Multi-Professional Support of Learning and Assessment in Practice (MSLAP)

The Multi-professional Support of Learning and Assessment in Practice Module is appropriate for all healthcare practitioners who support, supervise and assess learning in the practice setting. The course is designed to comply with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) Standards to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice (2008) and has also been mapped against the learning outcomes for the Charted Society of Physiotherapy (Accreditation of Clinical Educators scheme, ACE) and the College of Occupational Therapists (Accreditation of Practice Placement Educators’ scheme, APPLE) and General Dental Proficiency Standards for Dental Technicians. The programme will help practitioners to provide evidence that they have meet the requirements for appropriately qualified and experienced staff in practice placements as part of the ‘Standards for Education & Training Guidance’ by the Health Professional Council.

The module lead for this programme is Clementinah Rooke who can be contacted via: 01204 903567 or email:

This area contains helpful links and documents for those mentors and practice teachers who are supporting one of our students to complete the MSLAP programme. The programme is credited to the value of 20 points at either HEI level 5, 6 or 7. Completion of the course will require the production of an assignment and a portfolio of evidence. As their mentor you will play a lead role in ensuring that the evidence presented within their portfolio demonstrates their learning and meets the standards set out by the appropriate professional body.

The links below contain some key university documents for your reference:

Handbook for Mentors Supervisors

We have gathered some information below which may prove helpful to you within your role.  You will also find a full reading list in the programme handbook above.

NMC Standards to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice

Coaching and Mentoring Network

Learning Styles and Pedagogy in Post 16 Education (Coffield Report)

Failing Students (Duffy Report)

Should you have any concerns regarding the practice or conduct of a student on one of our programmes please take a look at our professional Values page. This contains helpful link and advise as well as the procedures for raising concerns.