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Renowned poet to read from latest collection for the first time

Friday 10 February 2012

University of Bolton Research Professor and renowned poet, Prof. Jon Glover, is reading from his latest collection of poems, Glass is Elastic, for first the time.


The reading will take place at Octagon Theatre Bolton on Thursday 16 February.


Glass is Elastic has just been released by Carcanet Press, one of the country’s leading independent literature publishers.


He said: ‘I’ve been organising and taking part in this particular event in Bolton for about 30 years. In that time it has grown to be one of the most popular and well respected poetry readings in the region, if not the country.’


Prof. Glover thinks it’s the depth and variety of talent involved that has kept it going for so long: ‘We’ve had everyone from literary giants to local talent from the University. It’s that combination and dedication that has allowed us to continue and will hopefully let us continue for many more years to come.’


Speaking of his own upcoming reading, he said: ‘Each poem tells its own story. While there is a central sequence to the work, there isn’t a collective narrative across Glass is Elastic; each individual poem stands alone.’ 


Prof. Glover will be joined by Zoe Lambert, a Manchester based writer and part-time lecturer on the University of Bolton’s MA and BA in Creative Writing. Zoe will reading from her recently published work, The War Tour.


The War Tour is Zoe’s debut collection of short stories and explores the consequences of conflict. She said: ‘The War Tour encapsulates the effects of war on ordinary people from a variety of unique perspectives. I began writing the book because I was angry about how people who were fleeing conflict and persecution were treated in the UK.’


As well as being driven by people’s accounts of the horrors of war, the book also touches on different aspects of conflict. She added: ‘Some of the stories explore war from a historical point-of-view, from British colonialism to the Soviet era. This is by those who lived through it and those trying to piece together their own personal history.’



The reading is at Octagon Theatre Bolton, Thursday 16 February at 7:30pm.

Tickets are £4, concessions are £3



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