Backstage Confidentiality Agreement 2017-18