Institute for Educational Cybernetics

Our mission is to develop a better understanding of how information and communications technologies affect the organisation of education from individual learning to the global system.

This is achieved through developing innovative software, researching emerging learning technologies and related technological and pedagogical matters at a strategic level on behalf of UK Higher Education, and developing new pedagogical approaches to learning, teaching, and assessment.

Engaged in this work at IEC is a large community of researchers, programmers, and educationalists who work nationally and internationally on many projects and collaborations.

If you are interested in studying or working with us, then please use the information on the website to get in touch.

PhD & Masters in Learning with Technology

These courses are for you if:

  •   you want to choose your own focus
  •   you need to combine study with work
  •   you value learning with experts
  •  you prefer assessment by portfolio

Interested?