Enrolment and Admissions

Conditions of Enrolment 2015-16

Course Fees Policy 2015-16

Enrolment Cancellation Form 2015-16

Student Admissions Policy 2015-16

Complaints and Appeals Process for Applicants 2015-16


Academic Regulations, Policies and Procedures

Assessment Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes 2015-16

Assessment Regulations for Postgraduate Taught Programmes 2015-16

Academic Misconduct Regulations and Procedures 2015-16

Appeals Regulations and Procedures 2015-16

Code of Practice on Work Based and Placement Learning - (Under Review)

Regulations and Procedures for the Conferment of University Awards 2015-16

Examination Procedures 2015-16

Fitness to Practise Procedure 2015-16 and Fitness to Practice Course Register 2015-16

Mitigating Circumstances Regulations and Procedures 2015-16

Programme Closure and Suspension Policy and Procedure 2015-16

Programme Specification Database

Regulations for the Organisation and Conduct of Assessment Board 2015-16

Regulation - Honorary Awards 2015-16

Student Attendance Policy 2015-16 - Student Edition

Academic Regulations, Policy and Procedures - Additional Guidance and Forms

Academic Misconduct Hearing Report Template 2015-16

Academic Misconduct Module Leader Report Template 2015-16

Appeal Form 2015-16

Modification to a Taught Programme Guidelines 2015-16


Research - Academic Regulations, Policy and Procedures

Code of Policy and Procedures for Investigation and Resolving Allegations of Misconduct in Research 2015-16

Code of Practice for Research Students and Supervisors 2015-16

Research Degrees: Regulations and Procedures Governing Programmes of Study by Research Leading to the Awards of the University of Bolton 2015-16

Regulations and Procedures Governing the Awards of the Degrees of Doctor of Philosophy by Published Work and Doctor of Philosophy by Practice 2015-16


Student Services Policies and Procedures

Halls of Residence - Student Conduct Statement 2015-16 and Student Accommodation Contract - Example

Policy for the Management of Meningitis 2015-16

Policy on use of illegal drugs and misuse of legal drugs by students 2015-16

Procedure for Testing for Specific Learning Difficulty 2015-16

Procedure for the support of Under 18's August 2015

Supported Study Policy (Fitness to Study) 2015-16

Student Mental Health Policy 2015-16

Student Harassment Bullying Policy (Under Review)

Student Pregnancy and Maternity Policy 2015-16

Student Services Charges 2015-16

Tier 4 responsibilities 2015-16 and Tier 4 Students Attendance Census 2015-216


Student Services - Additional Guidance and Forms 

Consent Release Form 2015-16

Disclosure of a disability - additional requirement medical condition 2015-16

Interim Support Agreement 2015-16

Marking Guidelines for Students with Specific Learning Difficulties 2015-16

Mental Health Wellbeing Intervention Plan for Students 2015-16

NMH Charter and Precepts May 2014 - External Document

Non-Medical Helper Policy - Student Guidance 2015-16

Non-Medical Helper Policy - Partnership Provision 2015-16

Use of the Chaplaincy 2015-16


Library and IT Policies and Procedures

IT Rules and Regulations

Library Rules and Regulations

Internet Security Policy

Student Acceptable Use Policy


General Policies and Procedures

Car Parking Policy 2015-16

Code of Practice Relating to Freedom of Speech and Meetings on University Premises

Code of Practice Relating to Freedom of Speech and all Planned, Affiliated, Funded or Branded Events Taking Place Off Campus

Data Protection Policy 2015-16

Health and Safety Policy

ID Card Procedure 2015-16

Intellectual Property Rights Policy 2015-16

Prevent Policy

Safeguarding Policy and Procedure 2015-16

Student Complaints Procedure 2015-16

Student Non Academic Conduct and Disciplinary Policy and Procedure 2015-16

General Policies and Procedures - Additional Guidance and Forms

Processing Your Personal Data Guidance 2015-16

Subject Access Request Form 2015-16

Student Complaint Form 2015-16

Student Social Media Guidance