Professional Biography

Education & Qualifications:

Islamic Scientific School, Amman Jordan

BA Economics - Yarmouk University, Jordan

MA, Yarmouk University, Jordan.  Islamic Economics with special emphasis on the Islamic Legal System
Title of Dissertation ‘Islamic Development Bank (Analytical Studies)’

Ph.D – Oxford Brookes University School of Business in collaboration with the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, St Cross College, University of Oxford.
Thesis: ‘Comparative Analysis between Islamic Banks and Conventional Banks’

Investment Management Certificate, IMRO Full
The Society of Investment Professionals



Assistant Vice Chancellor for Post Graduate Development
University of Bolton

Founder and Director of the Centre for Islamic Finance
Established in 2012 at the University of Bolton

Professor of Islamic Finance and Banking at The University of Bolton
Supervising several PhD students

Founder and CEO of Oakstone Merchant Bank Ltd
An FCA regulated financial company

Past positions

Complyport Limited
Financial Compliance Consultancy

Chief Executive Officer
Rosette Merchant Bank LLP

The Arab Foundation for Education, Scientific Research and Community Services Ltd  - the Amman Arab University

The Education and Scientific Research Management and Development Company Ltd

Barwa Capital (UK) Limited
Chief Executive
Islamic investment company

HSBC Amanah Private Banking
Managing Director & Global Head
Three times Euromoney Award Winner

Deutsche Bank AG, London
Head of the MENA team

Citigroup Private Bank, London
Senior private banker, Saudi Arabia, Levant

1997-1999ABN AMRO Bank
Vice President
London, Private Bank, Middle East Region

United Bank of Kuwait, London
Account Executive
Islamic Investment

Arbuthnot Latham & Co Ltd, London Manager
Private Banking – Corporate Finance & Development of Islamic Banking Unit

Academic Activities:

Co-authored ‘Islamic Banking: Theory, Practice and Challenges’ with Dr. Fuad Al-Omar. Zed Books, London and OUP, Pakistan

Review in the Muslim World Book Review of ‘Arabic Islamic Banking and the Renewal of Islamic Law’ by Nicholas Dylan Ray. Graham Trotman: London 1995. ISBN 0 85966 104 1

Review in the Muslim World Book Review of ‘The Political Economy of Poverty, Equity and Growth: Sri Lanka and Malaysia’ by Henry Bruton in collaboration with Gamani Abeysekera, Nimal Sanderante and Zainal Aznam Yusof. Oxford University Press: New York 1992. ISBN 0 19 520824 2

Review in the Muslim World Book Review of ‘An Introduction to Islamic Finance’ Edited by Sheikh Ghazali Abod, Syed Omar, Syed Agil and Aidit Hj. Ghazali. Quill Publishers: Kuala Lumpur 1992. ISBN 983-9640-09-7

Review in The Middle East Association Bulletin, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis of ‘Islam and the Economic Challenge’ by Dr M. Umer Chapra. The Islamic Foundation: Leicester 1992 SBN 086037-216-2

Published article in the Jordan Times entitled ‘Towards Democracy and Economic Reform’

Published article in the New Horizon Islamic Banking & Insurance, No 20, London entitled ‘Islamic Banking’s Flagship in Jordan’

Review in the Journal – Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Vol Xlll No ll, July, of ‘Essays in Islamic Economic analysis’ Edited by F.R Faridi.  Genuine Publications Ltd, New Delhi 1991. ISBN 81-8522204-6

Review in the Muslim World Book Review entitled ’The Economics of Money & Banking: A Theoretical and Empirical Study of Islamic Interest-Free Banking’ by Mosad Zineldin. Almquist and Wiksell International: Sweden 1990. ISBN 9 22 01344 X

Review in the Muslim World Book Review of ‘Islamic Banking in Pakistan: The Future Path’ by Muhammad Akram Khan.  Al-Maab Printers, Shadman: Lahore 1992 ISBN not given

Submitted a joint paper with Dr Brian Shaw, School of Business, Oxford Brookes University, entitled ‘the Relationship between Islamic Banking theory and Practice to the conference of ‘Arab Management’ at the Management Centre, University of Bradford

Published article in the American Journal of Islamic finance, Washington, entitled ‘The Islamic Development Bank’

Fieldwork and intensive course at the Islamic Development Bank, including daily visits to and meetings at the IDB, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia