Non-medical prescribing

Welcome to the Designated Medical Practitioner (DMP) information site for the Non-medical prescribing (NMP) module. The site is designed to provide you with specific essential information, which will help guide you in supporting an NMP student.

DMP Handbook

The Module Handbook is designed to provide you with specific essential information which will help guide you in supporting your NMP student. It outlines in detail what students have to do to achieve the learning outcomes for the module and how you can support them in practice. The module guides contain up-to-date information regarding the NMP module including; timetables, learning outcomes, indicative content of module and assessment. These are given to students on day one of the module.

Please note that the timetables and dates within the module guides below (and other materials on this page) will be different depending upon the presentation of the course you are studying.  Please refer to the dates in your printed guide and/or moodle site.

Nurses Module Guide

AHP Module Guide

Pharmacist Module Guide

Objective, Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Assessment document 

Students are required to undertake an O.S.C.E assessment in practice. This will be assessed by their DMP using the assessment document provided. It aims to examine the students communication and consultation skills, and their ability to demonstrate safe, appropriate and accurate prescribing underpinned by up to date evidence.

Portfolio of Evidence

NMP Handbook 

The assessment of the NMP course requires the submission of a Portfolio of Evidence demonstrating the application of theory to practice in meeting the learning outcomes; professional body requirements and the National Prescribing Centres Single Competency Framework for all prescribers (NPC, 2012). Students are encouraged to share this with you throughout the module to help support learning and assessment.

Included in the Portfolio are the Clinical Assessment Documents (CAD). Students are encouraged to share this with you along with their portfolio throughout the course. They are asked to assess themselves at the beginning of the module against the range of competencies included within the CAD. This initial assessment aims to inform learning activities as the module progresses. These competencies are based on the National Prescribing Centre (NPC) single competency framework and are linked with the module learning outcomes. The CAD document should be used to support the initial, mid-point and final formal reviews as detailed within the handbook. The CAD can be find within the portfolio document and the DMP handbook.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please do contact:

Gilly Keogh

Senior Lecturer – Nursing

Telephone: 01204 903 253
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