Biographical Information

Before joining the University of Bolton as a lecturer in Biology & Environmental Studies, Ann worked as an environmental consultant in the utilities sector in roles related to biodiversity conservation and database management.  Prior to that, she worked for the European Research and Training Centre for Environmental Education (ERTCEE) at the University of Bradford. 


Academic Interests

  • Place research and social learning
  • Conservation of biodiversity and urban ecology
  • Land-use planning and sustainable environments


Academic Responsibilities

  • First year tutor
  • Placement tutor
  • PULSE and Personal Tutoring Champion


Research interests 

Topics: Sense of place and how that relates to local action, particularly around involvement in planning processes.  Low-impact lifestyles as exemplified by permaculture design.

PhD research was interdisciplinary, drawing on a number of fields such as environmental psychology, natural resource management, and ecological design and planning.  The research drew upon qualitative research methods, particularly participatory approaches.



Kolodziejski, A & Soutar, A (2004)  Eating the View - permaculture style.  ECOS Vol 25, Issue 1.  British Association for Nature Conservation


Conference Presentations

Kolodziejski A (2012)  Presentation of research at the Housing Studies Association’s Early Careers conference on Localism, Housing and Planning at the University of Sheffield.

Kolodziejski, A (2009)  Connecting people and nature: sense of place and local action.  Poster presentation at the International Conference on Human Ecology, Manchester, 29 June - 3 July, 2009