The Library has sixty laptops available for 3 hour loan during Library staffed hours. Please refer to the library Opening Times  for further details.

This scheme enables students to borrow laptops for use within the Social Learning Zone (SLZ) and the Library. You can move around within the Library and Social Learning Zone with the laptop, for example; you can create resources in one area, and then move to the SLZ or group study room for discussions.

Laptop loans are subject to Conditions of Use in addition to the Regulations for use of Computer Facilities

Students with outstanding library fines, invoices or other restrictions on their library account that prevent borrowing will not be able to use the service.

Please note that this service is not available to staff.

Loaning a Laptop

Laptops are issued from the self-service cabinets in the Link Zone in the Library. Please note that Conditions of Use apply and that you will need your Student ID card in order to be able to borrow a laptop. The laptops are to be used within the Library and SLZ only.

Laptops loans are available 24/7.


Loan Period

The standard loan period is 3 hours.



If you return the laptop late i.e. after the end of your 3 hour loan period, then there will be a fine of £5 per hour or part of an hour.


Installed Software

The laptops have the following software:

  • MS Office 2010
  • Internet Explorer
  • Adobe Reader
  • Inspiration


Network Access

You will be able to use the University’s wireless network in order to access your M: drive, the internet and a printer.

When you turn on the laptop the wireless connection wizard will connect you.  Please enter your University username and password when prompted.


Saving Your Work

Please save your work regularly to your M: drive or USB pen drive. Please note that there is no floppy disk drive on the laptops.

Please do NOT save work to My Documents on the laptop. Any files saved here will be removed when the laptop is switched off. You can also save files to CD or DVD.

Please note that if the laptop shuts down due to low battery level then we cannot be held responsible for any data loss.



When you turn on the laptop the wireless connection wizard connects you to both STUDENT-MONO and STUDENT-COLOUR print queues. Normal printing charges will apply. You can top up your print quota at the print quota machine in the Library.



Once you have finished with the laptop, or at the end of your 3 hour loan period, please save your work to your M: drive or USB pen drive and shut down the laptop. Please return the laptop to the same cabinet that you borrowed it from and please make sure you reconnect the cable before closing the cabinet door.



It is not possible to renew your loan on the laptop. Please return the laptop and loan another one.


Faulty Laptops

If, whilst using the laptop, you experience a hardware or software problem then please return it to the Library IT Support Desk where it will be checked. If necessary you will be issued with another laptop.


Looking After The Laptop

You are reminded that you are responsible for the safety and security of the laptop whilst it is on loan to you. Do not leave the laptop unattended or unsecured. You will be charged for any loss or damage.

Please report any damage or loss to the Library IT Support Desk as soon as possible.


Laptop Batteries

The laptops are supplied with charged batteries, so you can sit anywhere in the Library or Social Learning Zone without needing to be near a power socket.

Depending on how you use the laptop, we can not guarantee that the battery will last for 3 hours; so please check your battery level frequently.

You will receive a warning when there is 10% of your battery life left. If your battery level becomes low, please save your work immediately to your M: drive or USB pen drive and bring the laptop to the self-service cabinets in the Link Zone in the Library and return it.

The laptops are configured to use power saving features in order to extend the battery life. If the laptop goes into power save mode and moving the mouse does not ‘wake’ the laptop, please press the on/off button to activate your laptop.