To Create an External Account

To able to create an external account you must first become a sponsor by filling out the Sponsor Form For New Group application form. Please send the completed form to the Information Systems Team in room Z2-42.

Once this has been set up, you will be able to create an external account at any time by going to the Externals User Registry

For further help please visit our dedicated Moodle resource.

Moodle Access for External Users

Moodle access is automatically granted for all external users with a valid account however it is their university staff sponsor or the course creator's responsibility to provide access to Moodle courses.

SITs Access for External Users

SITs access needs to be requested by their university staff sponsor. This request is made to IT Support by using the E-vision Access Request Form [DOC]. Please send the completed form to the Information Systems Team in room Z2-42.

Notes for Sponsors

The term sponsor denotes the member of University Staff who manages the Externals in a similar manner to an internal Line Manager. All Externals in a group will be managed by the sponsor using the Externals User Registry 

Change of Ownership of a Group

If the role of leader of a group passes to another member of staff, IST should be informed.

Lifespan of Sponsored External Accounts

Access for all sponsored external accounts will expire at the end of the period specified when the account was created by the sponsor. This will be no later than at the end of each academic year on 31st July.

External account access to UoB systems can be renewed each year by the request of the UoB staff sponsor via the new web interface and the expiry date extended.