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Access your Course Timetables

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Student Handbook

Click here for your Student Handbook.

Study Resources covers all aspects of study. From logging into the Library catalogue, or just visiting the Library pages for contact information.

Also links to all your online learning material, whether that be within Moodle or accessing the eJournals Portal.

For more information regarding Electronic Resources and using them please visit Electronic Resources webpages.

Student Advisers can be contacted by  e-mail on: and by telephone/voicemail on  01204 903733  or Fax 01204 903732

Student Services is based in the Student Centre, Chancellors Mall. The team of Student Advisors offer information, advice and guidance on a wide range of student support issues. These include AccommodationCareersSpirituality (Chaplaincy)CounsellingDisability, Enrolment and Student Finance. They can also refer you and make appointments for you to see specialist staff.

Private interview room facilities are available on request. An induction loop facility for deaf people and hard of hearing is also available.

For opening times visit the Student Services Opening Times webpage. Alternatively the opening times are displayed at the Student Services entrance.