All University of Bolton account holders are allocated an email account.

You have a mailbox quota and you will receive warning emails when you are nearing this limit. If your mailbox size gets nearer the limit then your mailbox will stop sending emails. When your mailbox reaches its limit then you will not be able to send or receive new mail until you reduce your mailbox size.

To make more space available, delete any items that you are no longer using. Items in all of your mailbox folders including the Deleted Items and Sent Items folders count against your size limit. You must empty the Deleted Items folder after deleting items or the space will not be freed.

Email Requirements

To access your Webmail you will need an internet connection and a web browser. This also means you will not be able to access your email offline. If you experience any problems accessing your emails, always try using a different browser.

Accessing Your Email

Your university email address is set to the format (e.g. for students and (e.g. for staff. To access your email account either click on the Webmail quick link from the IT Support Services home page or from the Student Portal.

Email Attachments

Please be aware that when you intend to work on a file that has been sent as an attachment, it is important that you first save the file. Use the Save As function to copy the file on to your M: Drive. Once saved, you can open the file remembering to periodically save the updates

Email - Students

Students - Setup Outlook App on Your Mobile Device

Webmail FAQs

I cannot send or receive mail.

When you delete a mail message, the message is then moved to the Deleted Items folder. You need to make sure that you periodically empty your Deleted Items folder as these items are still taking up space in your mail quota. The same goes for your Sent Items folder.

To empty the Deleted/Sent Items folder:

  • Right-click on the Deleted/Sent Items folder in the left-hand pane.
  • Then click on Empty Deleted/Sent Items from the menu

The messages in this folder are now deleted. Try closing and reopening Webmail after deleting your old emails. Please be aware that emails with attachments will take up the most space

How can I change my contact email address?

You should be able to change your contact email address yourself in your student record. If you are not able to do this please contact Student Data Management on the 01204 903059 or email

How can I read my email from outside the university?

In order to read your email from outside the University, you need to go to our webpages at and then click on the Webmail link. This will then enable you to read and send email. Webmail does not use SMTP.

Can I receive university emails on my mobile device?

Yes. We have crib sheets showing you how to set up connection on various devices:

Can I view my sent messages in Webmail?

Down the left hand side of the Webmail screen there should be displayed a list of folders. If the list is blank, click on the Show/Hide folders button. One of these folders should be called 'Sent Items' and this should contain all the mail messages that you have sent. To access your sent items in Firefox click on 'Folders' option in the left hand menu pane, then select the 'Sent Items' folder.

Can I have my university emails forwarded to external account?

In Webmail, in the bottom left hand corner, click on Rules from the menu. Then in the menubar at the top of the screen click on New. At the bottom of the dialogue box click on the radio button next to Forward it to and enter the address you want it forwarded to. Untick the box about leaving a copy in your inbox (otherwise your inbox will get full and you won’t get mails). Then click on Save and Close.


Email - Staff

Staff - Setup Exchange/Webmail on your mobile device


Staff Outlook FAQs

How do I add an extra mailbox in Outlook?

To add an extra mailbox in Outlook:

1. Click on File and choose Account Settings

2. Click on the Data Files tab and choose Settings

3. Click on Mailbox until it is blue and then choose Settings

4. Click on the Advanced tab and click on Add…

5. Type in the name of the mailbox and click OK

How do I set up an out of office message during vacation time in Outlook?

To add an out of office message:

1. Click on File and Automatic Replies

2. Type in your autoreply message in the top box

3. When you are ready to set the message, tick the box I am currently Out of the Office

4. Click OK

You can add further rules to incoming emails by clicking on Add Rule. Here you can set up actions such as forwarding to another email address or sending an alternative automated reply to specified emails.

How do I set up an out of office message during vacation time in Webmail?

To add an out of office message:

1. In the bottom left hand corner, click on Options

2. In the Out of Office Assistant, type your autoreply in the top message box

3. When you are ready to set the message, tick the box I am currently Out of the Office

4. On the top menu bar click on Save and Close