Teaching Responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Biology


Jen graduated from the University of Liverpool with a BSc (1st class hons) in Marine Biology before studying for a PhD in algal physiology at the University of Essex. Her thesis examined the way in which elevated ultraviolet radiation affects intertidal benthic diatoms. Jen remained at Essex and continued to research algal photophysiology as a post doctoral researcher. She also began to develop an interest in teaching and was involved in teaching on the undergraduate Marine and Freshwater Biology BSc and the Masters in the Environment and Society.She has been lecturing at the University of Bolton since September 2008.

Prior to studying marine biology, Jen was a physiotherapist, specialising in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. She was also a clinical tutor for physiotherapy students who were undergoing their pre-registration training. Jen’s teaching reflects her ongoing interest in anatomy and physiology, as she also contributes to the teaching of the MSc in Advanced Practice for healthcare workers and the Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Social Care module.

Academic Interests

  • Photosynthesis physiology
  • Stress responses in marine microalgae
  • Reactive oxygen production as a sink for excess excitation energy
  • Ecotoxicology

Project Supervision

I have supervised projects in a range of areas, including freshwater ecotoxicology, the effectiveness of CPR barrier devices in avoiding microbial contamination, seasonal changes in marine macroalgal biochemistry and the antimicrobial properties of herb and spice extracts.

Recent Publications

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